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									Maranga Mai December 2005
                              "Nga tino mihi o te wa ki a koutou, kia Meri ou koutou
                              Kirihimete, me te harikoa hoki o te Tau Hou"
                                                                        In this edition
                                                                        ●   150th Commemorations
                                                                        ●   Waiata
                                                                        ●   Proposed Trust Deed
                                                                        ●   Kurahaupo Update
                                                                        ●   Te Hora Marae Update
                                                                        ●   Voting Papers
                                                                        ●   150th Registration Forms
                                                                        ●   Ngati Kuia Clothing
                                                                            Order forms
                                                                        ●   Whakatu Marae
                                                                            Wharekai Opening
                                                                        ●   Customary Fishing
                                                                        ●   Resource Consents
L to R: Paige Byers, Grace Saxton, Girl Manahera, Shirley MacDonald
                                                                        ●   Kura te ao Mataitai
        meeting Prince Andrew during his Royal Visit to Whakatu Marae   ●   D.O.C
                                                                        ●   Scallop Fisheries
                                                                            Management Plan
    Te Moko O Kuia at                                                   ●   Museum Opening
    Nelson Museum
                                                                        ●   St Peters Anglican Church
                                                                        ●   Whanau Update
                                                                        ●   Christmas Office Hours

                                                                        TE RUNANGA O NGATI KUIA
                                                                        CHARITABLE TRUST
                                                                        P.O Box 968, Nelson
                                                                        Tel: (03) 546 7556
                                                                        Fax: (03)5467553

                                                                        Return Address PO Box 968 NELSON
December 2005

     Did you know; on 16th Feb 1856 the Ngati Kuia Land Deed was signed. This was the first official recognition and
     agreement between Ngati Kuia and the Crown. Through the Ngati Kuia Deed of Sale, the Crown was able to
     open up the Pelorus (Te Hoiere) District to Settler s. Ngati Kuia vacated the Motuweka Pa and environs so a
     town, Havelock could be built.

     To mark this day, a Community fun day at Havelock sports domain, on Saturday the 18th February will be held.
     This will be an opportunity to commemorate our special day in N Z history and come together as one.

     So come along and enjoy a weekend of coming back to Te Hoiere!

     Friday: Stay at Te Hora, our Marae, koha kai and koha to the Marae.
       ● Saturday 10am                         ● Netball           ● Touch Rugby
       ● Tug —a War                            ● Waka Amas         ● Kapahaka and entertainment
       ● Health provider displays              ● Kurahaupo Display — Ngati Kuia, Rangitane, Ngati Apa
       ● Havelock History Display              ● Stalls

        ●   Tohu Whakahirahira                 ●   Church Service        ●   Commemoration Photos.
     Enter a Whanau sports team, or put your name forward to make up a team! Have a stall
     Highlight your Musical talent become part of the entertainment. Send in your registration form
     and celebrate our Secial Day.

     Proposed Trust Deed
     On Saturday the 21st January 2006 a Special Meeting     This is the first step towards achieving our population
     will be held at Te Hora Marae Canvastown at             Assets from TOKM, and enables us to become
     10am.This meeting will be held to adopt and ratify      compliant under the New Aquaculture Legislation.
     Te Runanga O Ngati Kuia Charitable Trust
     Constitution.                                           It has been a long road since the 1992 Fisheries
                                                             Settlement Act to achieve this, and is still only the
     For Ngati Kuia to achieve allocation of our Fisheries   first stage toward Settlement for Ngati Kuia and Te
     Assets from Te Ohu Kaimoana, our Trust Deed must        Tau Ihu Iwi, as issues of Coastline and Iwi Rohe still
     comply with the 2004 Maori Fisheries Act.               have to be agreed on and signed off by the respective
     This means the Trust need to amend our Deed and.        Iwi.
     also gain approval to become a Mandated Iwi
     Organisation to receive assets on behalf of Ngati       Public notices will be advertised on the 9th and 30th
     Kuia iwi.                                               December 2005 respectively. Private notices to all
                                                             adult members on our Iwi register has been included
     Proposed amendments to make our Trust Deed and          in our December Maranga Mia panui, with voting
     Associated Companies compliant have been                papers to support and adopt proposed Trust Deed
     submitted to TOKM, and approved by Ngati Kuia           changes and to approve the Trust as Ngati Kuia
     Trust Board.                                            Mandated Iwi Organisation.
     Formation of a new Holding Company Te Hoiere            Further information in regards Trust Deed
     Holding Company for TOKM Fisheries Assets and           Amendments will be available on the day of the
     quota management number has been completed.             meeting or is available from the Ngati Kuia Trust
                                                                                            December 2005

