15 Tips for 1st Time Fundraising

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					                          FUNDRAISING PACK

We hope this pack will help you in your fundraising efforts. Please
 do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you wish to
   discuss at any time. Please contact Sheena Young, Head of
       Business Development on 01294 218868 or email


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  1.   Help to choose your fundraiser
  2.   Tips for first time fundraising
  3.   Your fundraising timetable
  4.   Sample press release to help promote your event
  5.   Gift Aid Form


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Consider the following 6 questions to help you choose the ideal fundraiser for

1. How much money do I want to raise?
   Come up with a goal that is based on the needs of the charity and one that meets
   your own commitment in the time and effort required, not just one that sounds
   good. If you want to raise a few hundred pounds, a coffee morning or bring and buy
   may be appropriate, but if you want to raise thousands of pounds you will need to
   look at a larger event like a sponsored run in a marathon for example, or arranging a
   gala event such as a fundraising dinner.
2. What has been successful in the past?
   If you have been successful in the past with a particular form of fundraising, then
   stick to it. Chances are, your supporters are expecting you at that same time every
   year and are happy to support you again. If you have never raised funds before, talk
   to us and we can put you in touch with someone who has and with whom you can
   share ideas.
3. How soon does the charity need the money?
   If you need/want to raise funds within a few weeks, you will need a simple
   fundraising event that takes little organisation and pre-planning. If you are
   organising a large event, leave plenty of planning time and set a date for the event
   that will allow you to be well prepared. Always ensure the timing of your event is
   appropriate to the season and that you check as far as possible that there are no
   other conflicting events in the area at that time.
4. Does the price match the income level of the community?
   Make sure that the retail price of any products offered are priced fairly. Offering
   fairly priced goods at a price that's affordable to help a good cause will lead to quick
5. Identify your needs and set your goals
   The first vital steps to a successful fundraising campaign are to identify you or your
   groups needs and set your financial goals. If you or your group members know how
   the money will be spent and how this will benefit them and those you are raising
   money for, this will motivate them and keep them focused.

                             Tips for 1st Time Fundraising!

 No fundraising activity should be without purpose and that purpose should be one that
 everyone can support. Why do you need the money? How much money do you need?
When setting the fundraising goal, be specific. Involve all interested parties in setting the
       goal and then make that the focus of your campaign from start to finish.

   1. Decide how much money you need to raise
       This will help you evaluate what fundraiser will be ideal for you.
   2. Watch for hidden costs
       Don't let your profits disappear because of hidden costs (e.g. prizes).
   3. Give yourself lots of time to prepare
       Select your fundraising program early. This will give you lots of time to plan.
       Include your fundraiser on MTL’s website and newsletter.
   4. Timing
       Make sure to stagger multiple fundraisers to avoid flooding your potential
       consumers and to avoid competing with other fundraisers.
   5. Are the products we are selling of high quality?
       A consumer will be happy to support a worthy cause, however they won't be very
       interested in paying for inferior or significantly overpriced products. Remember
       that your fundraiser may be an annual or semi-annual event, and nothing builds
       profits like a reputation for offering top quality products.
   6. Set up specific dates & stick to them
       If you avoid setting clear target dates the campaign tends to drag on and often
       without direction.
   7. Try to conduct fewer & more effective programs
       This will help maintain motivation and avoid "fundraising fatigue".
   8. Rely on MTL’s expertise
       Ask lots of questions and use our help, suggestions and advice. We are always
       here to help.
   9. Stay motivated throughout the program
       Some organisers tend to lose interest once the program is underway. It's easier to
       stay motivated with clear goals and deadlines.
   10. Communicate clearly before, during & after the program is put in place
       Keep energy levels high by reminding any volunteers of the fundraising goals and
       deadlines and keep your charity informed on your progress.
   11. Keep copies of all communications
       Always keep copies of all communications for transparency.
   12. Have Fun!
       A good attitude = better success.

