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									Pursuing the Eightfold Path
One definition of the Eightfold Path ?
"Bitter" is the reality of life, how Shanyin, whether the relief
obtained, where the purpose of our Buddhist. The beginning of the Buddha Shing
Road, to allow all beings freed from the pain and anguish, particularly into the
discovery of the eight interest in Sage's approach to spiritual practice,
known as the Eightfold Path.
"Positive", from the evil and wrong, hence the name as is;
"Tao" can pass the means to can reach the Nirvana of the
situation, hence the name for the Road. Eight right path through this, can never break
beings Kuji trouble, evidence was Nirvana's Human Nature, it is also
known as the Eightfold Path. Eightfold Path as the raft, make living beings from the
fan community on this side to cross to the other shore of enlightenment world, it is
also known as the eight boats, eight rafts.
In short, the Eightfold Path is eight road leading to the practice of Buddha Dharma
door is way out of pain and anguish, is the correct practice the Buddha way, pursuing
the Eightfold Path Buddhist purposes can be completed. So, do a Buddhist, should
know the meaning of the Eightfold Path.

II content of the Eightfold Path ?
Noble Eightfold Path is the Buddha into the Road, the beginning of Zhuan Falun, said;
thereafter, until the time Nirvana, but also by that Sinian Chu, four are ground, four
Ruyi Foot, five, five forces, seven Bodhi classification, a total of 37 percent products,
is the Four Noble Truths of "Dao Di" content. Eightfold Path
and the 37 items, only the points of detail, its significance and no difference. 37 items
in order to best represent the Eightfold Path of Buddhism practice Famennian, so
generally the Eightfold Path as Daodi on content. Noble Eightfold Path, namely:
1. Right view: the legitimate views.
2. Are thinking: Just thinking.
3. Is language: the language proper.
4. Is industry: proper behavior.
5. Is life: a proper life.
6. Is ground: While efforts.
7. Mindfulness: Just ideas.
8. Positive: proper meditation.
1, right view
"Right view" is the correct view, correct concept. A concept can
often change a person's life; Buddhist practice is to correct past bad habits,
change to repair to, the correct concept, the more important insights. In the Buddhist
scriptures, the "right view" has many interpretations,
"after winning Man" wrote: non-reversed view, is the name of
right view. "Flower Adornment Sutra," said: right view, strong,
Lizhuwangxian. "Perspective on the" say: right view, is wisdom.
"Dharma Realm rank order the door," said: If the repair
seamless 16-line, see Four Noble Truths clearly, is the name of right view.
After synthesis all said, right view is the reverse view arises in a positive view of Li
Zhu; is truly the world and the world know the wisdom of cause and effect; is through
the Three Dharma Seals, the Four Noble Truths, Origination and other Buddhist
teachings to observe phenomena in the Universe obtained correct opinion. Broadly
speaking, those who recognized the truth of Buddhism, are all right view.
Therefore, the Buddhists should have the right view the following:
1. Masami reason and the result: world methodology born by fate, the fate of all
harmony only phenomenon, the phenomenon is the "fruit"
newspaper. Retribution from the result of the combination with the edge, there is a
result of affinity, there must be fruit, as the broadcast of the species (due to), as long
as the conditions (edge) are right, they will certainly bear fruit. Each of us lives,
comes from a variety of causes and conditions of harmony and success, so kind of
good for a good margin, naturally there will be a good result; the other hand, planted
because of bad pratyaya evil, there must be evil retribution. We can reason and the
result of right view, knowledge can be a result of his fruit, from the fans into the Tao.
2. Right view of good and evil karma: industry is artificial means. Also refers to the
act, the, action, role, and other physical activities will. Every day we act pretentious,
come together and a tremendous amount of life-a bad decision. Industry to its own
line, I said that we expected, business is good and evil, good and evil karma, decided
to lose, so-called: "If Baiqian Jie, the job does not die; predestined
encounter, the results reported also from the subject." Then said:
"What goes around comes around; not rewarded, the time has not
yet." Most people because of the "good guys suffer, bad
pleasures", and thus cast doubt on the cause of good and evil, in fact, cause
and effect can not only look good and evil eyes, Sometimes good people suffer and
bad pleasures, which is made of the industry as individual past lives this life so get
retribution. We can correct view of good and evil karma can cautious, from the roost.
