September 22 Special Fundraising Report

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					                                               I L L I N O I S   S TAT E   U N I V E R S I T Y   Media Relations
                                                                                                 News Service
                                                                                                 September 22, 2006 • Volume 43, Number 9

                                                                                                 w w w. m e d i a r e l a t i o n s . i l s t u . e d u
                                                                                                 News Hotline: (309) 438-8371 •

                                       Philanthropy at Illinois State University

University Advancement raises $29 million in two years
                                                                                Foundation funding for FY2006
    Illinois State University hasn’t missed              University
a step in fundraising since the campaign,           Advancement Vice
Redefining “normal,” raised more than               President Dianne           Student scholarships                        $1.8 million
                                                                               Colleges and departments                    $3.3 million
$96 million for Illinois State University           Ashby said the
                                                                               New College of Applied Science
two years ago. Since that time, University          Telefund, which is

                                                                                   and Technology laboratory               $800,000
Advancement has added more than $29                 staffed by Illinois

                                                                               College of Business building                $400,000
million to Foundation holdings.                     State students, raised

                                                                               Redbird Arena improvements                  $260,000
                               The Illinois         more than $1 million

                                                                               Milner Library renovations                  $135,000
                           State University         from 12,650 donors
                           Foundation,              this past academic
                           which receives,          year despite being
                           holds and                closed for a month to                       November, University Advancement will
                           administers              remodel and add calling stations.           start initial implementation of the system.
                           gifts to the Uni-             Ashby and her staff expect to contin-      Other initiatives include aligning
                           versity, invested        ue the positive fund-raising efforts by     efforts to increase donor participation
                           $1.8 million in          implementing some new initiatives and       and engaging boards, councils and other
                           student scholar-         continuing to build on current ones. One    partners with cultivation and giving.
                           ships, $3.3 mil-         new initiative is a redesigned data system, Ashby would like to see the number of
        Dianne Ashby
                           lion in colleges         which will include all known alumni and     alumni who donate to Illinois State
and departments, $800,000 for a new                 donors. The current ADIN system will be     increase to 15 percent. Currently about
College of Applied Science and Technol-             replaced with a more accurate one, which    8 percent participate.
ogy laboratory, $400,000 for the College            will provide desk top access to reports,        Ongoing efforts include telling the
of Business building, $260,000 for Red-             lists and labels. More than 70 people       University story to a wider range of alum-
bird Arena improvements and $135,000                across campus are working to assure that    ni through publications, the newly revised
for Milner Library renovations in fiscal            the system meets users needs and facili-    University Advancement Web site and per-
year 2006.                                          tates outreach to graduates. Beginning in   sonal interactions. The Web site explains
                                                                                                  the advantages of giving and how Illinois
                                                                                                  State meets its goals of excellence as a
 Illinois State University Foundation Board of Directors
                                                                                                  result of gifts. Donors’ gifts are highlight-
   Stanley Ommen,               David Brown                        Donald McHenry
     Chairman                   Marc Bulandr                       Mary Lou Mercier
                                                                                                  ed on the site as well as online contribu-
   Ann Baughan,                 Eric Burwell                       Lee Noel                       tion capabilities and information on the
     Vice Chairman              Richard Clemmons                   Gary A. Olson                  types of donations that can be made.
   James Knecht, Secretary      Larry Clore                        John Rigas                         Other services provided by University
   Robert Rush Jr., Treasurer   P. Douglas Collins                 Maya Shenoy                    Advancement include marketing of the
                                Patricia Cross                     Sol Shulman
                                                                                                  University, with special attention for
   Board of Directors           Gary R. Gemberling                 Carl Sneed
