Procurement cost control and lower the purchase price _Suzhou_ September 22 -23 days_ by fdjerue7eeu


									Procurement cost control and lower the purchase price (Suzhou, September 22 -23

Procurement cost control and lower the purchase price (Suzhou, September 22 -23
【Date】 training September 22, 2008 -23 days
【Location】 Suzhou training
【Target Audience】 procurement vice president / director of procurement, supply /
procurement manager, the Chief Purchasing / Materials Manager, and all persons
associated with the procurement management
【Background】 Course
   "Cost" is the heart of procurement staff "never
hurts," a reduced price in each of the procurement staff, but companies in
order to control inventory, procurement cycle, shorter and shorter, smaller and smaller
bulk purchasing, suppliers complaining, plus the price of raw materials rising, lower
prices will become increasingly challenging. Through this course, students can
understand the development trend of modern procurement management, improve
enterprise's procurement organizations and procurement process of setting,
improve vendor management system, enhance the negotiating capacity of the
procurement. To help buyers select the best suppliers and procurement strategy to
ensure procurement of high quality, high efficiency and low cost implementation, the
enterprise has the best supplier status, with both good strategic supplier partnerships.
【】 Syllabus
A, purchasing's position in the enterprise and supply chain management
under the meaning
 1) The concept of the modern supply chain procurement guidance on what is
 ● From the "olive" type to "dumbbell"
What is the purpose converter
 ● how we should like to shift consciousness
 ● enterprises attach great importance to high-level reasons for not purchasing less
attention than one-fifth of sales
 2) change management system
 ● Buyers are confidant you boss
 ● they really will get a rebate, you really have gray income, why not eat together
with suppliers
 ●        purchasing managers, procurement engineers and procurement
analyst's work centers where
 ● Case: Shanghai Instrument Factory of the procurement management system
theme is how to interpret the changes
Second, information technology applications in the procurement, inventory control
and how to support manufacturing operations
 1) Support Inventory Control
 ● We should understand the stock is a double-edged sword, how to find the most
reasonable procurement of inventory levels
 ● flow of life
 ● Web site is a technology, how to use
 ● learn more, read and observe effective than innovation
 ● Case: Hubei Cummins "vista" myth
 2) production in the Program of
 ● plan is planning to consider the accuracy of the sales plan you
 ● Who are your plans for the implementation of the plan issued by his transparent
process you plan exactly right
 ● Can we guard against these risks out, what is the "amount of the
proposed scheme"
 ● Case: Honeywell transformation in China
Third, what is the core of Purchasing Management - Reduce costs
 ● How to talk ---- the process of setting up for the management of the procurement
of steel
 ● Inquiry management and process management, data-rich inquiry system is the
only way out
 ● Alternative content providers to quantify
 ● how to display the data, reflected in where - is a special steel business, can not let
management system and data application system
 ● Case: Japan and Taiwan Mitsubishi Giant reduce the cost of cold rolled plate
 ● Case: Founder is how to get super-profits earthquake
 ● How to rational use of historical data
 ● Form data is the carrier of our management
 ● how to provide us with data suppliers
 ● precipitation and the sum is the key to collect data
 ● Case: Chongqing Lake real estate company how to use the bit data saving huge
costs of steel
 ● Case: America's rice cooker Division initiatives
4, supplier development, and evaluation and relationship management
 1) Supplier Development
 ● Set the key to the reunification of the demand is the key, where to start - we are
helping suppliers, rather than squeezing suppliers, how aware of this
 ● supplier development time transmission of information is the key in the key, how
to achieve zero-distance communication
 ● Case: SONY supplier company's strong rise in Dongguan, China
 2) The vendor evaluation assessment
 ● emphasize ways
 ● respect the facts and processes
 ● information systems analysis, using data as decision support - the weighted
average method
 ● Case: Guangzhou, Africa and Asia Group, a collective concept
 3) Supplier Relationship Management
 ● the core of marketing management provider, not just the sale of capital, but also
emotional investment
  ● Commissioner supplier management is simple and silly me
  ● Records Management Supplier
  ● Case: the relationship between the effects of Haier
  ● Case: South China Sea, high sanitary ware company benefits
5, procurement negotiations combat skills
  ● role-playing negotiation skills
  ● Price Negotiation Skills
  ● negotiation process control techniques
  ● build trust and avoid risks - "win-win game - Red and
Blue" Game
  ● How to determine the objectives of the negotiations (simulation of negotiation -
how to negotiate with the monopoly supplier)
  ● how to sort their goals, how to predict each other's goals
  ● the value of negotiations between the relationship between project
  ● How to integrate negotiation resources to achieve the goal of the negotiations
  ● How to measure the outcome of the negotiations
【Introduction】 Lecturer
   Ma teachers, senior training instructor, University of Hamburg, Germany Supply
Chain Management, Fudan University Ph.D., visiting scholar at the University of
Washington, a senior procurement and logistics experts in the field. U.S. Secretary of
Transportation Engineers Association, American Association of Logistics
Management, Association of American Engineering Procurement, External Professor,
Central European Business School. Ma, who have received the most advanced supply
chain and logistics management system to learn, good supply chain and logistics
systems, factory manufacturing system, has rich ERP, MRP, JIT, CRM, BPR,
PM's practical experience, the wealth of practical and consulting case open
and interactive teaching style, combined with shared access to a high satisfaction rate
course. Its excellent ability to problem analysis and solution services company by
unanimous appreciation and approval. Ma, curriculum style is vivid and deep case
analysis; expertise, excellent problem-solving ability has been the scene recognition
and praise students. Ma, logistics and supply chain management series of courses, into
their years of practical experience and advanced management concept, content, full
and practical.
   Ma, who served companies: AXA Pharmaceutical, Allergan (Hangzhou)
Pharmaceuticals, BASF, Wyeth - 100 Palace pharmaceuticals, BASF vitamins,
Qingdao Haier Group, Guangdong Midea Group, Henkel Chemical , ICI ICI Paints,
Fuzhou, Star Computer Group, Siemens VDO electronic Wuhu, Tianjin General
Semiconductor, Guangzhou Moen (Moen) taps, Invensys (Qingdao) controller, Philips
Electronics, Zhuhai, Shenzhen Daya Bay power plant, Switzerland Schindler Elevator
Shanghai logistics center, the international flavor of China (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.,
APL Shanghai company, K-LINE China Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline, high Lego, good
tires, kitchen Supor Co., Ltd., NYK, U.S. special Si Bangwei, 100 letter medicine, the
drugs flow, Beijing Kerry Center, NEC and so on.
Registration】 【Meetings
  1. Training costs: 2800 yuan / person (including training fees, lecture fees, lunch)
  2. Registration Phone :010-51294009 ,010-51638150 ,010-51638350
  3. Watch Mobile: 13910898108, Yang teacher; Fax :010-51638355
  4. Registration: Phone Registration -> complete the application form
-> Training Confirmation Letter issued
  5. Note: If the course has expired, please visit our website for the latest course
  6. Website: (China Business Training Network, a monthly
training class three hundred open the door)
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