Procurement management and pricing negotiation skills

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					Procurement management and pricing negotiation skills
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Course Objectives:
According to the current supplier of raw materials companies face rising supply costs,
the main products in the market loaded competition environment, through training and
case operations, so that students master supplier costs constitution analysis of the
factors that affect supplier pricing, control of supply business cost of the projection
method and reasonable pricing skills.
? Through case analysis and simulation of negotiation, price negotiation skills to
master and improve negotiations. Main benefits:
Master supplier cost structure analysis and comparison methods
Control negotiations with the cost of various projects related to analysis of the value
Through on-site simulation of negotiation, to enhance negotiations to prepare, roles,
negotiation strategies and their Ying Yong, Butongleixing suppliers Yingdui,
negotiation      process     control,    team     cooperation,    role     play    and
Dachengxieyi's ability.

The first part of the manufacturer sourcing and negotiation challenges
Current production problems facing corporate procurement
Successful negotiations on reducing the cost of purchasing the important role of
Why procurement staff in a passive position in the negotiations
How to enhance the bargaining power of buyers

The second part of the supplier cost structure analysis of the price ratio --- a powerful
tool in negotiations
Supplier supplier cost structure of the projection method
How to analyze the cost of multiple vendors pose, comparison and analysis of the
potential price reduction
How to change a single supplier on the purchase price cost index adjustment (case
operator training)
Different markets according to the product cycle approach to determine the purchase
price (case operator training)
Price outside Association Annual Determination of order
Supplier price, quality, service and price correction of quantitative assessment
methods (case operator training)

The third part of the integration of external resources to reduce procurement costs
How to reduce supply chain costs
How supplier integration, reduce logistics costs
Integrating suppliers and case studies of specific measures

What is the fourth part of the success of procurement negotiations
Confusion procurement negotiations
Successful negotiation of the procurement requirements of negotiators
How to build trust and avoid risks --- "win-win game --- Red and
Blue" Game "
Successful negotiators of the five metrics (Case Study)

The fifth part of the negotiating strategy of the plan
The role of strategy
Time Strategy
Location Strategies
Policy issues and objectives
Power Strategies
Initiative of the negotiation strategy
Equality of bargaining tactics
Passive position of the negotiation strategy
--- How the simulation of negotiation talks with the monopoly supplier

Part VI negotiation skills
Skills I: would rather listen to
Skills II: Soviet Union
Skills III: retreat
Tips 4: "Child Care"
Tips 5: Principles and Techniques concessions
Tips 6: surprise
Tips 7: Price Negotiation Skills

Part VII of the comprehensive application of negotiation skills (simulation of
negotiation - how to negotiate win-win)
Negotiations to prepare
On-site negotiations
The negotiating team evaluation of results
Procurement contract

Part VIII of the procurement contract management and risk control
Jiaqiangcaigou Getongguanli business on Guibifengxian Hu Wei Hu Li
Yi's Bi Yaoxing
Contract fraud and contract risk prevention measures (Shanghai Huizhong
Automotive Contract Risk Control Success Stories)
Standard procedures for contract management

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