Issue No 11 - October 2009
                    FINANCES & FUNDRAISING
Two of the main sources of income for our Company are the subscriptions
from our members and the profits from the sale of goods from the Webb
Ivory catalogues. The former are now due, and this is a gentle reminder
for those who have still to pay; the fees have been held at last year’s rate
(i.e. £15 for Anchors and £25 for other sections, with an option of a £40
payment for all the boys in one family).
In order to avoid last minute difficulties and disappointments, we have
decided to simplify the operation of the Webb Ivory catalogues again this
year. We shall only be placing one order with the suppliers (in mid-                1ST NEWPORT / WORMIT COMPANY, THE BOYS’ BRIGADE
November), with delivery expected by the end of that month.
Consequently, the last date for submitting orders will be Friday 13
November – the catalogues will be circulated prior to the October holidays         Summer has long since disappeared, and we are now well into our current
and we shall issue reminders once we return in November. Please support            Session. This Session has not been as hectic as last year, but it’s not often that
us in this valuable area of our work.                                              an organisation like the Boys’ Brigade celebrated the 125 anniversary of its
                                                                                   founding (on 4 October 1883). We undertook a number of special activities last
                                                                                   year and there is a brief report later in this newsletter about one of the final
                                  GIFT AID                                         events. We are looking forward to another session of activity both within and
                                                                                   outwith our Company.
As a charity, we are able to recover money from HM Revenue & Customs
in respect of income such as boys’ membership fees, surplus on Webb
Ivory sales, etc. If you pay Income Tax, have you signed one of our Gift                             ANNUAL DISPLAY & PRIZEGIVING
Aid forms?
If not, why not?                                                                   Last year was different in that we actually held TWO Annual Displays, with the
                                                                                   more recent being the traditional end-of-year climax to our activities in May. Our
                                                                                   Guest of Honour was Tom Boyle, the Brigade’s Scottish Director. Based at BB
                              AND FINALLY                                          Scottish HQ in Larbert, Tom was the senior member of the BB’s full-time staff in
                                                                                   Scotland and we were honoured and delighted that he was able to attend our
If you find it helpful to have a list of our Sections and adult leaders (so that   event – especially since he retired at the end of the following month, after a
you can be aware of who and where we are each Friday) – here it is!                lifetime in the Brigade as a boy, leader, and member of the full-time staff. Mrs
                                                                                   Boyle presented the attendance prizes, badges and special awards. Boys from
ANCHORS – (P2 - P3) : East Hall Wormit, 6.15 – 7.15p.m.                            the various Sections performed activities which showed some of the work they
Mrs. Eleanor Owen (Officer-in-Charge), Mr. Ross Husband.                           had been doing during the past Session. Probably the highlight of the evening
JUNIORS – (P4 - P6) : Kirk House Complex, Newport, 6.00 – 7.20p.m.                 was the presentation of FOUR President’s Badges (the second highest BB
Mr. Philip Owen (Officer-in-Charge), Mr. Colin McCowan.                            award) to Fraser Hutcheson, Andrew Lindsay, Alex Sexton and Calum
COMPANY SECTION – (P7 - S3) : Kirk House, Newport, 7.30 – 9.30p.m.                 Williamson.
Mr. Philip Owen (Officer-in-Charge), Mr. Raymond Allerton,
Mr. Graham Johnston, Mr. Bill Lindsay, Mr. Neil Rowley.
SENIORS – (Age 15 - 18) : Kirk House Complex, Newport,                                                      ENROLMENT SERVICE
7.30 – 10.00p.m. Staff as Company Section.
We also have two Joint-Chaplains - Rev. Jim Connolly of Wormit Parish              Our annual Enrolment Service is due to be held on Sunday 4 October in
Church and (from 30th October) Rev. Stanley Brook of Newport-on-Tay                Wormit Parish Church – the 126 anniversary of the founding of the Brigade!
Church of Scotland.                                                                Our Chaplain, Rev. Jim Connolly, will conduct the Service during which the
In addition, as Company Captain, Philip Owen is in overall charge of the           boys, leaders and congregation will all renew their commitment to the BB,
Company. He can be contacted on 01382 543034 (Mob. 0770 908 5798)                  thereafter we will receive our membership cards for the current Session. It is
or .                                                      hoped to hold a march-past in Riverside Road following the Service.