    He Panui

    Notice is hereby given of the Special General Meeting of the above Trust which
    will be held on 21st January 2006 at Te Hora Marae, Canvastown, commencing
    at 10am

               1. Karakia
               2. Special Business
                  A vote will be taken:
                  ● To approve the proposed recommended amendments to
                     Te Runanga O Ngati Kuia Charitable Trust Deed AND
                  ● To ratify Te Runanga O Ngati Kuia Charitable Trust as the
                     Mandated Iwi Organisation for Ngati Kuia Iwi for the purposes
                     of the Maori Fisheries Act 2004.

    Postal votes will be sent to all registered adult members of Te Runanga O Ngati
    Kuia Charitable Trust. Postal votes must be received by post no later than 4pm
    20th January 2006 OR in person at the Special General Meeting.

    If you are of Ngati Kuia descent, and not a registered member of Te Runanga O
    Ngati Kuia Charitable Trust, you may make a written request for information
    pertaining to this Special General Meeting.
    For further information, explanatory documentation or to obtain a copy of the
    amended Te Runanga O Ngati Kuia Charitable Trust Deed constitution please

    Ngati Kuia Trust PO Box 968, Nelson Ph 5467556 Fax 03 5467553
    or email

Kurahaupo ki Te
Waipounamu Update
As you may be aware formal recognition of the            The next step is to form our negotiation team with
mandated settlement body Kurahaupo ki te                 representatives from each iwi ready to present our
Waipounamu has been given by Mark Burton,                 claims of redress . A wide range of expertise is
Minister of Waitangi Negotiations and Parekura           required. While Te Reo me ona Tikanga Maori,
Horomia , Minister of Maori Affairs. This means we       remains central to our ethos this may not necessarily
can now progress the Ngati Kuia,Ngati Apa, and           be a requirement for some negotiators. Your
Rangitane Waitangi Claim. It is the Kurahaupo            support of all Hui in the future is needed. The first
Board of Trustees intention to move this process         is 21 January, 2006 for iwi approval of an amended
as quickly as possible and to enter into pre             Trust Deed that is aligned with the 2004 Maori
negotiation soon with the Office of Treaty Settlements   Fisheries Act. This is required to retain our mandate
on the terms of negotiation. Naturally, this requires    to negotiate with the Crown and receive assets. All
cooperation from them. However, the professional         hui are important in maintaining good, transparent
way that the process has been handled by the Trust,      communication among our Ngati Kuia people.
to become the benchmark for all other iwi, gives us      Please use as a means of
confidence that this can be achieved. We would           maintaining up to date information of where we are
hope, that in principle, the Crown would agree to        at.
a draft deed of settlement by the end of 2006. The       Naku noa, na
process is complex but we are fortunate in having        Waihaere Mason
competent advisory support available through the         Mark Moses
Marlborough District Council.                            Raymond Smith
                                                         Kurahaupo ki Te Waipounamu Trustees
December 2005

     Te Hora Marae. The P.D boys have been doing an          Upcoming bookings:
     excellent job of planting, painting and general         9th-11th Dec: Challen Wilson (Granddaughter of
     maintenance around the Marae grounds. Marae             Mona and Jim) and group. 23rd Dec — 2nd Jan:
     improvements to come: An access ramp at the front       Hemi Whanau 6th-12th Jan: Ollie Mears and Whanau.
     entrance and funding approved by the Trust.             21st Jan: SPECIAL MEETING PROPOSED TRUST
     The Marae Development Hui was held in October           DEED AMENDMENTS 3rd — 6th Jan: fundraising at
     which was well attended. Everyone got to have input     the Matai Camp We are also looking at the possibility
     and a priority list was drawn up. Following this a      of holding a New Year Kaumatua celebration.
     project team has been established to look at a
     feasibility study for the Wharekai.