   Joseph Armstrong             Thomas Heimsoth                    Jack Snyder                    Admissions; trademark and licensing
   Dianne Ashby                 Steven Hughes                      James Tyree                    agreements; monitoring and design; and
   J. D. Bergman                Thomas Jacob                       Chandler Vandenberg            print services. Last year, University Mar-
   Kathryn Bohn                 Fredrick Kaufman Jr.               Samuel Van Scoyoc              keting and Communications designed
   C. Al Bowman                 Richard Lenahan                    Kevin Wiand                    more than 775 documents and packets
   Anne Brannon                 Joseph Loss                        Larry Williams
   Bruce Breitweiser            Larry Lyons                                                      Continued on page 2
Todd named executive director of Internal Campaigns
      Redefining “normal,” the University’s                      Some of Todd’s work as executive direc-     work for a future comprehensive campaign,
first comprehensive fund-raising campaign,                  tor will include leadership and oversight of     it is critical that University Advancement’s
raised $96 million from 40,000 contribu-                    the Homecoming faculty/staff appreciation        development efforts become integrated with
tors. Illinois State University’s faculty, staff            lunch, retirees’ programs and other Univer-      the daily life of our campus,” Vice President
and retirees were integral in the support of                sity-wide employee activities. She will also     of University Advancement Dianne Ashby
the campaign as evidenced by the 1,088                      look to create opportunities for employees       said when she named Todd to the newly
donors who contributed $5.6 million.                        and retirees to support the University.          created position.
      The University family gave more than                       “As we aggressively continue annual
just dollars – they spread the University                   fundraising and begin to lay the ground-
story outside of campus to alumni and
friends. In her new position as executive                   Scott named director of Stewardship and
                            director of Inter-
                            nal Campaigns,                  Donor Services
                            Barbara Todd will                   As the new director of Stewardship and       be professors who have established a good
                            work with new                   Donor Services, David Scott will make sure       rapport with students or who have positive-
                            and existing                    that donors are informed about and con-          ly influenced students; leaders of programs
                            employees and                   nected to Illinois State University.             that alumni participated in as students;
                            retirees to contin-                 “I will work with the University to rep-     deans who can best articulate the strengths
                            ue their involve-               resent donor interests, and work with            and points of pride for their colleges and
                            ment with and                   donors to let them know what we are doing        programs; development staff whose job it is
                            commitment to                   with their money,” Scott said. He added          to advance meaningful relations with col-
                            the University.                 that while he will oversee all of the usual      leges and units; or staff who mentored stu-
         Barbara Todd            As the former              stewardship responsibilities, such as gift       dents via organ-
director of Alumni Relations and an Illi-                   receipts, thank you notes, donor rolls and       izations or
nois State employee for 26 years, Todd has                  events, his main purpose is to develop a         employment.
the experience and connections to recog-                    campus culture of stewardship by viewing              In working
nize what areas might need added atten-                     donors through a “big picture” lens. He          with campus
tion and who might benefit from commu-                      said University investors need to be             constituents,
nity building. As a member of the Coun-                     informed about campus needs, and an              Scott will be
cil for the Advancement and Support of                      ongoing connection formed to allow for           able to build or
Education District V Board of Directors                     meaningful interactions. For example,            enhance struc-
(currently as the chair-elect), she also has                many times alumni and friends give to            tures that sup-
a wide network of colleagues at other edu-                  multiple University programs or scholar-         port Illinois
cational institutions who are involved                      ships. Scott said looking at the overall pic-    State’s fund-              David Scott
with the same issues.                                       ture would allow the University to see what      raising efforts. He hopes to imbue the Uni-
      “I am spending much of my time listen-                is important to donors, and what campus          versity family with the desire to continue as
ing,” Todd said. “I want to get a sense of                  information might be interesting for them        University ambassadors who take pride in
the commitment and community that cur-                      to receive.                                      what is happening on the Illinois State cam-
rently exists on campus. From new employ-                       Scott said another part of his job will be   pus, and who will share that knowledge
ee orientation through the retirement years,                to work with people who have meaningful          beyond campus.
it’s important that employees understand                    connections to donors. Those people might
their role as University ambassadors.”