                            ANCHOR BOYS
                                                                                                       DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES
After a couple of years of low numbers, we have unfortunately reached the
stage where no new members have joined us and, with last year’s two              Here are some of the forthcoming activities (or inactivities) which we have
remaining members being promoted to the Junior Section, we are now in            planned for the next few months. The details are fairly definite, but confirmation
the unfortunate position of having no Anchor Boys at all. Despite issuing        or changes will be given via e-mail and to the boys concerned nearer the time.
flyers and speaking to boys at the local primary schools, the disappointing
lack of response has been the result. We will make another approach to               Sunday 4 October            Enrolment Service         Wormit Parish Church
the boys in P2 & P3 after the October holidays and hope and pray that we             Friday 16 October            No B B Meetings             School Holidays
will be able to ensure the ongoing future of our local Company for a few             Friday 23 October            No B B Meetings             School Holidays
years more.                                                                                                         Induction of
                                                                                  Friday 30 October (prov)                                    Newport C of S
                                                                                                                   Rev S Brook
                                                                                   Saturday 31 October         Reclaiming Hallowe’en         East Hall, Wormit
                    NEW COMPANY CHAPLAIN                                           Saturday 7 November                    Outing to Edinburgh Zoo
                                                                                   Sunday 8 November           Remembrance Service            Newport C of S
Following the move of Rev Kenneth Pryde to Foveran in January,                                                              Last date for returning
Newport-on-Tay Church of Scotland has been searching for a new                      Friday 13 November
                                                                                                                        Webb Ivory catalogue orders
minister (and a new Chaplain for our Company). Following a                         Saturday 21 November
comparatively brief period (in Church terms), the next minister has been                                      Fife Anchors Fun Event               Glenrothes
appointed and it is expected that Rev Stanley Brook will be inducted on             Friday 18 December           Christmas Parties            Usual Venues
30 October. This joyous event will unusually be held on a Friday, and we            Friday 25 December           No B B Meetings             School Holidays
have decided to cancel our meetings for that evening to allow boys and                Friday 1 January           No B B Meetings             School Holidays
leaders to attend the Service and show support for him. It is hoped that BB          Friday 12 February          No B B Meetings             School Holidays
members attending will wear uniform and, by sitting together, we can
promote our organisation to those attending. Rev Brook had experience of         In addition there will be other items, such as Company Section national
the BB while Minister at Menzieshill Parish Church in Dundee, though his         competitions, various BB competitions and events, etc., details of which have
subsequent charges in Edinburgh and Callander were not so fortunate!             still to be arranged.

                             HALLOWE’EN                                                                   125 SPORTS WEEKEND
The Induction Service mentioned above unfortunately coincides with the                                                                        th
                                                                                 As one of the final events in Scotland to celebrate the 125 Anniversary of the
Friday when we would have been holding our Junior Section Hallowe’en
                                                                                 founding of the Boys’ Brigade, a weekend of sports coaching was organised by
Party. Fortunately, Wormit Parish Church has come to our rescue (even if
                                         st                                      the BB in Scotland for Company Section boys. This was held as SportScotland’s
it was by coincidence)! On Saturday 31 October there will be “Reclaiming
                                                                                 National Training Centre at Largs. Despite a little rain prior to our arrival, the
Hallowe’en” – an evening full of fun, games, prizes, and is open to all
                                                                                 weather was very kind to us and our nine boys had a thoroughly enjoyable time,
children. While there is also a fancy dress theme, there is a stipulation that
                                                                                 being introduced to new sports (on land and on water) and developing their
no “scary” costumes are allowed – children are encouraged to come
                                                                                 skills in some existing ones too. The range from archery to yachting (via
dressed as a book character or a super hero. The fun starts at 6.30pm and
                                                                                 basketball, football, orienteering, etc.) was greatly appreciated by all who
runs until 8pm in the East Hall, Riverside Road.
                                                                                 attended and there are rumours that this may be repeated in the future. Thanks
                                                                                 are due to the parents who kindly assisted with transportation to / from Largs.

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