Rao Feng finalists named 2006 Green Chinese

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					Rao Feng finalists named 2006 Green Chinese
Tian Shan Net News (press Jinhao She video report) "Green Chinese
Person of the Year Award 2006" by the State Environmental Protection
Administration and the Central Propaganda Department, the NPC Environmental and
Resources Protection Committee of the CPPCC National Committee who owned
Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Mission
seven ministries and other central government organized special support from the
United Nations Environment Programme, designed to recognize those for
environmental protection, animal and plant protection made outstanding contributions
to organizations and individuals. Activities by the public, experts in accordance with
the scientific, open and fair way of judging people out of Chinese environmental
award, has the authority, the public and international features.
   Protection Association, Rao Xinjiang Snow Lotus Peak, as the only nominated
candidate in Xinjiang, topped the list of publicity. Become the fire fighters Weihong
Wen Urumqi get CCTV "Chinese pride" Person of the Year
2006, we were given another honor in Xinjiang. Rao Feng was born in Xinjiang,
graduated from the University in 1989 and has been in the Mainland, overseas
business, in 1999, Rao's was founded in Victoria Victoria Pharmaceutical
Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical industry; in 1999, attended Beijing University Guanghua
School of Management EMBA; 2004, he will The company is profitable money
management to others, returned to Xinjiang will dedicate all our efforts to maintain
order drug industry to "develop peacekeeping drug industry contributions
to human health" as the mission, part of Xinjiang Uygur Medicine
Integration enterprise, the establishment of Xinjiang Uygur Medicine Biological
Engineering Co., Saussurea company. In 2006, the establishment of Xinjiang as the
president of Association for Protection of Saussurea.
   To promote the protection of Saussurea in August 2004, the domestic media began
to appear around the Tianshan snow lotus endangered reported domestic have begun
to focus more and more people Saussurea. Rao Fengli use at home and abroad for
business activities, the almost all energies to the protection of Saussurea publicity
activities in order to publicity in order to continue to expand, Rao peak also using
some opportunities with celebrity homeopathy, when Jackie Chan, Wang Junxia and
other style stars to the Xinjiang, the Beijing University students consistently low-key,
young successful entrepreneurs, will be the same as those fanatical groupies
everywhere to find them, ask them to sign for the protection of snow lotus. Chan
moved to write in the banner "house divided into." Wang Junxia
spoke highly of the charity said: "A development of Saussurea products
which can be positive initiatives to protect snow lotus, is no small
achievement!" In October 2005, "Protection of snow lotus,
rational development, scientific use of" the million signatures by the
Xinjiang Museum banner serious collection, Rao peak of this series of charity
resources to protect snow lotus and international media have also been numerous
reports, the Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Phoenix TV and other media has also done
special news reports.
   Rushing up and down for the establishment of conservation organizations
   Rao Feng not only the use of large public events to call for protection of snow lotus,
in order to better mobilize social forces sustained, broad protection of snow lotus, Rao
peaks that need to actively establish a society, this peak is not only a positive letter to
Rao government authorities, also positive contact Saussurea product companies,
research institutions, such as multi Saussurea many meetings discuss power resources,
the effective protection of Saussurea effective methods and strategies. July 10, 2006,
Rao peak in various efforts, bringing together all experts, environmentalists, and the
enterprises build and set up a "Society for the Protection of S.
involucrata", to use more social resources and government departments,
better to promote the law, reasonable and orderly use of Saussurea resources play a
more effective role. At the same time lead to more people through the media called
attention to the protection of snow lotus. At the same time, Rao Fengli Saussurea
dimension with its drugs in the company's sales network in the country,
launched a nationwide "protect the people of the Century signed snow
lotus" in order to enable more people protecting Saussurea concern.
   In July 2006 for a comprehensive understanding of protection of snow lotus, Rao
peak at their own expense, set up Saussurea expedition to attract researchers,
journalists, ordinary people such as multi-parties for the "protection of
large-scale scientific expedition snow lotus, advocacy charity," close
attention to the status quo on snow lotus, a large-scale coverage by the media, making
the community more concerned with the protection status of Saussurea, many related
to media and the public have made drug companies Saussurea dimension, on
meaningful activities that affirmed and encouraged. At the same time, Rao peak also
established a "Popular Science Industrial Park snow lotus" by
using science education and scientific cultivation, scientific development and a series
of actions to enhance awareness of the protection of snow lotus, Saussurea also use
technology to improve the value of alternative medicine use natural way to protect
Saussurea Saussurea exploration of the practical and effective ways and means. And
will establish the snow lotus flower sculpture, so that more youngsters to actively
participate in the protection of public welfare activities of Saussurea years, so as to
foster long-term protection of enthusiastic volunteers for snow lotus. He founded the
annual session of the "snow lotus Forum" has become an
influential economic forum in Xinjiang. Peak in Rao's efforts, the Xinjiang
Snow Lotus Association was formed to protect just half a year, has become some
among the most active area in Xinjiang, one of the most effective trade association,
the achievements have also been highly praised by competent authorities, and many
actively encourage Rao peak this useful work to do, to make features.
   Rao Feng, that is around us, "China Green People", please
Xinjiang, the vast masses of the people with your enthusiasm, out of your hands, for
the protection of snow lotus, Mr. Feng Rao, president of the Association cast a vote
for our Xinjiang honor our mothers for the protection of the flower of devotion to a
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