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Qinghai earthquake

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					Qinghai earthquake
Yushu in Qinghai Province earthquake killed nearly 300 people

Latest news: news from the earthquake relief headquarters information center in
Qinghai Province was informed, according to statistics, the date, Yushu Prefecture in
Qinghai Province quake death toll nearly 300 people, injured the nearly thousand.
(Qinghai News Network)

Earthquake bloody lessons, you have the insurance awareness of it?

(June 20, 2008 China Insurance News releases)

69 142, not just a special number, it is a vivid life by a condensed lessons in blood.
Until at 12 o'clock on the 9 June, the victims of the earthquake the number
is still increasing.

For the country with a population of 1.3 billion, the largest after the disaster, in
addition to grief and regret, but should be awakened from the disaster.

After the earthquake, it was a question: earthquake, why not the major insurance
companies who pay the bill?

Another set of data, then indirectly answered this question. As of June 5, earthquake
caused 370 000 people were injured, hospital treatment due to the earthquake total of
87 391 injured, while receiving disability insurance, a report of only 1945 people. In
accordance with the relevant data, our depth of 2007 only 2.85% of the insurance,
while only 2.74% in the Sichuan region, the rural areas even lower.

Analysts believe that low and earthquake insurance is greatly reduced exclusion of the
earthquake insurance industry losses is an important factor. The hardest hit by the
earthquake are mostly economically underdeveloped areas. It is estimated that life
insurance coverage in hard-hit no more than 10%, well below the national level of

While abroad in 2001, "9.11" incident, the United States to bear
all the losses the insurance industry for nearly 51% of the compensation in the amount
of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars.

Data show that in some countries in the world after the catastrophe, insurance claims
may take more than 30% of compensation, some developed countries even up to 60%
-70%, while China's insurance industry, although often in front of an active
disaster damages, but for insurance payments the total loss amount is less 1%.

"The earthquake has fully exposed the people's risk awareness
is still very weak. The face of frequent disasters, lack of appropriate means of
prevention and risk management, this is the biggest risk we face." Assistant
to the chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission told reporters Chen

June 8, sponsored by the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, Beijing Minya
insurance brokerage company, Skandia Life, Zurich Insurance, Life Life insurance
agencies such as the risk of co-education series of public events in Beijing Full Link
Plaza for the first time, start . It is reported that the charity will also be introduced in
the public places, communities, schools and other organizations.

"Earthquakes happen suddenly, how emergency hedge save
ourselves?" "How suddenly the fire escape?" The
audience on these issues have a strong thirst for knowledge, and learned a lot of
self-help and rescue of the scientific method. Also helping to find new audiences and
cause interest is how to improve the sense of risk with the subject.

From the United Nations data show that about 40 million people each year worldwide,
the cause of death and environmental change, and this figure is increasing as global

Risks of the deal in different ways, but undoubtedly, a disaster caused huge economic
losses gave a serious impact on people's lives again. How do we pay huge
bills risk? Is exhausted the wealth of daily savings, or rely on government and social
assistance, more or fate?

"Insurance mechanism is an effective barrier to resist risks, but also the
public self-conscious one of the ways science and risk management. We have
scientific disaster, the theme of preventing and defusing the risk of a series of public
campaigns in the context of this organized. "According to the China
Children and Teenagers Foundation, introduced the Secretary-General Prevalence of
Imitation in Chinese children Foundation Minya Guardian Angel Fund is the only
security mechanism with public funds to carry out charitable activities.

Chen, Assistant President of China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that an
effective response to disaster risk insurance is a market mechanism under the market
economy is the basic means of risk management.

"5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, the survivors and their families
are often faced with the major source of income hit home, life unsustainable, and will
bear the heavy costs of medical expenses and follow-up to the burden of
reconstruction. Although the government's concern for the affected people
and the community love the support of charity, but only after relief by way of risk and
disaster response is not enough, need to establish and perfect a set of risk prevention
and treatment mechanisms.

China faces a serious threat to all kinds of natural disasters. According to Munich
Re's statistics, from 1980 to 2007, China's catastrophe loss
events occurred 745 times, 70% of storms and floods, and China 2 / 3 of the city by
the potential threat of earthquakes.

CIRC statistics show that snow disaster early direct economic losses of 151.6 billion
yuan, but the insurance payments less than 2% of losses, well below the global similar
disaster insurance payments average more than 30%.

According to AIR Worldwide Corporation International Risk Model and Risk
Management Solutions estimates, economic losses caused by earthquake in 10 billion
to 20 billion U.S. dollars range. China's insurance coverage as a small
earthquake was estimated to be paid and the amount of insured losses only from 300
million to 1 billion U.S. dollars between. This 2007 annual premium income of
703.58 billion yuan, the use of insurance funds at the end of the balance of 2.7 trillion
yuan of China's insurance industry is minimal.

Because the insured public awareness is weak, and the absence of a major disaster
insurance system and other reasons, caused by the disaster after the disaster the
government had to bear most of the liability, and public property, it is difficult to
obtain appropriate compensation, causing a heavy burden of reconstruction.

According to the World Bank in countries around the world observed, assuming that
all of the loss is 100 billion then, Governments resolved through the budget with 500
million yuan are not that many people because the compensation mechanism without
prior arrangement and reconstruction funds simply can not implementation.

Chen told reporters: "the risk of carrying out public education, strengthen
the public's risk awareness, disaster response universal knowledge, guide
the risk prevention measures should be current and future policyholders the insurance
industry in public education and a focus on the content of education."

"This is a time-intensive face of incidents, just rely on people's
initiative to complete the risk education is not enough, at all levels of society should
assume full responsibility for risk awareness training. As the insurance practitioners,
we risk the public education responsibility incumbent upon the face.
"president of Beijing Minya Insurance Brokers Ltd., said Yang Chen, as a
product of modern social division of labor, insurance is designed to prevent the risk of
pre-and post-compensation functions of the department. The public should be
objective and impartial understanding of insurance functions, the same time, the
Government, the insurance industry and should institutions to increase public risk and
insurance education, to create a good social environment for the insurance truly play
the role of risk protection.