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					Registered companies in Hong Kong
Specials 3980 yuan registered companies in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Outstanding
Entrepreneur Association to send a certificate. August 1, 2009 the government
reduced the cost of 2,000 yuan, 6,200 yuan original registration fee. The
company's July 25, 2009 started the implementation of the new price. The
Company directly to the Hong Kong Government, without any agent!
The following packages from April 1, 2009 from the Executive. Buying a shelf
company 4,000 yuan (March 31, 2009, after 1 August 2009).
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Registered companies in Hong Kong = 3980 yuan + Hong Kong Certificate of
Outstanding Entrepreneur Association
Registered companies in Hong Kong + Hong Kong Outstanding Entrepreneur
Association plaque = 4200 yuan
Registration Hong Kong Company + member of the Hong Kong Outstanding
Entrepreneur = 6888 yuan
Registered companies in Hong Kong + Hong Kong Outstanding Entrepreneurs
Association unit = 6,888 yuan
Registered companies in Hong Kong + Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises
Association executive director units = 16,888 yuan
Registered companies in Hong Kong + Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises vice
president of the unit = 48,888 yuan
Registered companies in Hong Kong + Hong Kong Association of Corporate Units =
88,888 yuan
Hong Kong is a highly developed international metropolis information, enjoy the
world's most liberal trade trade port, coupled with its good infrastructure
and sound legal system, which gives entrepreneurs and businessmen to provide a
unique business environment . Currently, more and more mainland businessmen
holding a different purpose, founded his own company in Hong Kong through various
means to expand business and establish the company's international image
and improve their own competitiveness.
 ?In Hong Kong's advantages:

? Registered Hong Kong company name choices:

Hong Kong-registered company name in the freedom of choice, regardless of the size
of registered capital, the Hong Kong government to allow the company name contains
international, groups, holding, industry, investment, enterprises, societies and
associations, Association, center, community organizations, such as using font
Foundation , universities, colleges, research institutes, charities, banks, chambers of
commerce and other terms required to obtain the relevant departments for approval
before use.

* Hong Kong companies registered business scope:
Hong Kong, very few restrictions on business scope, electrical, electronics, chemicals,
light industry, machinery, instruments, equipment, clothing, textiles, jewelry, finance,
medicine, shipping, transportation, import and export, trade, real estate, construction,
decoration, decoration, information, networking, travel, college, culture, publishing,
associations, institutes and other high-tech industries, can business scope;

* Hong Kong's corporate tax policy and tax rates:

Low-tax environment conducive to the development, the Hong Kong low tax rates,
tax less, there are many international organizations the tax advantages of using Hong
Kong to achieve a reasonable tax avoidance; we set up companies registered in Hong
Kong are generally only pay two taxes: one is the one-time registered capital PCT
India and the tax rate is 1 / 1000, this tax is based on your actual registered capital to
be determined; the other is the profits tax rate of 16.5% (an unlimited company to
15%), this tax is based on our actual profit (net profit) to calculate, the company is not
profitable, do not pay taxes. In addition to alcohol, tobacco or special, Hong Kong
does not import and export taxes.

* Hong Kong's registered capital:

In Hong Kong registered company, registered capital of no verification, whether in
Hong Kong, the number of the registered capital is, do not need to deposit funds into
bank accounts in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Government, the minimum registered
capital required is 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, shareholders can increase company
according to actual needs Registered capital (registered capital of no cap required),
shareholders determine the amount of registered capital, the legal documents signed
by our company can do.

* International Trade and Investment:

Hong Kong is a window of the international market, China's mainland
enterprises to expand international trade and investment markets as a springboard,
Hong Kong's special historical conditions and geographical location, to the
mainland enterprises to create favorable conditions for overseas development.
Therefore, the establishment of the Hong Kong registered company, can the external
Jin Chukou as trade and investment in the window, to obtain foreign cooperation
Rong Yi Qi Ye's Xinren other hand, since China has just Kai Fang, Hai Wai
investment Renshixihuan Ba Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong as the Guoji
investment and investment return to the mainland of China can enjoy more
preferential policies.

* Asian financial centers Hong Kong and banking services:

Registered companies in Hong Kong, access to international credit and credit, we all
know, Hong Kong is Asia's economic center and financial center, almost
every street bank. We can use our bank credit, credit is the basis for developing
international business to obtain credit, we can use the financial center of Hong Kong,
financing, or directly out to the letter of credit from overseas to fund bigger and
smaller transactions. If necessary, we can also apply to the Government SME grants
and loans, then the money invested in market profits.

* Hong Kong's import and export trade and capital in and out freely:

Hong Kong is the world's most free and prosperous commercial port, good
infrastructure, access to the free flow of people in Hong Kong is not only the logistics
out of free capital in and out is also free. Flow out of the free expression in Hong
Kong and more than 100 countries have visa-free agreement, and the Pearl River
Delta is also about to launch visa-free travel tourism plan; logistics is mainly
embodied in the goods out of free access without tariffs, air and sea logistics
management extremely fast; money out of free expression in Hong Kong has no
foreign exchange controls, convertibility of foreign currencies can be mobilized at any
time, and access to unlimited funds, you can switch to public companies, but also the
private revolution. Banks in Hong Kong businessmen prefer the convenience of
sending and receiving letters of credit. Foreign exchange income and expenditure in
line operation, to facilitate peace of mind.

? Registered Hong Kong companies to establish corporate brand:

As Hong Kong's international status, companies often prefer to use the
emerging popularity of Hong Kong companies to packaging for their own. Such as
Hong Kong's clothing, toys, cultural and publishing industries in the
international arena has some competitive advantage. Established in Hong Kong this
category, you can immediately share the overall international image and status, to a
certain extent, enhance the company's competitiveness;

? Registered Hong Kong company's condition

   ?Company incorporated in Hong Kong is generally more freedom, as long as the
following conditions Bing can provide relevant information:
   (1) a director or a shareholder or above;
   (2) All shareholders must be over 18 years of age;
   (3) All shareholders must present a valid identity card or passport copy and
specimen signatures;
   (4) The registered capital of not less than 10,000 Yuan Hong Kong dollars
(registered capital of no place);
   (5) provide the registered address in Hong Kong (provided by the Sword);
   (6) Limited Legal Secretary (Secretary of the first year of complimentary service,
our address, phone, fax);
Hong Kong company incorporation, we recommend free in Shenzhen, Guangzhou,
Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong's HSBC account opening video account, or
appointment of HSBC in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong direct to handle.
We provide legal secretarial services in Hong Kong, you can apply for or Call our
hotline telephone service.
Free help through Hong Kong Alibaba certification, certification or permit
shareholders need to have passports.