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									Ren Zhengfei mysterious entrepreneur: business law Mao Bing
 ?Telecom outsiders of the people, "Ren Zhengfei," the name
may be unfamiliar, but Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and other foreign telecom
giants, this one has forced them scared and amazed.

In the United States, "Time magazine" The latest chosen by the
2005 "Global 100 list of the most influential figure" in the
"Builders and the giant" annual ranking, the low-profile
president of Huawei top the popular list. The same stall the U.S. Chairman and CEO
of Apple Computer Steve Jobs, the media magnate Rupert Murdoch, the Russian oil
magnate Roman Abramovich.

"Time magazine" the evaluation said the 61-year-old Ren
Zhengfei show amazing entrepreneurship, he founded in 1988, Huawei, the company
has to repeat the year Cisco, Ericsson, distinguished history of the globalization of
large companies now The telecom giant Huawei has considered the "most
dangerous" competitors.

However, the colorful history of the telecom big brothers but "dragon but
not the tail", is surprisingly low-key, coyote, the military, the tough guy, a
strategist ... ... all kinds of strange colors mixed together, giving it "the
most mysterious entrepreneurs "title.

I used to not winning the peace

Ren Zhengfei's low profile is out of the name. "Ren Zhengfei
never interviewed by the media, I have no opportunity to interview him."
Gunda one in the communications industry for over ten years of media industry
veteran lamented to reporters yesterday, "We never come to his end of the
year awards to accept the award."

So far, the hand-picked by the national leaders to visit the country's largest
overseas communications equipment manufacturers have not formally accepted any
president of a media interview. Only once, a journalist with the weekly restaurant
Huawei "coincidence", the reporter a few well-prepared to seize
the opportunity to throw the question, barely "fills the gap", a
time cited by the industry as "elephants."

The speculation diverse, Huawei, downing renowned at home and abroad have to
Zhengfei put the veil of secrecy.

"Attitude towards the media, hope the staff have a low profile, because we
are not a listed company, so we do not need publicity society." Internal
meeting, Ren Zhengfei strong language.
"I have got used to the quiet life I should not be winning, and this is my
honor today indisputable psychological training." Ren Zhengfei 2001, says
in his letter written by hand, "My Father and Mother", he bare
his own indifferent to fame and fortune moment.

Ren Zhengfei ordinary family background, School of Architecture graduate, had
troops from his technical achievements won first prize for technical achievements
army in 1978 he participated in National Conference, young people in the technical
elite. Created in 1988 in Shenzhen, Huawei Technologies, after the irresistible force.
All this background is that he is from the hard life coming out.

"Death and to have, but for the virtual surplus." Huawei Ren
Zhengfei under the helm almost never take the initiative to promote themselves, even
when faced attacks, not "debate."

"Wearing a wrinkled shirt, who may have ink, Shennan Road early in the
morning on the activity, others would not think this is the famous president of
Huawei." This is an internal staff in the eyes of Zhengfei. The Zhengfei is
not a restrained person familiar with him said, willing to speak one's mind
Ren Zhengfei conversation, as Xingqingzhongren, he can do everything for the
smallest customers, but not for the good of the media costs a little tongue.

Create Huawei "Wolf Totem"

Circles there is a vivid metaphor: If ZTE Southern Imperial, then Huawei is
downright Click here to see Huangyao Shi - refined, indifferent, low-key, but without
any loss of steaming murderous, and that beyond all purely natural.

Ren Zhengfei military origin, people used to refer to the spirit of enterprise Huawei
for "crying wolf", "coyotes", representing
a strong desire to expand. This is actually consistent Ren Zhengfei compliance

There is an allusion. Reported on a meeting in 1997, Ren Zhengfei particularly
praised "Wolf" and "in a tight corner" in
offensive mix. Huawei, a former employee, said Ren Zhengfei is a love story of
people, generally have to take measures to finish the story. The "working
hand in glove," the story led directly to Huawei "embarrassed
organization plan" baked.

Now that plan has been dissipated, but the "wolf" of the spirit
been inherited as Huawei. In 1988, Ren Zhengfei and his six partners Chuaizhao
20,000 yuan to just the birth of Nanshan District, Shenzhen Huawei placed in a small
corner of an unknown. Huawei was just a small agency, the agency showing signs of
decline, Ren Zhengfei resolutely decided to earn their own money into research and
development of the industry. Huawei after the unstoppable.

