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									Psychology in Management.
Tsinghua University, Advanced Management Psychology Seminar
To know ourselves and be successful in distant
Militarists words: hearts and minds for the last, for the next siege. I said: Appreciating
are wise, understanding friend out.
?】 【Core objectives
Fax: Modern Commercial psychology to management;
Professor: Interpersonal Perception, employment, Yu-person operation;
Solution: operation and management of Chinese enterprises confusion, recycling
mental models, enhance the entrepreneurial leadership of charm
【Course】 income
Comprehensive, systematic study of knowledge of modern management psychology
and law
Psychological assessment tools to master and use
President of Tsinghua University to join the club, to promote personal connections
and build cooperation and exchange platform
Object】 【medium enterprises, and institutions senior management
Starting time】 【learning time: April 9, 2010 - 11
【Location】 Tsinghua University Course
【】 19,800 yuan to learn cost / person
【Optional U.S. study tour program (charges at their own expense)
【Contact Us】 beans teacher 010-62785841
Faculty】 【Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Beijing Normal University and other top university professors, well-known
Student Management 】 【 students to complete a full course, presented
"Management of Tsinghua University Psychology Seminar"
certificate, stamped with the certificate number in Higher Education Training and
Certification Web site ( ) query.
【Admission Procedure】 1, submit the application form, Company A;
2, for information from the school audit, merit;
3, approved payment of the admission letter, within the specified time processing fee;
4, the school confirmed, payment notification and commencement of the road map;
5, the official enrollment report (report, please bring: the highest degree certificate,
identity card, photocopy of a business license).
Management of Tsinghua University psychology senior seminar class website
Class Website:
Address: Room 108, Tsinghua University students Kau
【Course Module】
Module Course Course Description
1, based on cognitive psychology to understand their psychology, their subordinates
and team leadership, organizational and team building of gold, content analysis of
human nature, the role of psychological experience and scenarios through simulation
training, analytical Appreciating the art, to improve personnel Arts
?Psychology focuses on public relations people for public relations activities and the
psychological reactions and mental set, and the public's mental activity and
the relationship between organizational goals to achieve
?Developmental psychology of all ages reveal the basic characteristics of
psychological development; clarify the process of development of various mental
functions and features; of the internal mechanisms of psychological development
Second, human resources, psychology, psychology of human resource management
human resource management activities of human mental activity and behavior
patterns, and is committed to psychological research and theory in human resource
?Organizational behavior of individuals and groups to master the psychological and
behavioral performance and objective laws, improve the management staff forecast,
and the controller to guide the behavior of the capacity, to improve Zuzhi's
ability and work performance
?Psychological testing, personnel evaluation and one post match through scientific
methods of individual behavior and the inherent quality of the analysis, for personnel
selection, configuration, evaluation, development and promotion and other
decision-making to provide reliable, objective basis for the reference of the proposed
personnel decisions
Third, marketing, advertising psychology, psychology, principles of psychology
applied to advertising research advertising to stimulate the audience to accept the
psychological process; and through the analysis of consumer psychology to examine
how advertising as consumers and stimulated the audience to buy goods
?Consumer Psychology and Marketing Strategy for insight from the perspective of
consumer psychology, consumer demand, and based on consumer psychology build
enterprise marketing strategy, as an outstanding leader should understand the potential
demand for excavation techniques and methods
?Crisis response psychology from stakeholders on the brand crisis event induced
mental state, combined with cases from the public, media and business point of view
in-depth analysis of three causes of the crisis brand
Fourth, leadership psychology, management psychology to the leaders of vision, from
a management point of view of psychology on the individual, group, organization
behavior at different levels and patterns of grasp, to achieve a breakthrough on the
traditional management and enhance the management skills of managers
?Mental models managers recycling a positive attitude determine your fate, change
others, first you need to change the
?Fully        reflect    the     leader      of      Psychology     of      Leadership
"Leadership",          "leadership      science,"
"leadership" of the comprehensive ability
5, investment psychology, business psychology, leadership by investing psychology,
investment behavior and decision-making behavior analysis, due to the leaders in the
decision-making patterns under different environments, improve leadership
decision-making and investment levels, and response capabilities
?Psychological Analysis of typical diplomatic negotiations, business negotiations and
other cases to interpret psychological theory, to grasp the psychological strategy of the
negotiation process, negotiation language of psychological warfare, negotiation, and
negotiators mental errors and psychological training
?Interpersonal relationships Psychology Psychology Applied inspiration leader,
training leaders of the interpersonal psychological thinking, understand how human
communication arts, build leadership strategies, the leaders have the wisdom of
6, social and political psychology, social psychology, applied social psychology and
political psychology of the leaders of the Enlightenment, training leaders of the
political psychology of thinking, to grasp the political art, build leadership strategies,
the leaders have the wisdom of practice
?Cultural psychology analysis of organizational behavior and leadership based on
scientific understanding of the formation of culture, understanding of science and
organizational behavior as the integration of culture and the construction of the
function and value and the Leadership of the current management and the true
meaning of culture
?Personality Psychology, individuals and groups on the personality analysis,
diagnostic and psychological testing, personality characteristics of good attribution
and description of mutations to achieve personality change thinking, mental models,
enhance leadership
Forum 1, stress and emotional management 2, 3, Taoism Feng Shui and
environmental management, family education
4, Taoist wisdom 5, Book 6, and risk prevention, marriage and family
After graduating: still attend school and update courses!
Study Abroad】 【(optional)
USA and the World Financial Center - Wall Street focused on the financial center of
the U.S. study, the financial crisis and the U.S. financial system reform and
restructuring. Visit the well-known U.S. university.
?High-tech company financing - Private Placement
?Leading U.S. universities
Invited teachers】 【past (part)
Professor of Conflict Tsinghua University College of Humanities Professor Peng
Siqing Peking University Guanghua School of Management
Professor Shi Kan, vice president of the Chinese Social Psychology, Professor of
Tsinghua University Yi emerging College of Humanities
Professor Yin Wengang Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Psychology
Department of Psychology, Peking University Professor Professor Zhang Zhiyong
Professor Li Hong Tsinghua University Professor Liu Hongsong Humanities and
Social Psychology, vice president of China
Professor Peng Kaiping Tsinghua University, College of Humanities Wang Hanjun
expert quark (China) Enterprise Co., founder of consultancy
Fang Xiaoguang expert Gallup (China) Vice Chairman of Consulting
Professor Guo Tianxiang International Trade Foreign Economic and Trade University,
Institute Professor,
Central University of Finance, Professor Weng Xuedong current Associate Dean of
Social Development
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