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					Rhino love drama
Drama "Love of rhinoceros"
Love rhinos time :2010.06.17-2010 .07.04
Love rhinos Location: Honeycomb Theater
Love rhinos Tickets: 50/100/150/200/250
Love rhinos booking Tel: 4008123000
Love rhinos Tickets:
Drama "Love of the rhino," details:
Sexy and mysterious young girl in the road before us clearly the moment, the road of
life completely changed. Clearly has an incredible heart of stone, whether it is flowers,
vows, or physical intimacy can not change, the road can be all done, the grand prize
appears to be an accident that he was obviously, it would only let him into deeper
despair . To flee from the salesman, "toothbrush" for the road
red and Lily get young girls and also directed a ridiculous farce. The crazy road to
total collapse of the theory of love instructor. In a rhino howling night, the road to
love the name will obviously kidnapped ... ...
Classic lines:
Dusk is my worst time of day vision, at first glance the streets are beautiful, tall
buildings and streets are also changing the shape of the usual, like in the movies ... ...
you're standing on the corner of the stairs, with a fragrance of taste, a little
damp, strange atmosphere. When passing only know what you're crying.
Things happened in that time.
You are my warm gloves, cold beer,
Solar atmosphere with a shirt, day after day dream.
You never know, you are my long-awaited sunny days,
You never know, you're my unbearable hunger,
You never know, you're my breath of air which
You are different, unique, soft, clean, like the sky,
You are pure, innocent, like glass,
You are pure, innocent, like water,
What also can not change what has not pollution,
Sunshine through you, but changed his direction.
My love, my love, my love ... ...
Screenplay description:
Liao Yimei is the recent high-profile screenwriter, and author. Graduated from the
Central Academy of Drama, is now China's National Theatre list. In 1999
she created drama "Love of Rhinoceros" (1999 Central
Experimental Theatre premiere, 2003,2004, China National Theatre complex
scheduling performance) is small stages in the history of one of the most popular
works. By her writer's play "Magic Mountain" (2005
Art Co., Ltd. Beijing premiere children), "Aventure" (2007,
China's National Theatre premiere) are popular works. In March 2005 by
her multimedia musical theater writer, "amber" premiere at the
Hong Kong Arts Festival, then in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen tour, as the
banner of the Asian theater works. Screenplay by her film "Sheng
Sijie" won the New York Tribeca Film Festival Gold Award; film
"as the same feather fly" by the Hong Kong International Film
Festival Critics Award fee than the West, the Locarno International Film Festival
Youth Jury Council Special Award; the film "a tender" by the
U.S. Women's Film Festival Gold Award. With a novel
"pessimism       of     the    flowers,"       "Magic
Mountain", the script set "Amber + love rhino."
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