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On Religion (excerpt on the author's "power state
This paper argues that religion will be painting, music, prayer rituals and places,
artifacts, rituals and other control with, who monopolize the tools to master (the Pope,
the Emperor), etc., leaving people's needs must be achieved by means of
religion, that religion be a kinds of tools to make the pope, the emperor, the Christians
what they want the three missing complementary, forming a target, production,
distribution, maintenance and other aspects of music with special efficiency in
religious organizations.
First, religious aid efficiency
When the behavior and conflicts between their own beliefs, by finding some
"excuse" to conduct their own reality (whether born or WTO) a
reasonable explanation to achieve "peace of mind" so that the
same time, the same space, "the production and distribution the dilemma
between "being different times, different places, different ways
of" two-Gu ", the embodied religious auxiliary efficiency, the
efficiency of the resulting secondary.
Secondary goal of efficiency as religious. Different because different people have
different understanding of the objectives, through the development of values and
standards, affect people's goals can guide the establishment of production
and distribution. As can be hell, and moral norms of retribution acts to regulate the
production and distribution.
Second, if religious secondary productivity. Different religions to provide material
and human effectiveness of different methods of production, such as Taoism
advocates of the nature and strength of the pros and cons of production, whether the
objective laws of the use of natural resources; such as Confucianism promote the
production mode of human production; Buddhism advocates a small production or not
production. The promotion of Christian redemption through the mass production of
material to promote the development of material production, but also reflects the
effectiveness of auxiliary material production efficiency. Christianity holds that man
is guilty or debt repayment was not only painful at the same time that one can
dominate nature and the plunder of natural, but natural fear retaliation, therefore, acts
of penance through the indulgence, and received God's forgiveness, was
the greatest material technology, creating more material wealth. At the same time, so
that the same people who know each other tell their implementation, understanding,
and together the team can produce more power, indirectly to the linkage, can resist
external risks.
3, such as religious secondary distribution efficiency. The distribution of different
religions have different efficiency, such as the Christian advocate for more (whether
through the production and distribution), distribution of Taoism advocates a
harmonious, fair, not too much, the Confucian hierarchy, though not to promote fair,
but the formation of a stable society, Buddhism advocate for themselves are rather
small,       "empty",          to      let    others     get     more,
"compassion" for others to bear a negative effect and
"sad", the Islamic emphasis on access to means of right and
wrong, in a proper way, have reflected a allocative efficiency, reduce unfair
4, such as religious secondary trading efficiency. Pope and the monks also need to
make a living. People are always inside the church and the priest deals and the monks
in the temple inside the spirit of trading different products. Pope is a religious
providers and master who is the religious needs of Christians who, so the Pope and all
Christians in making a deal - to property, persons, and the Pope to do transactions. As
they enter the temple after the monks do not look alive doing, just look at whether the
paste was the spirit of solemn puppet, kowtow to beg, trade, and I kowtow to you, you
bless me peace, I will give you support, you make me money, I am a devout believe
you, you make me feel at ease, reflect the transactions and distribution. Therefore, the
choice of trading venues is also conducive to the existence of religion. Christ Church
built in crowded places, its purpose is to let more people need to be more effective.
Choose beautiful temples, deserted place, because such places are few opportunities
for temptation, the temptation to such a beautiful alternative, you can reduce demand,
consistent with its objectives.
5, such as religious secondary imperial efficiency and stability. Imperial needs
stability. If everyone was on the reality of life, can be their own masters of mind, this
is indeed the ruler is a terrible thing. For the Government, the Government could
anesthesia people like religious functions, such as for people with Confucianism,
Taoism for meritorious use (if hero does not go and kill the threat Zeyi).
Second, the main religion efficiency
The main function of religion through the "Revised Music" the
spirit of utility production, the main spirit of the effectiveness and efficiency is
generated, "Revised Music efficiency." When the material
effects, human effects can not wait to make the best state of the main state religion
through the added "mental effects", to adjust their mentality
arising best efficiency, such as the Christian through the "good guys in the
future into heaven, do bad will go to hell, "the Chinese" cultural
historian "through" Not only do we live in today, we also live in
the future, what we do today, decide our own future reputation, "the
balance of people's current state of mind.

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