   I L L I N O I S     S TAT E        U N I V E R S I T Y
                                                            University Advancement (cont.)
                                                            Continued from page 1                            class reunion participants will watch the
                                                                                                             Homecoming football game from a tent in
                                                            and completed more than 3,200 print jobs         the north end zone.
                                                            for the University community.                        February marks the start of the Sesqui-
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  Illinois State University News Service
                                                                Homecoming 2006 will have a new              centennial Celebration at Illinois State
  Normal, IL 61790-3250                                     look this year. A Homecoming InfoCentre          University. There will be internationally
  Editor: Marc Lebovitz • E-mail:          will be located in the center concourse of       known speakers as well as a gala event,
  Monday 4 p.m. deadline for submitted items                Bone Student Center. Free tickets will be        among many activities celebrating the Uni-
  An equal opportunity/affirmative action
  university encouraging diversity
                                                            provided to alumni and guests for the            versity’s 150th anniversary.
                                                            Alumni Association tailgate tent, and the

2 Report       September 22, 2006
Illinois State Athletics proposes vision for the future
    Redbird Renaissance is the name             Arena completion project (with the first         spring 2.99 grade point average of the
Sheahon Zenger, director of Athletics,          phase Owen Strength and Conditioning             Redbird athletes and their 2,300 hours of
chose for the Illinois State Athletics          Center completed), rehabilitation of             community service.
vision, one that builds on the University’s     Redbird Field, a new tennis facility, reha-           “I have been on a number of college
position as one of the top two choices for      bilitation of the Redbird Softball Com-          campuses in this country, and I have
public higher education in Illinois.            plex, a golf learning and training center        never seen the dedication and commit-
    Zenger said athletics “is committed to      and scholarship endowments.                      ment that our student-athletes have
academic and athletic excellence as it pre-          Efforts to fund all of the projects are     towards the Bloomington-Normal commu-
pares today’s student-athletes to become        underway, with a recently completed              nity,” Zenger said. “They are truly remark-
tomorrow’s leaders,” and Redbird Renais-        annual fund drive netting $350,000 more          able individuals.”
                               sance success    than the previous year – the first yearly
                               “will allow      increase since 1999.
                               Illinois State        “In 1999, Illinois State had 1,500
                               to create and    donors giving close to $1 million a year.
                               maintain the     When I took the job,
                               very best        they had 750 donors
                               facilities and   giving $500,000 a year,”
                               scholarship      Zenger said, noting that
                               opportunities    he hopes to be some-
                               for our          where between
                               student-ath-     $800,000 and $900,000
                               letes.”          by basketball season.
        Sheahon Zenger              Redbird          Zenger believes ath-
                               Renaissance      letic success is docu-
outlines a $39 million facilities improve-      mented by the Redbirds’
ment plan, a long-term vision detailing         third-place finish in this
what can happen at Illinois State. The          year’s Missouri Valley
plan calls for a two-phase renovation of        Conference All-Sports
                                                                                             Redbird Field renovation rendering
Hancock Stadium, a four-phase Redbird           standings, and in the

