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Daily life, both at home and abroad, and life are closely related to the big things.
Study abroad, first to solve the housing problem is a major event. Schools in many
countries can not provide student accommodation, and accommodation of different
countries varies widely, these details in advance.

Ma Huan, Jonkoping International Business School, University of junior: General
selection homestay
Sweden's schools to house students in small schools in order to find a
house to rely on luck. Moreover, even if the house can provide, but also mostly far
away from the school (by car takes 15 minutes or more), because from the get close to
the house often has been the Swedish national students pick away.
Many large schools do not provide accommodation to international students.
Therefore, the vast majority of Chinese students should contact their own good before
going outside accommodation. The most common is the local people living at home
(homestay). In general, before going abroad, you can find on the school's
Web site, you can please help the brothers and sisters in Sweden. Sweden, less rental
housing, to make early preparations.
Tips: In general, homestay ask you to stay at least six months to 1 year. Price and not
a big difference in student hostels. The average is about 2,500 ~ 3,000 RMB / month.
However, in some big cities like Stockholm, Gore Fort large cities and other places,
the students, therefore the price is relatively high. Generally require a monthly rent
3000 3500 yuan, slightly better up to four 5,000 yuan a month.
New Zealand
Han Xiao, 2005, graduated from Massey University student hostels are generally not
When I first went to New Zealand can only choose the school to help find a homestay,
because at that time to read is high, but not the age of 18 years, requires a guardian.
Living in local home Baochibaozhu back to my laundry, costs 180 NZD / week. Later,
university, and students together on rental living. Rented a two-story townhouse, and
we three girls live in a layer of Ershiyiting not include water, Internet, telephone and
other expenses, the cost is 90 NZD per person / week. After two years, I moved to
apartment living. New Zealand most of the apartments in the city center, the price is
expensive, does not include water and furniture, 2 living Ershiyiting, costs 200 NZD
per person / week. New Zealand's social security is good, and large ground,
few people in the house easy to find; to school bulletin board or the Department of
International students can find. Few people live in student dormitories, as most
university dormitories without private bathroom, not very convenient. Approximate
cost is NZ 150 / week (including breakfast).
Tips: The greater the population of New Zealand's urban housing more
expensive, Auckland be more expensive housing areas. Other cities can be 30% to
40% cheaper.
Zhang Rong, 3 years ago by Portsmouth University, a master's degree
schools to ensure students stay
If you go to the UK on the preparatory or language schools, student hostels usually
not live, but the school will help you find a good host family (homestay). Go to
college, then again when the school can apply for student housing, schools will ensure
that every student accommodation, generally one a. Students generally do not choose
the homestay, student apartment although expensive than the homestay, but the
student apartments on campus, and a good environment, the general area of 10 square
meters, with desk, bed, wardrobe, and other public facilities.
Tips: student apartments cost more than 80 pounds / week, homestay cheaper, 50 to
60 pounds / week.
Winnie, by Monash University, Master of Education student hostels resource
For high school students or college freshmen, their younger, more suitable for living
in a student dormitory. Schools typically provide one-, Futai, students select three
bedroom, one bedroom per person generally. The Government provided public high
school or college student hostels are relatively small, students need to make an
appointment in advance. Cost 150 to 280 AUD / week.
More students will select the homes? Juan tay. Go to school, you need to contact with
the school, requiring schools to arrange this for you. Schools can provide you with
some experience in the family. Need to lower the cost is usually higher than quarters,
usually around AUD 200 per week, up to 300, including food.
Tips: older age students can choose to co-tenant or their renters. Access to the Internet
or to search for International Student Services can also be found through the bulletin
board. Shared housing is the lowest form, in general, prices in the week between 100
AUD to 220 AUD.
Zhao Bing, three years ago received a master's degree at Simon Fraser
University rented the entire building cheaper housing
Studying in Canada can choose three kinds of housing by: first, the students live in
dormitories. Dormitory school, has, however, a limited number of generally available
only to college students or graduate students. University dormitory can only live for
one year, generally from one-bedroom or two bedroom. The average price of 9,000
Canadian dollars / year. Second, local people living at home. If you read preparatory
or language school on the choice of this method, the school will get your visa, contact
school to help better accommodation before. Meals a month plus rent in about 450 to
600 Canadian dollars. Third, shared. Classmates or friends that rented an entire
building of housing. This is the cheapest way of housing, one house, cost about 500
Canadian dollars per person / month.
Tips: You can search through the real estate agent or the Internet. Agency fee is
usually a month for accommodation.
