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									        Walk MS
Online Fundraising Guide
walk MS: Step by Step Guide

How To:
      Access your Participant Center
      Personalize your Personal Page
      Create an Address Book
      Upload Your Address Book
      Send Recruiting & Fundraising E-mails
      Use Facebook to Fundraise
      Create a Blog
      View Follow-ups/Check your Progress
      Contact the Walk MS Staff
Access your Participant Center

Step 1: Go to www.walkMSnyc.org and log into My Participant Center.
Step 2: Choose your Walk MS site: Manhattan, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County,
            Staten Island, Sullivan County, or Westchester County.
Step 3: Once taken to the log-in page, enter your username and password.

 Step 1:                                        Step 2:                                       Step 3:
  Participant Center Page

From your Participant Center you can:

     Edit your Personal Page
     Change your fundraising
     Create your Address
     Send e-mails to recruit                   999999.

       donations or team
     Follow up on your e-mails
       and donations made to
     Check your fundraising
Participant Center Page ~ continued

Step 1: You can update your fundraising goal
Step 2: You can create your own personal URL (your personal link to your page)
Step 3: You can make your donations private ‟ if someone searches for your name to
           donate to you, your name will not be visible on the website (not recommended)
Personalize your Personal Page

Click on 1. Design the look of this page for color and layout options
Click on 2. Edit the content of this page:

You can edit the suggested paragraphs and headers by clicking into any of the three headers and boxes and personalize your webpage with your own
You can also add your own photo by browsing your own photo files and uploading your picture. Be sure to save your changes often (The system will time
out after 15 minutes)!
How you can edit your Personal Page

                                      You can change the title on your
                                      fundraising thermometer and
                                      fundraising Honor Roll.

                                      You can choose if you want to display
                                      names and/or dollar amounts on your

                                      You can upload your own photo;
                                      maximum file size is 200 kb

                                      You can edit the headers and text of
                                      three paragraphs with your own

                                      Be sure to always save your work often
                                      (The system will time out after 15
 How to Fundraise with Facebook

Step 1: From your Participant Center, click on the “fundraise with facebook” icon. You will be redirected to
           facebook.com where you will be asked to enter your Facebook username and password.
Step 2: You will then receive a series of access prompts that will activate the application to your Facebook profile.
            Click “continue” and/or “allow publishing”.
Step 3: Once at the WalkMS application screen, click “Add to Profile” to add the application to your Facebook
            profile and allow those who visit to see your fundraising progress, register for Walk MS, or Donate to your
            fundraising efforts!

How to Create a Blog on your Personal Page

 Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of your Personal Page
 Step 2: Click on I’d like to add a blog and create your title
 Step 3: Enter a title for your blog
  Address Book

To create and maintain your personal Convio address book, you can:
„Add contacts manually by typing in each contact name and email address.
„Import contacts from another e-mail application you use (such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, AOL, or Yahoo!Mail) by following step by step instructions
„Import Contacts Online using the Address Book Access Widget from Plaxo, Inc., which consolidates all contact information from several popular e-mail applications
(such as MSN Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express)
    Importing Contacts from E-mail

„After using the “Import Contacts” link, follow the instructions listed in the pop-up box after clicking on your e-mail format below.
„If you are uploading a Generic CSV file from Excel, all spaces and commas must be deleted before you will be allowed to import.
         „Example: Contact name must be listed as SharonBillRichards rather than Sharon and Bill Richards.
 How to send recruitment and solicitation e-mails from your Participant

Click on one of the suggested messages ‟ you will be
able to edit any of the scripts with your own
personalized message.

                        „Add your name & e-mail address
                        „Click on names from your Address Book
                        „Click Add Recipients Button
How to send recruitment and solicitation emails from your Participant
Center ~ continued

                                                          You can edit with your own
                                                          message by customizing the:

                                                          „Subject Line

                                                          NOTE: If you Save your e-mail,
                                                          you can send it out again later to
                                                          prospective donors. If you send
                                                          without Save, the original unedited
                                                          message will remain.
                                                          Save your work often (The system
                                                          will time out after 15 minutes)!
Follow-Up Messages

 From the Follow-ups icon you can:
 „See who you have e-mailed
 „See who has viewed your e-mail
 „See who has donated to your Walk MS account that you still haven’t thanked
Check Your Progress

                      You can check to see the amount
                      you have fundraised and your gift

                      NOTE: If you are on a team, you
                      can view the progress of all your
                      team members, by using the My
                      Team icon!
Contact Walk MS Staff

                        Still have questions?
                  Contact us and we can help you.
                 walkMS@msnyc.org or 212-463-9791

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