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									Seller - essential
1, product image is your image processing of goods to the customer's first
impression. The first is the thumbnail of goods, merchandise displayed per page in the
online shop, which is the beauty shop has some degree of influence. I store each
thumbnail are carefully handled and beautiful design, on the Online Shop on the
feeling of unity uncluttered and tidy, opening the product thumbnail, product
information will put the full map display of goods and details of the plan, vague
commodity chart feels so bad, it is best to find a good photography to take pictures of
people, and afterwards changed a bit with the image processing software can achieve
good results. 2, the number of how many products? Buyers into the store to buy things,
of course, hope that the selectivity of a large number of good, as some stores only a
few or a dozen items, select the range is too small, even if some people into the store,
I think buyers will think about my friends. But if too many goods, I've seen
some number of thousands of sellers of goods, and several dozen pages, light flip on
the big head, though there are categories to help, but such a large number of points of
the class also There are still many, when you choose to impatient and they will simply
directly related to this shop, because it takes up too much of your time. 3 the attitude
of each client, whether it is potential customers, new customers or old customers,
there must be full of patience to answer every question. Just think, when you ask with
great hope that the owner of goods to the various situations, I get only simple words,
or indifferent, there is a ride without a ride in the back, I think you buying mood will
disappear, right? Buy things on the map a happy, indifferent to the seller, bad attitude,
you have to warm him to Pakistan? Life and death are all still want to buy his stuff?
Many sellers believe that post-closing RMB to get away, reached after a successful
sales, remember to ask for one pair of our clients products or services you satisfied or
approval letter. This information can be infinitely powerful marketing tool that we
also extend our reputation for efficient means. 4, increase publicity efforts do no
matter how perfect Online Shop. If it does not disseminate and improve its in
popularity, then this Online Shop can only say that to do for yourself for, how can the
promotion, how to improve their site's traffic, and can attract customers
eye, let him from Today, new customers into tomorrow's old customers?
The following experience for reference. (1) communication to communicate more
with buyers, but also some more users to communicate with the QQ group,
communication is an important way to understand the information. (2) post to the
forum to promote hidden many potential buyers, so do not overlook the role here.
Remember to set up your own signature, put the latest promotions or new product
profile. Coupled with the good post, whether the first quote, or Replies, people can
notice you oh. Share your business sense, where is ups and downs in the pat and so on.
Regular replacement of your signature, to store the latest policies inform the others. (3)
exploit the use of recommended places are many recommended places can be a pat on
the above, is a pat on the latest recommendations for the launch of Cai Fuzhi bit! (4)
to participate in activities every day, there are many activities pat, to pay more
attention to the latest news. Essay, the seller Experience, you can sponsor prizes, or
donate. This company sponsorship of sports events and, as a win-win. Make a
activists, so that more people know you will naturally pay attention to your shop off.
(5) Links to open a shop for some time, you can contact privately and others to
exchange Links. Now everyone can add 30 to connect, so cherish oh. We connected
through the exchange store, you can create a small network, will enhance mutual
influence. Best choice and you are not the same category, on the one hand there is no
competition, on the other hand, can be very drops of each other. (6) engage in joint
promotions such as the auction there, promotional activities, etc., which can still have
a certain effect. * Recommend other people can shop, a single baby, or category. And
their co-operation of different types of sellers, will benefit each other's
business. Here you can use pictures and text on the way better. 6, and buyers keep in
touch, manage customer information and buyers to maintain contact, as much as
possible to understand your customers, while buyers can also learn more about you,
other will think you are a seller in good faith, will naturally go about your product.
Sometimes casual talk, but also bring the transaction, every holiday wishes and
greetings available to buyers, so buyers feel your caring, aware people remember you
in my heart is a very pleasant experience. In addition, QQ's Friends group
points detailed as possible, friends will be more confusion, potential customers,
existing customers which I have separated, the more detailed the better management,
and other customers can be set up, what promotions Online Shop Clockwork in the
group directly in the information, you do not need one by one to say, this saves a lot
of time. If you want to operate Online Shop, please be prepared: do not make money
money to make preparations aggrieved prepared, well prepared to fight tough battles
in the body and do hundreds of packages a day to prepare to fight and do malicious
cheating customers of losing money to make preparations and dozens of people in
online chat at the same time to prepare, then prepare the smiling faces when dealing
with the post office, and patience, good temper guide new! Pat pricing rules, there are
two, one is the auction to the highest bidder get baby; another is a price, meaning the
price the seller a hand in hand, there is no room for bargaining. Auction is used to
improve the seller credit or store gathered popularity, pricing is a common price. This
paper devoted to a price of pricing, the seller how to maximize their own interests, to
avoid cutting too bloody smart buyers, and suffered heavy losses! Control of
information in real life, bargaining is extremely common, and many consumers can
distinguish good hack proud. But the old words of the sentence did not buy to sell
refined, this is only set up in the real environment, because the buyers have very
limited sources of information goods, far less information is true and the seller, and
therefore will in all likelihood information missing or distorted state, bargaining with
congenital deficiencies. However, the network of information sources is very rich,
maybe chat on QQ the buyer the seller's idle time, the buyer of goods on
the search to a variety of information, which may include different channels offer, so
if the seller does not Note that collected in advance to sell his own product
information, pre-emptive strike was the buyer, the consequences can be imagined.
Control and anti-control bargaining process is a direct contest in the process of buyers
and sellers than the amount of information, who is more patient, who can guess each
other's mental state and price the bottom line, and even the pace of typing!
Just think, if the buyer send five messages, the seller can only reply to one, it will be
just as passive! Both sides should make flexible use of various means to try to take the
initiative in the position of full control to negotiate. Price buyers out of the cycle of
the most common method is to make it cheaper, then the seller should be answered? If
the good is readily consented to give you cheap 5, then the buyer would be thinking,
so quickly cut prices, is not set at unrealistically high prices is the commodity in
question, otherwise there will be no such move. This would give the buyers hesitant,
and then doubt, lead to business fell through. Sellers at this time the correct way is to
artfully avoided the issue price can not reduce, instead of helping buyers, their
performance how good the quality of goods, the price comparison of benefits with
their peers. The idea that the seller open to discussion on many topics, and such talk
about how to use the goods should pay attention to what, or teach the little door under
the top-secret unique offerings, and other buyers feedback after use, to produce
feedback records, etc., hence buyers must win the trust and goodwill. This buyer
would consider the sale is not value for money, or will not be picked up a cheap, value
for money. Of course, if not cut a penny, then how many will feel that some buyers do
not face this time the seller can take the initiative to make some concessions, such as
sending a red envelope, package shipping, small gifts and other methods to meet the
psychological needs of the buyer. This is the carrot-and-bar test for flexibility in the
online shop. Strategies under the long negotiations with individual buyers are very
smart, first find the initial two or more sellers to talk about, and then also found that a
few sellers, and stir sellers compete to lower prices and profit. This case, the seller
should speak for themselves and other sellers of comparative advantage, such as
supply channels, product quality, logistics costs, to reflect its own advantages, but also
pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of the buyer discourse, if necessary,
Buyers can ask sellers to bid to produce other records, to clarify the facts. As long as
the sellers feel that they and other than the obvious advantage, then such a smart
buyer will also choose their own. However, little or no advantage if the advantages,
they can fight but not at the expense of a loss to win over buyers, so buyers will be
more happy smile.

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