A sixty minute Singapore Math lesson can be divided by cse17435


									Singapore Math is a spiral math program that stresses mastery and depth over breadth. It
is a language-based program that reinforces the relationship between words, pictures, and
numbers. Students learn each of the mathematical operations through a four-step process;
concrete manipulatives, branching, left to right, and then the traditional algorithm. All
students are expected to master the basics of all four mathematical operations by the end
of third grade.

A sixty minute Singapore Math lesson can be divided into the following components:

1) Mental Math- a time for students to commit facts to memory and work on mental
computation strategies

2) Teacher-Directed Lesson – teacher takes the lead and teaches a skill to the entire group

3) Activity- a game or activity that reinforces the skill taught in the teacher-directed

4) Independent Practice- a chance for the students to practice the skill on their own

5) Model Drawing- a pictoral problem solving approach

Questioning is one of the key components of the Singapore program. Students are asked
to explain “why” and “how” of their answers. Questioning can be differentiated at any
level to challenge all students.

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