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									Recalls the days in Beijing University
North recalls life
September 1, 2006 6:16 PM Friday
1: Beijing life, let me set a mission: to find for itself a reason and motivation to
> November 18, 1998 Mr. Liu Yongxing Hope Group Dongshi Zhang
Guanghua School of Peking University was invited to lecture, his speech, he told a
true story, deeply moved me. He said: "His father died So called before the
children around, and then say, if you do not encounter the Cultural Revolution, you
have been to college, but now it does not matter, because it is a golden opportunity to
reform and opening up, I hope you will unite as one, do something about big business,
but also to father at ease. "
> Soon after, their brothers unite as one, finally come up with joint venture
1,000 yuan (brother of one mind, the earth becomes gold), and finally they became
the richest family in China for 1998.
> Liu talked about the real story, let me know. A person establish a sense of
mission is so important. Very grateful he told us, listening to a speech I sat in the front
row, because I am active, After the speech, his first photo with me, so far, I will hang
with a photo of him in his living room central.
> October 19, 2005, I was invited to make keynote speech in Hunan
University of Technology, in the end I gave you a speech about a true story: I have a
very kind-hearted grandmother, her life had never argue with others What, selfless
dedication that, with weak body with a large side (including neighbors) in the last 30
children, no regrets. At that time I have been around in my grandmother, I remember
one day old, his family took a few sneaky grandmother to eat tofu (because she
always ate pickles), and afterwards I do not tell my mother a grandmother. when she
tears .... since then she had been very proud of the neighbors said: She has a lovely
grandson I do not know what the future will be people? I regret that my 12th birthday,
she passed away the day. was particularly upset themselves.
> Then I stood on stage presentation of Hunan University, proud grandmother
answered the question 15 years ago: "like a grandmother to do as a caring
person" --- This is my mission
> Postscript: This lecture is the first time I boarded the University of the
platform, nearly 500 students live, the atmosphere as much as I have attended
hundreds of games in Peking University the world famous lectures. After the speech,
a text message to my students wrote: "Haiwei teacher, your speech I have
ever seen in college is not the only way to leave a few hundred people, and we could
hear applause forget, too invested, your voice is very soft, touched with love, so there
is a warm feeling "
> 2: Peking University life, I have confidence
> Successful scientist, said: A person's success, will never be more
than he thought, the idea five years ago, your decision today, today, five years after
the idea to determine your future. Winners never give up, never give up those success.
So to dare to think, should have self-confidence.
> 1. Hearing about his 72 year-old Kim Dae-jung Presidential Dream
> December 28, 1998 speech at Peking University President Kim Dae-jung,
then I do not have tickets, but would like to hear the president's speech, so
they decided to try his luck, to the scene, standing on the secretly studying in Japan
ranks of students, and later to the ranks of Korean students, luck really good, the staff
of the National Security Agency has not found that I did not get tickets to enter the
> During his speech, President Kim Dae-jung became president about his own
process of how I learn a lot. He said: "The president started his dream 38
years old, the middle five are dying, especially once the kidnappers tied up by the sea
ship, he could hear the kidnappers in person to discuss if they would want him thrown
into the sea, one of which says, keep him there with, so hard to escape the death. Later,
with his decades of dedication and self-confidence, 72 years old, he became the
president. "
> 2. Peking University Centennial Celebration day
> May 4, 1998 at Peking University Centennial Celebration, 1:30 pm, Mr. Li
Jiacheng 100 anniversary of Peking University in Beijing built a new library
celebration speech (his contributions to 10 million dollars to build), we were standing
100 meters away place, not close to over Taiwan, but I would like to see Lee at close
range, and look forward to shake hands with him, feeling a poor student and the
richest man in Asia, what it is like shaking hands. But there is no chance, then I
confident, never give up, finally after the ceremony, when you exit out, I chair sets the
direction of hard to run two minutes later, I stood beside Mr. Li Jiacheng, and difficult
to shake hands with him a moment, tears will flow out at this time ....
> Evening, Peking University Centennial Celebration party at that time to the
party members about 10 million people. But at the party can only accommodate two
people, so most students do not have tickets, how do? Centennial celebration only
once, if they can not go in, it is regret. So 16 o'clock, I'll look
for opportunities, three hours later, no chance. at the last critical moment, I suddenly
thought: look for opportunities to not like to wait for good people to vote, so left to
stop admission 15 minutes, I stood at the entrance to Beijing Jing Garden, now a
grandmother to our admission, so there are other students, went to ask a few votes, but
she went to another entrance, this time I did not give up, quickly ran over, said:
"I am a student, especially looking forward to participating in this evening,
if you give me a ticket, I will always wish you in silence ...." She stopped
and looked at look at my face, slowly from his pocket a VIP to me, and gently said to
me, very nice guy Well ......
> The following story I set a good state of mind:
  ?> 1. Zhang Xueliang 101 years old, a reporter asked him:
"You're deeply frustrated life, why has such a good attitude? He
replied:" worry about. Even if Chiang Kai-shek then the next day to shoot
him, the night before I can sleep well "
> 2. Hong Kong, the former richest man, Mr. Li Zhaoji said: "If a
person as the thirties, as fed up as eat their own satisfaction and happiness, then he
will definitely be happy forever."
> 3. The former State President Liu Shaoqi's wife Wang Guangmei
in a room with only a few square up to ten years in prison, and beds can not exceed
the window, she can stick with it, because even her hope alive, to a true Liu tell you,
now 90 years old, she is swimming an hour a day insisted.

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