3. Masami suffering and impermanence: Dharmas are born by fate harmony, no
independence, and keep the nature, together with the edge margin of variation of bulk
and birth and death, so that all the Law "impermanence." As
"uncertain", so good may be bad, bad, may also do better in the
ever-changing birth and death, we feel that life is full of hard, bad pain, waiting for all
the hard-line, so that "suffering and impermanence." Right view,
"suffering and impermanence," allows us to when things were
going, not indulgence pleasure; Department of adversity, not pessimistic. Because
everything will change, but the pain of impermanence will bring us hope, inspire us
refined, lead us to transcend worldliness and attain holiness.
4. Masami Buddhist eternal: We often say "life is change",
although the reality of life is "the pain of impermanence," but
the air there is a pain in the impermanence of "Changle my net"
of Nirvana in the world. Buddha had attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree,
achievements and Equal Right Enlightenment, this is such enlightenment is Nibbana,
which is adversarial relationship between people my opposition, beyond the barriers
of time and space, while the infinite realm of enlightenment eternal life, that is, each
of us The complete virtue of truth in the Buddha, the true self. Our Buddhist practice,
is to obtain a good satisfactory nirvana. Because human life, in time, only a few years,
to Baiyuncanggou, nothing but a dream; in seven feet of space but also the man of
flesh, "Building 1000, night sleep, but eight feet; fertile boundless expanse
of , the solar eclipse but a few cups of "the face of such limited life, if we
can attain enlightenment Nirvana, that is, break the barriers of time and space, will be
spread over all the space of life, full of the all time, can transcend the fear of death
and impermanence, in infinite time and space in the vast endless. Therefore, Buddhist
eternal right view, no cause and effect would not produce the broken dial, see, and
then rehabilitated and the avoidance of negative, eventually reached the nirvana state.
Second, is thought
"Positive thinking", but also for being Chi, is contemplation, are,
respectively, enlightenment, or the meaning read. Is correct will, determination, brains,
respectively.      "Yoga         teacher      in    theory",       said:
"increase the power from the right view, therefore, played no anger, sound
like, is now contemplate." Therefore, insight, is not greed, no anger, no
ignorance, far from the Dang greed for the truth of wisdom consider separately.
Greed, hatred, and stupidity the three poisons, often shackles us so that we can not
move the way Tao; greed, hatred, and stupidity the three poisons, and always
entrenched in our minds, contaminated our pure nature. We would like to stay away
from the three poisons, the power must be tough, long theme for recollection Fa,
surpassingly soft, merciful, pure, Wu Hui heart, contemplate our constant and the
corresponding Fa, 3 to remove the poison, increasingly into the Buddhist .
Third, is language
"Positive language" is good karma, that is, Treatise industry not
lie, do not gossip, do not bad mouth, not flirtatious talk, away from all careless of the
language, defamation of language, arrogant language, abuse of language mean the
language, rhetoric and false false words. Therefore, it is as right and proper language,
meaning language. Language is necessary to reason, then, it is also called logical
development language, such as the Buddha are all saying the real words, truthful
words, not different words, bully bear false witness, this is the right speech.
Language content is four:
1. The real words: the true is true, and honest lie to say.
2. Mercy Language: mercy mild, encourage people to have confidence in it since.
3. Compliments: praise people, is they do.
4. Lei language: to help others, help people to say.
4, is the industry
Is the industry, it is OK to write down lines. Correction when the bodily. The proper
behavior, body, mouth and mind clean industry, away from the killing, and taking,
sexual misconduct and all Dang. Treatise industry is not killing, stealing, prostitution
and other Iris. But not only is the negative evil industry, is of positive significance to
the        industry       should        be        the       "nurse",
"compassion", "donation" and so on.
In addition, "land of yoga teachers," Volume II 19:
"or to live in, clothes and so on has been the pursuit of things, if the line if
living, Ruozuo if lying is widely said that even if the solution is known to sleep while
workers live, is Name is business. "Thus, ordinary regular habits, is now
the industry. For example, proper sleep, diet, exercise, rest, work, not only to promote
personal health, improve efficiency, is also a happy family and social stability of the
main factors.
