The Real Mt. Sinai is Located in Saudi Arabia! by cse17435


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The Real Mt. Sinai is Located in
Saudi Arabia!

                                                                               Jebel el Lawz, the mountain charred by the fiery
                                                                               presence of the LORD when He gave the Law to Moses,
                                                                               still stands there as a quiet testimony of the historical
                                                                               accuracy of the Bible.
The Mountain Melted by Fire
The Bedoins call this mountain           The encampment was a massive
Jebel el Lawz. It stands there in        area that could have easily
stark contrast to the other              accommodated a million or more
mountains in the area -- scorched        people. A large number of rocks
black on the top. The Scriptures         placed in circular patterns are
describe the time when Moses             thought to mark actual tent
ascended to the top of the               locations.
mountain to receive the Ten
                                         Beginning in 1992, Jim and Penny
Commandments -- “And Mount
                                         Caldwell were living and working
Sinai was altogether in a smoke,
                                         in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
because the LORD descended
                                         and visited the famed mountain
upon it in fire; and the smoke
                                         with their children fourteen times.
thereof ascended as the smoke of
a furnace, and the whole mount
                                         Quite by “coincidence” they had
quaked greatly.” Exodus 19:18
                                         seen a hand-drawn map by Ron
Explorer Ron Wyatt knew that             Wyatt when they were visiting
locating the Red Sea Crossing site       Neweiba Beach and that led them
was the first step in finding the real   to their first of many ventures to
Mt. Sinai. In 1984, after the            the “Mountain of God.”
underwater chariot wheels were
                                         The Caldwells have a web site at
found, Wyatt and his two sons
secretly entered Saudi Arabia.
                                         details many of their adventures.         Split Rock at Horeb
Wyatt knew that the traditional
site, located in the Sinai Peninsula,
                                                                               When Moses struck the rock, water
could not be the authentic                                                     sufficient for a million people poured forth!
mountain because Galatians 4:25                                                One of the most significant           are obvious marks of water
declares that -- “ . . . Mount Sinai                                           discoveries at the Mount Sinai site   erosion. There are also what
is in Arabia.” The ancient land of                                             is the Split Rock at Horeb that       appear to be man-made channels
Midian is where Moses had fled                                                 provided water for the Hebrews.       running from the rock to where
from Pharoah and the land of                                                                                         the Hebrews would have camped.
Midian was in Arabia, not in the                                               The rock is an impressive
                                                                                                                     The amount of water required to
Sinai Peninsula.                                                               landmark, resting on top of a
                                                                                                                     sustain all of the people plus their
                                                                               mound which is approximately
In addition to the charred and                                                                                       flocks of animals would have been
                                         What appears to be an                 100 feet high. The rock itself is a
melted mountain top, Wyatt found                                                                                     massive. Who would have
                                                                               huge boulder approximately 60
numerous artifacts that proved           altar area has been found                                                   thought that water could gush
                                                                               feet high and split down the middle
beyond a doubt that this was the         at the Mt. Sinai site in                                                    forth from a rock in the desert?
                                                                               with an opening large enough for
encampment site of the Hebrews           Saudi Arabia, the ancient                                                   But the testimony of the area bears
                                                                               a man to walk through.
where God gave them the Law.                                                                                         record that the God of miracles
                                         land of Midian. Evidence
                                                                   Of great significance is the fact                 sustained His people in a
                                         abounds that this was an that on both sides of the rock there               miraculous way.
                                         area where many animals
                                         were sacrificed.
                              It should be noted that there is
                              absolutely no evidence of an
                              encampment or other artifacts at
                              the traditional Mt. Sinai site in the
                              heart of the Sinai desert.
                              Sometimes we assume things                       Jim and Penny Caldwell took numerous pictures at Jebel
Remains of twelve hand- because someone makes a wild
crafted pillars Moses guess or writes a name on a map.                         el Lawz in Saudi Arabia proving that this was the historic
erected for the twelve tribes The fact is, the real Mount Sinai                mountain where Moses met with God and received the
of Israel.                    is in Saudi Arabia.                              Ten Commandments.

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