United States
Liu Dongfeng, University of Pittsburgh in 2003 obtained MBA degree in most live in
the dormitory
In the United States, 90% of students live in the dormitory, students in general are
eligible for student hostels. The cost of student hostels vary greatly in different cities.
In general, the southern city, or the cost of medium and small cities, accommodation
needs each year from 6000 to 8000 U.S. dollars. Cities need 15 thousand U.S. dollars
per year. U.S. student dormitory divided into two: cheap, high-grade type, high-grade
type is cheap hostel price 2 times. With single and double rooms available, single
rooms required to pay double the 2 times the cost. In general, matching well with
broadband, bathroom, home is an apartment-style 2 or 3 ranks.
A small number of students choose to rent out. Will be leasing the school bulletin
board ads, students can go online or you can rent the house next to the school. In
general, Chicago's two home in the 1000 ~ 1200 USD / month, usually 2 to
3 people shared. Very easy to rent a house outside.
Tips: homestay is generally 18 years of age or short-term exchange of students to
choose the way of housing. 800 per month to pay 900 U.S. dollars, food,
Xu Yan, Europe Education & Research Foundation, the French manager can
apply for housing benefit
To study there, stay there the following ways: first, the French have a special
accommodation services for students, non-profit organization CROUS. The bodies of
the house is cheap, simple conditions, the environment is simple, one room, available
online and phone. But big cities like Paris, Lyon and other places CROUS
accommodation provided by the general who lived more complicated, Asia, Europe
and Africa countries have, so the relative safety of almost. This institution houses are
cheaper, so shot fast, easy to find, where you can find room via the Internet or
telephone. Housing deposit 50 to 60 euros, to CROUS, check out this money will be
returned to the student when. Check the time CROUS to key pay monthly rent to
CROUS. Rent is about 170 ~ 180 euro / month. Second, to find specific rental agency,
some of these companies have their own existing homes can also provide quarters for
the high cost, good facilities, a separate bathroom, balcony, stadium, parking spaces,
access to the Internet, one person, one bedroom, area of about 18 ~ 28 square meters,
the average price is about 300 ~ 400 Euro / month. Third, homestay. Or through
intermediaries to find room to a special website, you can find stickers. Specific price
depends on location and facilities to be, good location, 300 ~ 400 Euro / month, and
some suburbs equipment is simple, very cheap, 100 Euro / month, and even some of
them do not rent.
Tips: France, students can apply for housing subsidies. France provides students can
apply for state housing rent subsidy (CAF), the number is based on rental subsidies to
the area, facilities, luxury extent of the. The more the higher housing benefit house
breaking, to achieve rents of 30% to 40%. Students under the age of 27 can apply for
housing assistance, processing time is usually to France two months later. When
handling the contract need to provide housing, long-term residence permit, student
card, birth certificate, apply to a specialized institution. For the record, the monthly
fixed bank cards will hit the money, each eligible student can apply to, unless you live
in luxury villas.
Cynthia, had studied in New Zealand: stay homestay helping people to grow
Just go abroad, I live in homestay, the family has two children, they are more friendly.
In this family, I have learned a lot: just go abroad when speaking poor practice in
schools alone is not enough, and this time the landlord share a relatively small, but his
family and my children enjoyed the exchange, us watching TV, reading comic books,
they also bring their own place in the kindergarten, fun things to tell me that this
exchange let me raise a lot of oral unknowingly.
In addition, I live in homestay also learned how to better get along with others. I recall
a time when more homesick abroad, from morning to night school in addition to the
time, almost most of the time hold long distance calls at home to the family and
former students, a beginning of the homestay parents a better understanding of my
mood, but then they are a bit much, they come to me about once. They told me to go
abroad to develop independent study habits, a week to play one or two family home
telephone reported safety is very necessary. However, if the phone about every day for
a long time, will delay their study time, parents can worry you are not suited to living
and studying abroad. Another home is only a phone, phone is always busy, if it is an
emergency phone call came in and so can not hit. She and I say that we are a family,
all things have to take care of other people, so as to live a harmonious atmosphere is
also in self-improvement.
If you live in the locals at home, indeed there are many details to note: if you want to
spend the night outside, it should notify the landlord in advance so that they can rest
assured; if you do not come home for dinner should be notified in advance; if broken
or damaged something, should immediately tell them; if feeling cold, to look ahead
and they said, so they have enough time to prepare, for you to buy blankets or acquire
in your room humidifier; day time out from their dining room, can not let them wait ;
to keep the room clean, folded quilt; bath after the bath supplies, etc. to be packed.