     Tuwheratanga o te Wharekai a
     Mauriora Wharekai Opening-
     October 22nd 2005
     A dawn ceremony to commemorate this auspicious          sought shelter from the cool southern wind that blew.
     day was well attended by local Iwi and equally well     When breakfast was served the d cor and quality of
     supported by Dame Te Atairangikahu and her people       kai was to the highest standard leaving no one in
     of Tainui. The karanga was sent out signalling for      doubt as to the capabilities of Mauriora in the ability
     those gathered within and beyond the waharoa to         to cater for large numbers with ease.
     proceed forward en masse towards the new whare.         It was a pleasing to see Aunty Shirley MacDonald
     All entered Mauriora and symbolically instilled the     and Waihaere Mason sitting at the top table with our
     essence of life by greeting and touching the four       guests from Tainui. Special mention must go to
     walls and fitted amenities. A continuation of           Whatu Kura for their inspirational performance during
     whakatauaki and karakia could be heard throughout       breakfast.
     the entire process.                                     The choice of delicacies on offer not only fortified
     It really was a special moment to be treasured and      our manuhiri, but left a lasting impression of the
     remembered all moving as one within the wharekai,       manaakitanga provided by Te tau Ihu Iwi.
     experiencing the atmosphere of the moment. As time      Congratulations to all who supported and participated
     was needed to set up for parakuihi / breakfast we       in this event. Yet another milestone has been achieved
     all returned to the front of Kkati to a succession of   in the development of our Whakat Marae complex.
     impromptu waiata, lullabies and waiat-a- ringa and      Whakatu Marae Management Committee member
     the odd joke.                                           for Ngati Kuia, Josephine Faragher (since resigned)
     The tunes of both ukuleles and guitars ensured the
     spirits remained high throughout as more than a few

     Customary                                               Resource
     Fisheries                                               Consent
     Formation towards a Te Tau Ihu Customary Fisheries      Resource consents are continuous, especially
     Forum is underway. Issues such as; Implementing         moorings and wharfs in the Pelorus Sound.
     the South Island Customary Fishing Regulations, Iwi     An application has been lodged to establish a rock
     Fisheries Management Plans, Iwi Rohe, Kaitiaki          quarry at Ruapeka, there will be blasting and trucks.
     Development, Stock aAsessments and input into
     MOF plans.                                              If anyone was intending to utilise the Maori land in
                                                             the area you will be affected to some degree, I would
     Utilisation of MOF extension officers to develop a      be interested in hearing from anyone who supports
     Customary Fisheries plan that will be incorporated      or opposes it.
     into an iwi management plan. This is a direct result
     of the 1992 Waitangi Fisheries Settlement Act and
     Crown obligations to provide access to Kaimoana
     for Iwi, Hapu and Whanau for traditional purposes.
     Top of the South Island Pou Hononga (Judith Mac
     Donald) has settled into her position and has shown
     to be an integral part of our relationship with the
                                                                                          December 2005

Kura Te Ao                                             D.O.C.
Mataitai                                               Ngati Kuia is currently negotiating with DOC, our
                                                       rights to traditional mutton birding. Surveys on Titi
                                                       Is (Motu Ngarara), have shown an increase in birds
Te Atiawa have begun the process of applying for a
                                                       and they are at a level that could handle a sustainable
Mataitai in the Tory Channel. The Mataitai will be
                                                       harvest, a proposal to harvest in late February, which
used to guarantee Te Atiawa iwi an area to gather
                                                       was the time my father, Jock Smith, Empson Mason,
Kaimoana for Hui and develop a fisheries plan.
                                                       Peter Walker, Hapi Cootes, Tom Collins, Willie Walker
Ngati Kuia supports the concept of Maitaitai,          and others harvested fifty years ago. Future
recognition in regards our historical connection and   Information into pass harvesting would be
consultation with this area needs to be addressed.     appreciated. This is to reintroduce our ability to re-
There is an option to be involved, but will require    gain our Customary practices as a group and pass
someone to commit time and expertise.                  on the knowledge. Native frogs from Maude Island
Ngati Kuia are developing our own fisheries            are being relocated to a wildlife sanctuary in Karori,
management plan to apply for Mataitai in Te Hoiere     Wellington. Mark Moses and I will provide information
and are in need of a project team of six people with   for their safe transfer to a predator free habitat, we
fishing and policy skills to progress this.            transferred 100 frogs from Maude Is to Motu Ara Is.

