1.    A representative of the team shall submit a clear and concise “Statement of
      Intentions”, to the MRYSL Board of Directors prior to any fundraising or by
      August 15, of current year. This statement should clearly define any
      fundraising activities including cash sponsors and the intended use of any
      money raised as an outcome of the fundraising.
2.    The “Statement of Intentions” will identify a team representative who will
      function specifically in a financial capacity. This team representative will be
      responsible for depositing all monies raised by the team into the appropriate
      MRYSL account. Account list available on separate memorandum.
3.    This statement will also include the name or names (not to exceed 2 people)
      that may request a check be issued. These people must be email friendly.
4.    All monies raised will be accounted for and maintained by the MRYSL team
      treasurer. The treasurer will provide, upon request, a copy of the team’s
      account. All money raised will be immediately deposited into the appropriate
      league bank account.
5.    All unspent funds on account with MRYSL will move with the children. If a
      child does not play soccer the following year then the money is put in the
      leagues scholarship fund or field equipment fund depending on where the
      need is.
6.    USYSA membership form 1601 (the player registration form), with the
      original parent/guardian signature shall be present at all team fundraising
7.    All monies paid out by teams for coaches, trainers, equipment, tournaments
      etc will be done through the league. We are required by law to issue 1099’s.
8.    Each team will be required to have any outstanding balances resolved one
      month prior to the end of the season. If a team does not have the resources to
      pay its debt the head coach and team manager will be considered in bad
      standing with the league and will be unable to participate in a position of
      authority until said debts are cleared.
9.    Fundraising money can be used for: team equipment, travel, coach’s expenses,
      trophies, end of year party, and field expenses. All uses of funds must be
      approved with your statement of intentions submitted to the board. The
      fundraising activities and expenditures must be the census of the team.
10.   Under no circumstances may any individual open account or deposit money
      into a personal account in lieu of the league’s account.
11.   There is a fundraising limit with sponsors and events not to exceed $5000.00
      per team. No team may carry over more than $2000.00 from one season to
      the next. Any amount in excess of this cap will be put into a scholarship fund.

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