               Remember, you can contact us for advice and help at any time


                                      Tel: 01294 218868

                                Your fundraising timetable

          These are just tips on how you can plan your fundraising efforts

Forward planning
Contact us and discuss your fundraising efforts with us before you begin.

       If working with others, meet with them to review logistics.
       Make a list of any materials that you'll be responsible for.
       Determine how many volunteers you'll need if any, to execute the fundraiser at
        every step.
       Develop a schedule of important dates for everyone to use as his or her blueprint.
        Include such details as press releases, newsletter articles, etc (remember that our
        Communications Officer can help you here, her details are on the sample press
        release page)
       Remember that MTL’s newsletter can help promote the event, so you must give
        plenty of notice so that it can appear in the appropriate edition of the newsletter.

One Month Before
Send out reminder notices; delivery of products or prizes; announcement of results to all
participants; volunteer appreciation; and a wrap-up meeting to review the entire event if

1 to 2 Weeks Before
Advance Promotion
Send out fliers announcing your fundraising goal, put up posters and post dates on the
MTL website.

1 to 2 Days Before
Touch base everyone involved to make sure everything is in order. Gather and sort any
supplies you'll need. Call any volunteers to remind them of their responsibilities and when
they're needed.

All Systems Go
This is when you start to congratulate yourself on all the careful planning. Kick-off
activities, if scheduled, go off without a hitch. If your particular event will last over a one
or two week period, make your final preparations to motivate volunteers. Remind
volunteers of important deadlines; the group's ultimate goal and what progress has been
made. Some people may jump right on the fundraising project, returning their sponsor
forms/money immediately. So it's a good idea to review your process for collection to
ensure these early returns are accounted for.

After your event
Did you meet or exceed financial expectations?
Are plans underway toward implementing the originally stated goal?
Communicate the final fundraising results to those who participated and donated thanking
them for their support.
Meet with your committee/helpers to review the entire activity and any notes taken along
the way to identify improvements for next year.

Most importantly now is the time to hand over the funds you have raised to MTL.
Remember to provide photographs of the event so that they can be used on the website
and newsletter if you want us to the cover the event in these.


To the Letters Page Editor

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the UK today approximately one in seven couples suffers from the devastating effects of
infertility. A significant number of them will remain childless and experience considerable
emotional pain and distress as a result.

It is a frightening statistic and one that really brings home to you how serious a problem
infertility is. I wanted to do something to help, so I am going to skydive from 10,000 feet
(enter your own event here) to raise money for More To Life (MTL), the largest national
charity providing support to those who live involuntary childless.

MTL aims to provide practical and emotional support to all those who face involuntary
childlessness, not only when they discover that they are unable to have the family they
desire, but throughout their lives. Those who remain involuntarily childless will experience
significant emotional consequences which will remain with them even after they have
learned to live with the fact that they will never have children. The charity relies on the
support of people from across the UK to continue its work and that’s why my sponsored
parachute jump (enter your own event here) is so important.

It’s really good to know that I will be contributing vital funds to make a positive difference
to the lives of people with involuntary childlessness. The charity would be delighted to hear
from anyone who would like to participate in any fundraising activities. If you would like to
take up the challenge or indeed want information about the services the charity provides,
call More To Life on 0800 008 7464.

Yours faithfully

Signed   _____________________





Date of fundraising event__________

I hope to raise £________________

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 your yearly subscription, please fill in below and return to the address above.
 Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we get an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue,
 helping your donation go further. Imagine what a difference that could make and it doesn’t cost you a
                                                                                                           So just tick below to
To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax or capital gains tax must at least equal the          Gift Aid your donation.
amount we will claim in the tax year on your donations, ie if a donation of £100 is made, you must have        It’s that simple
paid at least £25 in tax in total during the year to allow us to reclaim tax via Gift Aid.

Gift Aid declaration                                                                                            Tick Here

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