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Funny interview questions for baseball


Funny interview questions, Funny interview questions for baseball, Interview student funny questions

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									500 interview questions and Commentary (11-20 issue)
 questions 11
 how exchanges between the upper and lower levels?
 analysis can find applicants through this issue in the corporate hierarchy of the communication
way. By answering this question, job seekers can showcase their skills in a complex field level.
 wrong answer I want and believe we can become friends. After all, if you want unity and
cooperation with someone, you'd better know the person. Only in this way, we can understand
each other, and you can avoid many unnecessary conflicts.
 comment on the answer to the worst lies, it shows a very mature job seekers. Any relationships at
work a little bit about the person knows that conflict is inevitable in the work. That the
establishment of a close friendship can be the idea of resolving contradictions, that job seekers can
not really understand the working relationship and personal relationship boundaries.
 correct answer I think, at all levels in the enterprise to communicate clearly, which is critical to
the survival of enterprises. I think I have to train very strong in this ability. Relationship from the
upper and lower levels, I think the most important thing is that everyone should be aware of, and
each relationship is different. For me the best way is to always come without any bias towards the
development of this relationship.
 comment on this answer shows that job seekers understand the complexity of human relations and
diversity. Job seekers clearly expressed the importance of effective communication skills, but also
showed their confidence in this regard.
 questions 12
 Your friends how to evaluate you?
 analysis of this problem can be through interviews and personality. This problem appears
unrelated to potential job seekers, but it reflects a trend that enterprises tend to employ a high
moral standard and superb skills.
 wrong answer I think they would say I am a funny person. For me the most appropriate
evaluation is, I like hard work and enjoy entertainment.
 comment on this answer sounds perfect, but it has several problems. First, the answer did not
answer the questions raised, but also to interview people suspected of job-seekers do not close
friends. Moreover, this answer will let the interviewer suspected "enjoy entertainment," the nature
of which may be made more lethal problems, such as problems related to alcohol and drug abuse.
 correct answer my friends are important to me. Contacts with friends, the most important is that
there are dependencies between the feeling. We are busy and can not meet regularly, but I can few
people as close friends, we all know, we can always rely on each other.
 comment on this response reflects a mature sense of today's enterprises attach great importance to
this feeling. Good job quality and attention on a few friends, job seekers can indicate
psychological fairly stable. The story sounds to be true, if true, do not use - because it will not
 questions 13
 What you and your colleagues get along?
 analysis of this issue and through the superior-subordinate relationship in front of friends and
relations, interviewing and effective job-seekers can arrive at an overall communication skills
impression. In a sense, how to get along with my colleagues is the most critical communication
problems, because according to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, in the separation of
people, 80% due to not meet other people. Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues
who worried about the interview will be reduced to avoid him (her) that you are not an appropriate
candidate for another.
 mistake is an easy answer to my contacts who can live in harmony with the majority. So far, I've
never really encountered people who can not get along with me. We will always be people who do
not like one of their own, which were not easy to get along with everyone else, but I try to ignore
it. If you really hate someone, I'll wait until they finally disappear - and I believe that people will
not stay here too long.
 Comment reply with some error, as this answer seems quite harmless. But it has several flaws.
First of all, no one can live in harmony with all. And everyone can get along in making the general
statement, the followed are talking about love, and this makes this answer sounds a bit
contradictory. Finally, the job interview broke a major rule - never say that someone is not good.
 correct answer I can usually get along well with colleagues. Of course, sometimes
 person may also be in conjunction with conflict. At this point, I usually pay attention to find the
root causes of conflict, rather than moving on to the attack on the other side. I found this method
very effective, it makes me with no one to maintain a relationship of mutual respect. In addition,
by doing so, I can often solve the problem, and even promote the relationship with colleagues.
 comment on this response showed that the psychological job is stable and has the interpersonal
coordination. Through the issues and the distinction between personality, job seekers that their
successful resolution in the past had interpersonal problems, and past relationships are also very
 questions 14
 What do you think his most significant accomplishment? Why?
