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									North Central Region School IPM Working Group Conference Call
April 5, 2010

Participants: Erin Bauer, Anastasia Becker, Barb Bloetcher, Zach Bruns, Lauren Crane, Heather Duncan,
Sherry Glick, Tom Green, Frannie Miller, Clyde Ogg, Jodi Perras, Susan Ratcliffe, Mark Shour

Next call: May 3, 2010, 2:00 pm central time

Action Items:
     Lauren will email Ruth Kerzee to ask about any Illinois coalition meeting plans
     Lauren will email Jeanne Ciborowski to get an update from Minnesota
     Sherry will contact Tom Brennan regarding tribal IPM trainings
     Mark will contact Mike Daniels regarding tribal IPM trainings

    1. Roll call
    2. Any additional agenda items?
    3. Updates
           a. National update (Zach)
                      i. School IPM report card data has been compiled and there are a lot of unknown
                         variables. Planning to work with regulatory committee to update list of school
                         IPM laws and compare that to the report card data. Planning to finish a draft
                         report in the next month or two.
                     ii. Tools for Schools webinar on June 3rd. National working group members will
                         present on the basics of school IPM, IPM practices, specific pest problems, etc.
                    iii. Presentation at ASBO International meeting in November. Trying to get ASBO
                         members involved in school IPM.
                    iv. No major funding updates, PRIA funding goes until September 30, 2011.
    4. Pilot/coalition updates
           a. South Dakota - 3rd assessments 3-15 and 3-16
                      i. Third round of assessments was held March 15-16. Flandreau is making good
                         progress but Brookings is still resisting the process. Working on ideas to get
                         better buy-in, will be spending more time with them and dropping in between
                         assessments. Overall the visits were good. A videographer took some footage
                         of the assessments and did some interviews, planning to create a short video.
                         SD Department of Agriculture is still not on board, but someone from the
                         department joins the conference calls.
           b. Nebraska - Upcoming coalition meeting 4-7
                      i. Coalition meeting planned for April 7. Will hold a brief walkthrough of the
                         kitchen at Culler Middle School and then the regular meeting. Will begin
                         assessments in Omaha and Lincoln in June.
           c. Illinois coalition - Plans for March or April coalition meeting?
                      i. Not sure, Lauren will email Ruth Kerzee to ask about any plans.
           d. Illinois demonstration - Turf and landscape meeting 3-5
                      i. Will be visiting Westville on April 9 to do a walkthrough of interior and exterior.
                         A reporter will be attending.
           e. Ohio - Mini-grant finalized, first coalition meeting scheduled
                      i. Coalition meetings planned for April 23 in Cuyahoga county (near Cleveland)
                         and early June in Dayton. Trying to get people involved and interested and
                      contact different schools. Includes custodial staff, supervisors, pest control
                      associations, etc. Will talk about the state of school IPM in Ohio, what they are
                      planning to do and how to get started with school IPM. The meetings will be
                      free, not sure how many people will be attending.
        f. Indiana - Mini-grant progress?
                   i. Received the mini-grant check, will be planning a meeting soon. Jodi met with
                      the Indiana Association of School Business Officials and they are interested in
                      partnering to hold a meeting or webinar.
        g. Missouri - Conference call 3-23
                   i. Conference call held March 23 to discuss next steps for the coalition. Anastasia
                      visited Centralia and they are still working on IPM STAR certification. The coach
                      there doubted IPM at first but now he is on board. Planning on having a state
                      working group meeting this week and the superintendant at the demonstration
                      school will be joining the group. Also expanding working group membership to
                      include more asthma experts, school nurses, indoor air quality experts. Decided
                      to use PRIA funds to reinvigorate the existing Missouri state IPM working group
                      instead of creating a separate coalition.
        h. Minnesota
                   i. They are in the process of revitalizing their state school IPM program, using the
                      online training from the University of Minnesota. Lauren will contact Jeanne
                      Ciborowski to ask for an update.
5. Initial plans for annual meeting this summer
        a. Suggestions for where and when to meet?
                   i. Need to start thinking about annual meeting this summer. If we start planning
                      soon, we could meet in July or the beginning of August.
                  ii. Suggestion to hold the meeting in South Dakota because there is a lot of interest
                      there among pesticide inspectors.
                 iii. There has been interest in holding a change agent training for tribal members.
                      Sherry will contact Tom Brennan about his thoughts on this.
                 iv. Mike Daniels is planning a training for tribal members in the Omaha or Sioux
                      City area, tentatively scheduled for the last week of July.
                  v. It might be premature to hold a meeting in the South Dakota pilot schools
                      because the program is fairly new and still a bit fragile.
                 vi. Suggestion to schedule the meeting before or after the North Central Pesticide
                      Education Certification meeting, which will be held in Nebraska City, NE the first
                      week of August.
                vii. Suggestion to hold the meeting after July 1st because more travel funds might
                      be available then.
               viii. Some travel funds will be available through our working group's grant.
6. Updates from members
7. Next call: May 3, 2010 2:00 pm central time

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