5, is life
"Is life" is just the economic life and livelihoods. According to
"yoga teacher to of" Volume II 19: "If the law to
pursue clothing, food, and even things and stay away from all life from the evil law, is
the name is life." Normal economic life is very important, because most sin,
are not from the normal economic life come. For example, to open casinos,
restaurants, slaughterhouses, killing business selling a used fishing, hunting and other
stores, these are all life.
While life should be
1. A reasonable economic life
2. Noble moral life
3. Harmonious social life
4. Purification of emotional life
6, is handling
"Positive ground", but also for being refined, is convenient,
Shoji, meaning law, Teiji. The goal is to brave move towards the truth. By saying:
"at home, lazy, lost interest in the customs; monk slack, bereavement in the
magic." "Fa read Office is" volume IV 13, said: slack
is the root of all evil way is the seed of life and death, all the troubled world are as a
result. Yu Duan tie life and death, one should be diligent, renunciation slack.
Precision is not complicated, into a refundable, that is to do good, to Duane.
"Perspective on" in the ground for the Enhancement of four is
the goal. 4 is ground that is: is not there to make good health since, have students
make good growth; not there evil that choose not to have students make Duanchu evil.
7, Mindfulness
"Mindfulness" and also to make meaning intended. The idea is
clean, that is not health evil thoughts, ideas right path. "The
teachings," said: "If a strong reading ability, although the thief
into the Wu Yu, do not as the victims, such as book armor to battle, there is nothing to
fear." Therefore, Buddhists do not put the idea on who I am right and
wrong, gain and loss success, money and fame, emotional desires above, should
always feel righteous thoughts.
Mindfulness of the content is Sinian Chu, namely:
1. Gazes not net: Most people because of their love of beauty, health, caused by
persistent delusions, in fact, our body is full of urine, saliva and other filth aldicarb
can be said that the public foul the set, how to good points? Buddha taught us to
"view themselves not net", is to strip love our executive body,
and then by false comprehension for, to prove that body of law was the eternal
2. Concept is hard by: the various emotions and feelings of this world are suffering,
sickness and death because life is full of all kinds of hardships, even if sometimes
happy, because of the vagaries of world methodology, moved to an endless stream of
happy changes in time and space will disappear, so that is suffering under view.
3. Concept heart impermanence: Our next minute your mind every second heaven
Now they hell, good times and bad, good time bad time, time off at birth, such as
ape-like, obsessed with free will, so that concept of heart impermanence.
4. Outlook law without me: "Diamond Sutra", said:
"all promising method, such as Menghuanpaoying, such as dew electricity,
should be seen in a similar." All things will eventually be scattered off
corrupt, and nothing You Zixing, can autonomy. Understand the "concept
of law without me", can we Wuyuchenlao in and find their own truth in
law sex.
Our heart always on the impermanence, suffering, and no I am on top of the
world's Zizhu not eager for a small profit, but to brave the Road.
8, positive
"Positive" is the correct concentration of will and spirit of
meditation, while the photo collection scattered body and mind, cultivating the perfect
personality. Real meditation, is not the form of meditation, but in the inner energy to
carry out.
While the meditation should be:
1. The health of meditation: make physical access to health.
2. Comfort in meditation: make mind focused on a border, derived from light security.
3. Enlightenment meditation: thinking suddenly make the opening of Tao by the
4. See of meditation: make the Buddha was open, locate the true self.

? Eightfold Path of the important parameters
"On a large adjoining dressing," said: "from the right
view it, from now contemplate; by the insight, it may be right speech; by the language
it is, restored right; by the industry it is, life is being restored; by making life so to
initiate positive ground; the ground it is, then from mindfulness; by the righteous
thoughts so, can play a definite. "A person with knowledge correct view,
for right and wrong, good and evil, the authenticity of the Contemplative to do the
right judgments, made before all the Shenkou Yi the correct behavior can be the right
goal of excellence and nurture the good side, wisdom is, of staying clean seamless
meditation. Therefore, the Eightfold Path is one, any one of the practice, must allow
the remaining seven with complete success at the same time. Eightfold Path, the right
view topped. Right view is the Minghui, is the practice of teachers, such as the eyes of
the road needs, the same compass navigation needs. Masami also like a camera, take
pictures must be adjusted the aperture, distance, speed, clear and beautiful images can
be washed out of the photograph will not

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