 analysis of this question gives the interviewer to understand your values. You choose to talk about
things that will reveal your moral standards, and your focus.
 wrong answer to the learning experience from small to large is very difficult. You know, I
successfully completed the courses, I am very proud to be able to studying and working.
 comment from the surface, this answer seems unassailable, many people may have used similar
methods to answer, but, in fact, there are several aspects of its shortcomings. First, the students
study is quite common in today, so there is nothing special. Second, this response to emphasize a
focus on process rather than to a specific activity, and can not highlight your uniqueness.
 correct answer (here I do not give a specific way for your reference, but I suggest you think about
the things in his past which can highlight your uniqueness. For example, in a mathematical
Competition first prize, was elected class president, and properly handle a family crisis, wrote a
comprehensive newspaper article, in the race to win the debate, re-production of a car engine, a
department reorganization, successfully development of a new production line ......)
 comment in these examples, each instance should be unique, profound, and it able to distinguish
you from other people to. Remember, for your achievements, you do not need to be officially
recognized. You use these examples just to prove it to do a good job, very feel proud. Spend some
time think about this thing. This approach than the stereotyped "I successfully complete their
studies," more effective.
 question under what circumstances the most successful in your work?
 test of this issue is under what conditions you work in the most effective, your answer will reflect
your work favor way, reflecting the factors that affect your success, but also may reflect your
 wrong answer as long as I do and do it, anything would be successful. Long as we know the
expectations of others, I generally can do to make it satisfactory.
 comment even though this is a reasonable answer seems, but it also flawed. As with the previous
question, which we call a universal answer, it can only give the interviewer the impression shallow
left. The real problem is that this answer, it is assumed that enterprises are looking for good people
who obey orders, not the courage to open up people. In the present era, most businesses are
looking for self-motivated people, so, in an interview that the guidance you need other people can
be fatal.
 correct answer to my problem-solving approach is a systematic process that involves the
collection of information relevant to the question, clearly defined problems and develop strategies
and implement this strategy. I found that most people ignore the first two steps and jump directly
to the formulation and implementation of the strategy. As long as sufficient information and can
see, I can solve any problems.
 comment on this answer shows that job-seekers in the past have been difficult to solve the
problem, have thought about problem-solving strategies, and formed a set of difficult problems to
solve. At the same time, it shows the applicant's self-confidence, that these skills are proven
feasible after the other, also shows that job seekers are willing to use these skills in the future.
 (Source: China Human Resources Network Community)
 more management information
 problem in order to achieve their goals what are you going to work?
 analysis is very clear Interview people hope the answer to this question to confirm whether the
job is a hard working person. The key to answering this question, you must demonstrate your
willingness and ability to fulfill responsibilities.
 wrong answer I
 depends on a task of great importance to the difficulty of this task, but also depends on me the
urgency of this task. If I found a work is indeed very important, I will put all efforts to complete
the work.
 comment The first error here is the job since that energy is limited. No company would be
interested in looking for people with limited energy. Second, the job only on his (her) personal
interest in the work of the only attention and input, this argument that he (she) willing to accept
less interested in the task.
 correct answer for me, how hard work, not a problem. My principle of doing things, if I set a goal
or be assigned an important task, I will do my best to work hard to achieve the desired goals. So
for me, how important is the excellent work - say, the work can be as simple as possible and how
to successfully complete the task, so I can focus to other things.
 comment on the benefits of this answer is that it shows that job seekers have unlimited energy, but
also work very involved. It also shows that job-seekers to solve the problem is to make better use
of his (her) resources - this is the essence of the problem.
 questions 17
 competition is what you have achieved in the positive or negative impact? Is what effect?
 analysis based on the answer to this question can screen out candidates not suited to the
competitive environment. Interview people want to find out that when the competitive
development of the situation and to what degree, the applicant may feel powerless.
 wrong answer I love competition. Sometimes it gave me a driving force. In order to work, I need
that push. I never think competition can not afford. It is part of life, is the driving force to promote
my work.
