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Property pledge


									Property pledge
"Science and Technology of China," 2009 07 column: China
Science and Technology Forum 2009
            Property pledge
                     Reporter Zhao Ying
For tech SMEs, the introduction of talents, technology development, product sales
have been enough for running around in circles, in order listed, in turn is bound to add
a lot of "chores." So, how to prepare it for listing tech SMEs
Burden? Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission to figure out a
tricky move
"Corporate restructuring listed Yao, expertise and services needed Henduo,
however, some companies Bingbu 明白 this and are not Zhidao specific operations
Guo Cheng and Guifan, giving rise to a lot of failure cases." June 4, in
taking " 2009 China Science and Technology Forum "gap
acceptance" Technology of China, "an interview, talking about
tech SMEs listing of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission
responsible person a lot sorry.
In recent years, science and technology for the listing of the characteristics of SMEs,
the Beijing Science and Technology Commission to actively find ways, from a
financing point of view, the way to take forward these bundled services, enterprise
development, culminating in the "Technology Finance Package"
approach has won High-tech SMEs welcome.
"Monthly average 10 million to 20 million yuan of liquidity turnover, can
at least when only 100,000 yuan." Annual sales of more than 300 million
yuan in Beijing Mei Tainuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter
referred to as " Mei Tainuo Company "), Zhang Zhiyong,
general manager of corporate experience in 2007 recalled the liquidity"
crisis ", said:" Science and Technology Commission, Beijing
did not expect a policy, let this be a great relief at risk. "
Founded in 2004, Mei Tainuo Inc., a communications infrastructure, industrial
air-conditioning as the main products of high-tech enterprises. After 2 years of market
cultivation, business development in 2007 ushered in the peak. Over an avalanche of
orders for Zhang Zhiyong, see a bright future. However, the slower the recovery of
funds resulting from cash-flow problems as a constraint to business development and
growth of a major bottleneck.
In order to solve financial difficulties, Mei Tainuo started trying to banks for loans.
However, bank loans often require collateral or mortgage. "We are the
product service and design services, no factories, industry, less collateral, banks are
reluctant to lend to us." Even factoring bank, Mei Tainuo also below
standard. "Banks seek to amend the sales contract, but then the Party is a
huge contract listed companies, this requirement is impossible to achieve."
Was the only company to rely on, only the amount of 200 million yuan Zhongguancun
policy secured loan. "The most difficult times cash flow, shareholders can
only take money from home, at once took more than 400 million."
September 2007, Beijing Technology and Finance Association's training
makes all had a turn for the better.
Zhang Zhiyong, recalled that when corporate financial managers participated in
training sessions and in the meeting that the Bank of Communications Beijing Branch,
Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly launched the IPR
pledge loan business. "In the past only to know the value of intellectual
property rights can be implied as a core product in the enterprise, can be used to
invest in Science and Technology Commission's new policy did not expect
it to can solve our financing problems."
After thoroughly the economic situation of enterprises, intellectual property prices
after the evaluation process, Mei Tainuo company had three communications towers
with new utility model patents and other three received two million yuan in loans.
"It's a nice relief." According to Zhang Zhiyong
introduced to Mei Tainuo intellectual property as security for loans not only brings
economic benefits, but also the core of the enterprise value of intellectual property
rights have a more profound understanding. "Access to loans, our R
& D and patent protection has increased the intensity. And than before,
enterprises pay more attention to R & D funds." Currently, Mei
Tainuo company has been the development and protection of intellectual property will
be classified as business focus, and with corporate finance, the development of a
virtuous circle.
  ?Knowledge valued
Bank of Communications Beijing Branch, according to statistics, the Beijing
High-tech SMEs there are 500 billion funding gap, the funds are currently in place
less than 100 billion, each company only won 300,000 yuan on average, far below the
enterprises development financing needs. From the perspective of effective demand,
accounting for more than 99% of business loans for small and medium enterprises
access to resources do not exceed 20%.
In fact, "as far as we know, the State Intellectual Property Office
authorized a total of 1,630,000 patent, but in the Intellectual Property Office for patent
pledge of only 295 contracts, involving patent 682, pledged a total of nearly 5 billion
yuan." Bank of Communications Beijing Branch Zhang Xin, general
manager of retail credit management introduction.
In this context, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission aimed at
the crux of the difficulty in obtaining loans for SMEs, efforts to revitalize the
intellectual property of intangible assets, for the majority of high-quality science and
technology opened up a convenient small and medium enterprises financing channels.
However, the mode of intellectual property mortgage loans, how to assess the
intellectual property rights is a difficult problem. , Due to the intangible
characteristics of the current intellectual property mortgage loans primarily in legal,
valuation and disposal of three types of risk, the specific realization of intangible
assets such as the difficulty of legal and technical issues.
The crux is that banks lack the appropriate professionals, it is difficult to make such a
professional market evaluation of intellectual property.
Municipal Science and Technology Commission official said, For this problem, the
Urban Science and Technology Commission and Bank of Communications together to
create a new business model, that assessment institutions by the Intellectual Property
valuation, law firms and legal assessment, the introduction of a security company if
necessary when the transitional transfer of nonperforming loans, banks and
cooperative institutions to create four common platform for business operation and
risk control, release of intellectual property as security for loans to SMEs.
Accepting loan applications in business, intellectual property rights of liquidity source
of repayment for the bank to judge the reliability and degree of credit risk is essential.
Citylink asset valuation, according to General Manager Liu Godo introduced the
market to determine the profitability of intellectual property, the value of stability,
liquidity, specific needs assessment process to consider the transferability of the
patent (ie, whether others can use the patent) Are there any other impact of patents on
the patent, the patent profitability and revenue risks, patent life, etc, the scope of
trademark registration should be considered.ysis, industry awareness, among
consumers of degrees and other factors, to minimize valuation of intellectual property
mortgage loan risk.
On the other hand, the introduction of transitional security company, to a certain
extent, solve the lenders as security for loans in the event of default of intellectual
property disposal risk.
In the specific implementation, the Bank of Communications Beijing Branch has
implemented specifically for small and medium loans "individual issuing
system", eliminating the credit part of the trial will be collectively
considered, greatly increased the processing efficiency. Zhang Xin said:
"The relatively flexible and the amount of the loan period, but also to the
maximum extent to meet the financing needs of enterprises."
It is learned from the end of October 2006 Bank of Communications Beijing Branch,
Beijing Science and Technology Commission to promote the country pioneered
intellectual property as security for loans, as of the end of March 2009, there were 34
enterprises amounted to intellectual property as security for loans, nearly 400 million
yuan, involving electronic technology, biological medicine, new materials,
environmental protection, the Olympics and other high technology fields. The flow of
credit related to biological medicine, new materials, electronic science and technology,
the Olympic economy and other industries. More than 30 intellectual property rights
in the document as security for loans in repayment generally good company, has no
non-performing loans.
In addition to the Bank of Communications, the July 22, 2008, Beijing Science and
Technology Commission and Bank of Beijing to further promote the intellectual
property as security for loans, expanded the scope of intellectual property as security
for loans so that more intellectual property rights of technology companies to enjoy
preferential policies .

