Sagittarius Sagittarius In the remote steppes

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In the remote steppes of ancient Greece, the ride with a group of half man and half
horse population, which is a ferocious by nature groups. "Half man and
half horse," represents the rational and irrational, the conflict between
human and beast struggle, this is the tribal troops. The only exception to the tribe
striker Cilen is a good man by nature, he is sincere and honest people, reasonable
modesty. Therefore, respect and love by everyone.

  One day, five forces hero He visited his friend chiren. He had heard that the five
forces troops extremely aromatic wine family, he asked Cilen brought him to enjoy,
however, drank his wine Cilen not have fun, bent down to drink up all the wine.
Chiren very patiently explained to him that alcohol is the tribe's public
property, not the possession of any one person can own, and hope that He will not
because the five forces whim and Fanzhong Nu. He has always been bad temper five
forces, how can you listen to Cilen, he pushed this good friend to the side to break
into the tribal troops. Guo Buchu chiren expected, the fiery and fierce He Five Forces
troops touch with family, conflict inevitable happened.

  He five forces mighty, young or python strangled with both hands, he completed the
ten kings are its capability to impossible task, even the sun god Apollo, his third of all
fear and horse family although severe, is not a He 5 force opponents, who have fled
down. He five forces armed with the bow caught up with God, through the Jiu Jin,
wantonly attack. Troops forced the desperate family, had fled to Cilen home. People
insecure, He shouted at the door five forces, if no greater man out, he brought the
tribe destroyed. Chiren heard here, to tribes, to friends, in order to resolve this
struggle, he rushed to open the door and walked out. At that moment, He has five
forces flew over the arrow! He Five Forces sorry sorry to watching his friend being
shot through the heart of the sky, while Cilen is exhausted last effort said:
"re will also be weak sharp arrow Heart inclusive; re not crazy animal will
be devoid of humanity. "

 At this time, Cilen body broken into numerous small stars flew to the sky, they
gathered together, as if troops look like, and spell arrow also appears in his chest. To
mark the good Cilen, people will cover this constellation called Sagittarius.