 majority of people will comment on this answer skeptical. Also, see the answer from the
candidates, it seems that job a little condescending. Most people find that at least some time in the
competition will make people feel under pressure. This response also suggests a lack of incentive
motivation of job seekers need to compete as an incentive element.
 correct answer if afraid of competition, I would not apply for the job. I know the competition is
always there, and for me the most important thing is aware of the competition, a clear Why do we
compete. When I was in a competitive environment, I first make sure you clear-headed
understanding of the precarious situation. Once I understand the situation and rules of
competition, they threw himself into the competition.
 comment on the "wrong answer", as this answer is also
 performance on a positive view of competition, but the answer is no cover up mistakes. It shows
that based on past experience, job seekers will be in a clear and unequivocal way to deal with
 questions 18
 What do you think their money-making potential of the next 5 years?
 to analyze the true meaning behind the question is: "Do you have enough of our business
ambitions, whether for their own developed a long-term goals? "
 wrong answer I would like to earn 100,000 U.S. dollars a year. There are many things I need: a
good car, big house, if possible, preferably with a boat. I think the next 5 years, 10 million is a
more satisfactory starting point.
 Comment No comments.
 correct answer, I believe my talents can win a decent life for me; This is why I am so famous in
your enterprise applications work reasons. I plan to earn enough money to live a comfortable life,
but I am willing to make every effort to ensure that their entire professional career in access to
good salaries.
 different comment with the previous answer is a demand are very well aware of U.S. dollars
should not be talking about specific figures. Except in the wage negotiations, otherwise, that is
very inappropriate for the specific figures, but also make you look tacky. Shows a self-esteem,
confidence will bring the interview, let him think you are a valuable job.
 questions 19
 job you are looking for the best value for? Why?
 analysis by introducing this open-ended questions, the interviewer can understand your focus,
through this focus can also reflect your ability to think rationally. Must indicate their views on the
future work, shows what can give the greatest degree of their satisfaction, which is the key to
answering this question, but the answer to this problem
 is equally important.
 I would like to get a wrong answer can really show my talent and promising work. I think that
you can work this business to differentiate themselves.
 comment in addition to the performance of the job is a megalomaniac, an urgent need to be
recognized, this kind of answer several other questions. This answer did not satisfy the needs of
employers - the answer to each question should be noted. In addition, it will make the interviewer
wonder whether applicants understand the nature of the work.
 correct answer I am looking for work to play to my strengths, such as specific skills ......( say)
there is one thing I think is important, it is my role in the enterprise with linked to business goals.
If you work in an occasional challenge, let me go beyond their current skill level, it could not be
 Comment While answer is simple, but achieving the three objectives: to highlight the skills of job
seekers; shows job seekers to understand the relationship between the individual and the
enterprise; the same time also shows that job seekers understand the importance of change and
 questions 20
 What do you think of how our business success?
 analysis of the problem is to determine whether job seekers recruiters understand the reason why
companies use this question, it is In order to exclude those not interested in the job, or not smart
enough, incompetent people.
 wrong answer to Oh, because you are a very successful business, I guess you pay more attention
to maintain its leading position and beat its competitors. I bet, you must put profit as the key
yardstick to measure success.
 Comment While this answer may be right, but because it is too general, it is not possible to
interview any person to leave a positive impression. It does not explain to the applicant's interest
in interviewing people, nor the level of understanding of the enterprise job seekers. With this
answer, the interviewer can be quite sure that job seekers know nothing about business and
business objectives.
 correct answer I have noticed that your business over the past two years developed a series of new
products. You seem to take various measures to develop products and develop marketing
strategies. I think you should be the standard measure of success of new products in the market-
leading level.
 Comment While this answer (just to cite one instance of it) there is no "wrong answer" as
concrete, but it shows that job seekers understand the business enterprise. That focus on access to
industry leading companies to understand the enterprise's achievements over the past two years,
these job seekers that the success of the enterprise and business metrics with more in-depth

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