  Launch package
In the Beijing Science and Technology Commission to promote intellectual property
as security for loans in the rescue Mei Tainuo solve the company's liquidity
crisis is just one case.
Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said the person in charge, of the
2007 and 2008 the implementation of intellectual property as security for loans of
enterprises in Beijing have already been warmly welcomed, in particular, which own
independent intellectual property rights of enterprises enthusiastic response, the first
in China to crack SME financing problems and revitalize the intangible assets to
create a new model of intellectual property.
And for the assessment, insurance, guarantees and other program costs resulting from
the various intermediaries in the loan amount usually less than 4%, plus interest on
the loan, the larger the pressure on the situation of SMEs, the Beijing Science and
Technology Commission has also earmarked special funds (total scale 10 million),
repayment of loan companies that have implemented the policy loan interest subsidy,
so that more companies really mitigation funds through loans to the pressure.
After exploring the misconduct, the Beijing Science Committee in deepening the
science and technology system to enhance the ability of independent innovation
process, following the market rules and the law of development, and actively explore
the support of the financial services business model innovation, launched the
enterprise listing of training, technology, insurance, investment and intellectual
property mortgage loans and financing, "Technology and Finance
package" services, to vigorously promote the combination of technology
and finance for enterprise innovation escort.
"Facts have proven that meet the business needs of intellectual property as
security for loans and banks need to expand financial services to meet the
requirements of the market operation mechanism and has strong vitality."
The official said.

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