In 1992, Huawei began producing its own switch, sales topped 100 million yuan; in
1993 to find a breakthrough in the domestic telecommunications market in rural areas,
access to high-speed development period. Force back in China dominate the
short-Alcatel, Lucent and Siemens ... ...

"Ren Zhengfei is a desperate time, did not expect to play a positive
forward." Said a person familiar with Huawei, but with Ren Zhengfei own
words: "Huawei is the result of ignorance and into the information
technology industry." Blossom everywhere now even more in many areas,
become so Cisco, Ericsson had a headache rivals.

Mao Zedong's military business with the rule of law

Ren Zhengfei years old, a follow staff briefing, Ren Zhengfei really liked to read
"Selected Works of Mao Zedong", one has got all day, he would
be wondering how Mao Zedong's Art of War strategy of Huawei.
Previously, Ren Zhengfei is in the army during the "learning hair

Huawei's development carefully, can easily find their marketing strategies,
customer policies, competitive strategy and internal management and operation,
without exception, deeply marked with the traditional wisdom and trickery,
"Maoist" struggle of the brand philosophy. Their internal speech
and publicity materials, between the lines beating war terminology, highly
inflammatory, so it was that access to Huawei's people have been

The most typical example, Huawei's initial "encircling the
cities" strategies. In 1992, Huawei's self-developed switches
and equipment, at Alcatel, Lucent, Nortel and other foreign giants dominated the
domestic market, Ren Zhengfei of "encircling the cities"
strategy quickly conquering a city, communications equipment prices plummet. In
1996, Huawei began concocting the world according to the law, eroding the
telecommunications providers in Europe and America market.

Alleged that Huawei also routine in the internal democratic life, the same theme of
criticism and self-criticism.

Of course, the image of Ren Zhengfei not cold. Huawei everyone has the chance with
him face to face, even a new employee.
In the moving "My Father and Mother", by the boss with a skill,
simple language showed his sentimental side.

"Huawei, Ren Zhengfei is everyone's idol." Huawei
Ren Zhengfei really painting a strong personal color. It is said that half of
Huawei's success, thanks to Ren Zhengfei. The resulting fear and
complaints are: "the old office of this ability can train? How his successor
will cross this obstacle? Such a culture can flourish in the hands of his

Cisco is a classic global encirclement

Nineties of last century, together with the People's University professor of
planning "Huawei Basic Law", the Ren Zhengfei, Huawei made
on the move to an international company, and began stumbling Pathfinder. Ren
Zhengfei strategists proved a vision. In 1996, the first overseas training - 3 months to
complete the project, Hutchison Telecom.

In particular, a few years ago when the telecom industry's most popular,
Ren Zhengfei wrote "Huawei's winter", this strategic
paper dropped a bomb in the industry. This is also the IT sector and the management
of community really Zhengfei give top priority to the key part of many companies,
even to print out the entire study.

In this strategic thinking under the guidance of Ren Zhengfei begun to adjust to
warfare to get through the winter: in the European telecom business house, Huawei
won in France, Germany, Eastern Europe, a large number of telecommunications
contracts; in Central Asia, bloody Lucent Huawei , against one another
"Stan" country market; now, Huawei's sales force has
penetrated the South American jungles and African deserts, one by one have gone to.
British "Financial Times" exclaimed, China's Huawei
is rewriting the rules survive the global telecommunications industry. In 2002,
Huawei successfully performed the classic battle of Cisco.

This is Huawei's internationalization can not but mention the road in a
battle. Ren Zhengfei command of this "siege warfare"
continued for one year, Cisco sued Huawei in the violation of their intellectual
property rights, Ren Zhengfei call while in the United States against the best local
lawyers, while an alliance of Cisco in the United States began to rival the death of
3COM Corporation, on case the most critical moment, Huawei announced the news to
Cisco attacked front and rear. Huawei Cisco case although the final settlement, but
Ren Zhengfei in this case the strategy is to cross any other company in China can not
be deployed overseas.
"Doing business which have a high degree of business" is the
catch-phrase often Ren Zhengfei, Huawei itself to be the best example.

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