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									Fundraising Strategies
 Sukkur Institute of Business

         Mansoor Ahmed Junejo
         Manager Fundraising
           Fundraising Strategies

Presentation Outline
   Who we are?
   Where we Exist?
   Why we Exist?
   Our Achievements
   Scarce Resources
   Fundraising Strategy
   Developing Fundraising Culture
   Methods of Fundraising
   Accountability
                    Who we are?

   Sukkur IBA is not only an educational institute but
    major catalyst for socio-economic development in
    interior Sindh.
   Our moto:
         to produce graduates at per world standards,
         rise the moral of rural women
        and bring rural women in fore-front to compete with
         their male counter parts.
            Where we are?
Geographical Importance of Sukkur IBA
   Located in upper part of Sindh
   500 Km away from Karachi
   300 Km away from Hyderabad
   400 Km way away from Quetta
   400 Km away from Multan
             Why we exist?

   Whole of Pakistan generally and particularly
    province of sindh where we are located is divided
    into two areas that is urban and rural. About 85%
    of population in sindh live in rural areas.
                  Why we exist?

   The rural areas of Sindh are having following

        A) Very high incidence of poverty
        B) High rate of illiteracy
        C) Plight of women pitiable
        D) For various social and political reasons the standard
         of education in secondary and high schools is extremely
        E) Population growth rate is very high
                 Why we exist?

   The implication of above mentioned conditions are as
      A) Because of the poverty many parents send their
       children to madarsas where lodging and boarding
       is free.
      B) Very few girls go to the primary or secondary
      C) The students finally reaching the universities
       with a very weak base because of their faulty
       primary and secondary education.
      Hence the universities are producing
       unemployable graduates
               Why we exist?

 The Mission of Sukkur IBA is to
  produce employable graduates at
  affordable cost.
 This is a challenging task because 90%
  of students (half of them girls) come
  from rural areas bring with themselves
  twin deficiencies
       low educational standard,
       poverty.
                  Why we exist?
   The Sukkur IBA has met this challenge in unique way.
   Sukkur IBA does not compromise on merit but takes
    these students on longer belt so that at the end of day the
    graduates coming out are not only nationally competitive
    but globally acceptable. This strategy has proved to be
    successful and graduates of Sukkur IBA are accepted in
    the market like hot cakes.
   The waiting time of our graduates is almost zero.
                Our Achievements
       Successful Program of Foundation Semester, which has
        ensured access to a quality education by the poor and needy
       Exploring rural economy-small business survey of Sukkur-
        Sponsored by State Bank of Pakistan
       Field survey and research for opening new schools-
        Sponsored by Sindh Education Foundations
       Business profile of Sukkur- District- Sponsored by State
        Bank of Pakistan
       Functional effectiveness of local Government System-
        Sponsored by- Asian Development Bank (ADB)
            Our Achievements
   Impact study of training program- Higher Education
    Commission of Pakistan
   A review of delegation of financial powers and rules
    appropriation- Sponsored by Finance Department
    Government of Sindh
   Budget rationalization- Sponsored by- Finance Department
    Government of Sindh
               Our Achievements
       Women Councilor’s Training for Districts (Sukkur
        and Khairpur): Collaborators, UNDP and Planning
        & Development Division of Pakistan-2008
       Teachers’ Training- collaboration of CUPOLA-
        KFC, At Sukkur.2008
       Expected Potential Women Leaders Training of
        Districts Sukkur and Khairpur, 2009
       I.T Training to the Five Districts of Sindh: under
        Shaheed Banazir Bhutto, Youth Development
            Our Achievements
   IT Certification: CCNA, CCNP, in house academy of
    CISCO at Sukkur IBA
   IT Certification: MCSE, MCSD, MCPD Microsoft
    Corporation, in house training at Sukkur, IBA
   Registered Oracle academy, at Sukkur, IBA
   Training of the heads of High Schools of Sindh Province
    with collaboration of Sindh Education Foundation
   Women Entrepreneurs Trainings conducted by Sukkur
    IBA: under Shaheed Banazir Bhutto, Youth Development
   Nazims and Niab Nazims Trainings with collaboration of
    UNDP and Planning & Development Division of Pakistan
               Scarce Resources
   Sukkur IBA in its life of 10 years has met the above
    mentioned challenges with scarce resources. In this
    efforts Sukkur IBA has been supported by Sindh
    Govt, HEC, and USAID. But as we are now
    expending and covering more population, the need
    for more resources has increased.
   Sukkur IBA is now catering to a population of 50
   Therefore Sukkur IBA has Started working on
    various strategies for raising funds and increasing the
    base of resources.
        Fundraising Strategies
Strategies for Fundraising.
1) Involve the business concerned, corporate
  sector and as well as the agriculturist in
  academic activities of Sukkur IBA and
  cultivate them. We will increase our
  interaction with them and help them in
  carrying out various surveys and tasks for
2) Training for their employees and internships
  of our students in their companies will bring us
  nearer to each other.
       Fundraising Strategies
   Fundraising Strategies are Permanent components of
    our Financial Policy
   Fundraising Strategy is cost saving Strategy
Developing Fundraising Culture
   We develop a Schedule of our up-coming Events
   Have developed a data base of top management teams
    of corporate sectors
   Regular meetings with top management of companies
   Get-together and celebration of special events with
    companies at Sukkur IBA
   Pay Visit to Companies (Study Trips)
   Reporting and invitations
             Fundraising Sources
   Identified following Sources:
       Individual
       Alumni
       Business communities and Industries
       International
   We have developed various strategies for
    taping above mentioned sources.
        Methods of Fundraising
   IN-House Fundraising
   Board of Sukkur IBA
   Companies Corporate Social Responsibility
   Sponsorship
   Alumni Association
   Research Projects
   Corporate Trainings
   Overseas Pakistani
        Process Cycle of Fundraising

   Prioritize Projects
       Core Projects (Needed for survival and capacity development)
       Essential Projects (supportive to the core projects)
       Functional Projects (help in routine functionalities such as
        sponsorship for any program & scholarships)
   Search Donor
   Develop Proposal
   Review proposal By MEC
   Arrange meeting with Donor
   Set terms & conditions
   Feedback
   Separate Bank Account will be maintained
   Quarterly reports
   Regular Donors’ visits
   We are in the process of developing Fundraising Program
    where by access will be provided to all the donors to see
    income and expenditure online.
   Two separate bodies will be formed to over see and audit the
    fundraising accounts
       Internal body
       External body which will comprise representatives of donors,
        representative of chamber of commerce, representative of HEC and
        representative of USAID.
   Project evaluation case studies will be carried-out (pre and

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