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									Overview of Calvary Christian School
CCS Mission Statement

 • Calvary Christian School is dedicated to
   the pursuit of Academic Excellence and
   the development of Christian Values
   preparing students for Leadership and
CCS Fundraising Mission Statement

 • Calvary Christian School Fundraising
   bridges the difference between what
   tuition provides and what the school
   needs to fulfill its mission, by working
   with our school community in a positive
   way that values each family’s
CCS Financial Traditions
 • Reasonable Tuition Levels
     Maintain a reasonable tuition structure without
        compromising our commitment to academic excellence.
 • Confidentiality and Anonymity of Giving
     Do Not Acknowledge People based on the Size of their
 • Giving Based on Means
     Encourage our families to give as generously as possible,
        recognizing that some can give more than others.
CCS Fundraising Entities
  Entity           Fundraising Purpose

  The Foundation   Major Capital Projects / Endowment /
                   Employee Training / Teacher Benefits
                   & Appreciation

  The PA           “Wish Lists” – Aides, Equipment, IT,
                   Campus Enhancements

  The School       Operating Budget / Necessities
CCS Parent Association
Last year, the PA contributed $109,000 to the “Wish
Lists” which included:

•Field Trips and Transportation
•New Computer Lab
•PE and Playground Equipment
•Two Instructional Aides
•Computer Upgrades and Software
•Computer Cart
•Preschool Classroom Updates
•Two Smart Boards
•Library Clerk
CCS Foundation – Capital Projects / Endowments
 • Golf Tournament: October 12, 2009 – Financial Aid
   Endowment and Teacher Training & Compensation.
 • Biennial Spring Auction: April 24, 2010 - Every
   Other Spring for Capital Projects – at least 65% of net
   proceeds dedicated to current Capital Campaigns,
   which currently is“Head of School House”.
 • Party Book: Non-Auction Year – series of events
   hosted by CCS Families with 100% of GROSS
   proceeds going to the School for Capital Projects.
 • Capital Campaigns: Additional Capital Campaigns
   as needed in the future.
The School – Annual Fund Campaign
•   The Annual Fund is used to cover basic operating costs that are
    not covered by tuition.
•   By Design, Tuition does not cover the full cost of our program.
•   The Annual Operating Costs of the School are approximately
•   74% of the operating costs are salaries and benefits of the
    employees of the School.
•   Tuition, Fees, and PA gifts cover about $5,400,000 of the
    Budget, leaving a $450,000 “Tuition Gap” that must be funded
    out of the Annual Fund contributions.
2008-2009 Annual Fund Results
We raised $536,000 with gifts from 235 families and staff – an
average of $600 per Pre-School Student and $1,500 per TK-8th
student. Last year, 235 families represented 85% participation.

  •   $350,000 was used to cover the “Tuition Gap”.
  •   $63,059,000 was used for:

           Staff Development and Conferences.
           Technology Updates

  •   $123,179 was used to build up a surplus to carry over to the
      current year.
2008-2009 Annual Fund Results

         Gift Amount       Number of Gifts
             > $10,000            7

        $5,000 -$9,999            20

         $2,500 - 4,999           44

        $1,000 - $2,499           71

              < $1,000            93
              $536,000           235
2009-2010 Annual Fund Goals
 •   Raise no less than $600,000 - an average of $600 per pre-
     school child and $1,500 per TK-8th grade child.

 •   The first $450,000 raised will be used to fund the “Tuition Gap”.

 •   Amounts in excess of $450,000 will be used for Curriculum
     Enhancements, Teacher Training, Teacher Retirement Benefits,
     Technology Upgrades, and Campus Improvements.
Major Fundraisers during 2009-2010

 •   Monday, October 12, 2009 – Golf Tournament
 •   Friday, November 6, 2009 – Holiday Boutique
 •   September-December 2009 – Annual Fund
 •   Saturday, April 24, 2010 – Spring Celebration

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