                                                                      Rupene Tauhanga Manihera
                                                                      Harvesting Mutton Birds
                                                                      Titi Island 1937
December 2005

     Scallop Fisheries Management
     Plan and Marlborough District
     Council Fisheries Plan
     Commercial Fisheries have developed a scallop            of Commercial scallops in Marlborough Sounds will
     fisheries management plan, the Marlborough District      put pressure on Commercial beds in the Nelson /
     Council and conservation groups are focused on           Golden Bay District. Marlborough / Nelson fishing
     the Marlborough Sounds being a recreational fisheries    area is one of the few areas where recreation can
     area only.                                               take a limit of 50 per person and at 90ml. Most other
                                                              areas are 100ml and 10 or 20 per person
     Ngati Kuia has objected to Council Submission of
     banning bottom dredging for scallops in the Pelorus      If Councils Submission into total banning dredging
     and Queen Charlotte Sounds. We believe that              is successful, this will adversely affect all commercial
     Controlled and rotational fishing of Scallops for        scallop harvests and income for iwi.
     limited timeframe with compliance monitoring will
     enable all stakeholders and users to co-exist. Banning

     The new Museum is finally open with Ngati Kuia           Many of our Whanau did well to survive 2 dawn
     prominent from the footpath on in. The lovely Anchor     ceremonies, a ball, a couple of Civil openings and
     stone out front, the touch stones in the foyer and       a waterfront fiesta all within 2 days and then I saw
     the stones in the front counter are all Pakohe           a couple of them browsing at the street stalls on the
                                                              Sunday. Well done.
     We are the only Iwi to have all 3 of their allotted
     displays done. These being the:                          The whole of the downstairs follows a timeline and
                                                              is static with the exception of the Iwi cases as the
        (1). cabinet with Korowai, Tiki and photos,           contents have to be rested about every 6 months so
        (2). Tukutuku panel depicting Kai Kai A Waro          we have to find some replacements.
             travelling from Raukawa, through the sounds
             and up Te Hoiere and                             The upstairs is for changing displays. We will have
                                                              the opportunity to have some time up there soon.
        (3). A back lit glass kowhaiwhai panel with           Frank Wells has also donated 2 items made from
             Ta Moko o Kuia as the pattern.                   Pakohe which are displayed in alcoves up the
     The Dawn Opening was attended by hundreds and
     it was the same the next day for the official opening.

       Ngati Kuia Apparel
       For Sale
       see enclosed order Form for Prices
                                                                                       December 2005

St Peters Anglican
Church Centenial
Celebrations for the St Peter Church in Havelock was held on the 16th Oct, a powhiri, to acknowledge
the 100yr Commemoration and welcome Reverend Dale Pomeroy and his wife Jenny to the area. The
Whaikorero was lead by Raymond Smith , who is a descendant of Reverend Charles Raey, who in
1843 preached and supported Native Chapels in Nelson and surrounding districts. The Anglican Church
established Maori Mission schools in the Croisilles and Anakoha Bay, and provided teachers and support
for whanau.

Kaumata Xmas Lunch
To honour our Kaumatua that are in Te Tau Ihu the following Christmas Dinners have been organised

Whakatu Marae: 1pm Friday 9th of December Te Rapuora O Te Waiharakeke at
Omaka Marae: Wednesday 14th December.

Te Puni Kokiro
Study of Maori in Australia, survey will be on website in January.

Census 2006
Remember to put your Iwi when this comes around. It is all about a numbers game; information sourced
from these reports give vital details in regards all aspects of our Iwi. Information on Education, Te Reo,
Housing, Employment, Age, Location etc are profiled and put in a document on Ngati Kuia .Outcomes
of this information effect us, our TOKM Fisheries Assets Allocation are based on the 2001 Census numbers,
not our iwi Beneficiaries Roll. Remember also Negations into our Claims.

Ngati Kuia Achievers
Kahu Marfell for his signing with the Tasman Super 14 Rugby team. Kahu is the son of Marion & Dennis
Marfell Canvastown, another Trail Blazer like his Tupuna Keropa Meihana.
Hayden Pederson for his selection into the NZ sevens team. Hayden comes from the sporting Moses
Whanau and is signed for Hawkes Bay next Super 14 Rugby season.
Kiley Nepia , opening of his new Maori Arts gallery , Friday night 9th December. Moko Gallery is at 14
Market Street Blenheim, great range of authentic Maori Arts and gifts including contemporary paintings
carvings and exclusive clothing. If you are in Blenheim, drop on in and say hi, great opportunity for
Christmas Presents.
Gena Moses for gaining a New Diploma of Facilitation and Coaching Graduate

Ngati Kiua Christmas
Office Hours
Ngati Kuia Office Hours Over Christmas The Office will close on
Thursday 22nd Dec at 4.30pm
We will reopen on
Monday 16th Jan at 9am
December 2005

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