More flexible and simple graphic identity program unveiled
     Illinois State University is unveiling a   Redbird head symbol by the campus com-         held by students, alumni, donors, faculty,
simplified, more flexible, and user-friend-     munity.                                        staff, friends of the University and others.
ly approach to its graphic identity pro-             Under this approach to graphic identi-         As part of the new graphic identity
gram for the 2006-2007 school year – an         ty, the Redbird head and full-body logos       system, the University will use a family of
approach that gives campus units the abil-      may be used on all communications with         logos and logotypes, including the Signa-
ity to establish their strong and vigorous      the exception of letterhead and envelopes      ture logo, seal, scallop seal, Redbird full-
identities within the context of Illinois       for academic colleges and departments. It      body logo and now the Redbird head
State’s comprehensive identity program.         gives wider exposure to well-established       logo, which previously was restricted to
      The family of logos and logotypes         symbols, capitalizing on widespread pub-       use by Intercollegiate Athletics.
(see the style manual on pages 4 and 5)         lic recognition of the University’s seal and        The accompanying standards manual
responds to campus calls for more               Redbird head.                                  illustrates appropriate use of the Universi-
flexibility in representing the University           The goal is to further strengthen the     ty’s family of symbols. Questions con-
and its colleges, units and programs to         University’s identity with various publics,    cerning use of Illinois State’s graphic
their various publics in print, on the          while giving campus units – such as the        identity should be referred to University
Web, in videos, on promotional prod-            colleges – strong individual identities that   Marketing and Communications,
ucts and elsewhere.                             complement and are related to the Univer-      438-8404. The style manual and related
     It also takes advantage of a new           sity’s identity.                               information also will be incorporated into
approach to marketing spearheaded by                 Illinois State’s graphic identity – its   University Marketing and Communica-
Sheahon Zenger, director of Athletics – a       name, symbols and their presentation –         tions’ new Web site.
marketing approach that encourages              are valuable assets and tools. They help
                                                                                               The style manual is pictured on pages 4 and 5
wider use of the popular and well-known         shape perceptions about the University

                                                                                                                   September 22, 2006   Report 3
4 Report
                          li i at iversty I sttut ona Identty P
                         Ilno s St e Un i n i i l          i rogra m                                      s n i i l            i se andards
                                                                                                        Ba ic i sttut ona identty u st
                                                                                                        • The Un    sty’ o os
                                                                                                                iveri s l g and logot             e la
                                                                                                                                        ypes may b en rged or
                          l reasof t e Un
                         Al a             sty re
                                    h iveri a encouraged to use t e i st ionaident p
                                                                 h n i  tut l    i rogram
                                                                                                          reduced.Pleaseconsult with Un    sty rketing and
                                                                                                                                       iveri Ma
                          hat n udesafamil of logo and logot
                         t icl           y                        i                  i     em
                                                            ype optons with common des gn el ent
                                                                                               s.                n i         o
                                                                                                          Co m mu icatons befreco s      ing         l at
                                                                                                                                   n ider any otherater ion.
                          iveri Ma
                         Un                          n in s h          r    r rap ic anda s, yl
                              sty rketing and Co m mu icato s i t e sou cefo g h st     rd st e
                                                                                                           ri i        l o os r          rk
                                                                                                        • Va atons of a l l g fo use on da backgrounds
                          e           i
                         r co m m endatons and all logo and logot      i
                                                                 ype optons.

September 22, 2006
                                                                                                          re il le h
                                                                                                          a ava ab t rough Un       sty rketing and
                                                                                                                                iveri Ma
                                                                                                                 n i
                                                                                                          Co m mu icatons.
                                                                                                           h         rd lioi at re lw
                                                                                                        • T e tw o wo s “Iln sSt e” a a ays p      e n
                                                                                                                                             resent d i
                                                                                                                       ize, yl n l r.
                                                                                                          the same fonts st e, a d co o
                                                                                                                  r                               e
                                                                                                                                l BodyLogos may b used on
                                                                                                        • The Redbid Head and Ful-
                                                                                                           l       n i                    i       ter
                                                                                                          alco m mu icatons with the excepton oflet head
                                                                                                                       fo cademiccoleges and depa
                                                                                                          and envelopes r a           l            rtments.
                                                                                                                   r                         fa      h ght
                                                                                                                                l BodyLogos ceto t e ri
                                                                                                        • The Redbid Head and Ful-
                                                                                                                  n i i d n ances.Pl
                                                                                                          except i l m te i st       easeconsult Un    sty
                                                                                 . SU     yp
                                                                                 4 I logot e left         Ma                   n i
                                                                                                            rketing and Co m mu icatons concer          i
                                                                                                                                              ning exceptons.
                                                                                                               r s” s lw
                                                                                                        • “Redbid i a ays one word.
                                                                                                                ca l p ea s h ref r d     s       h ea
                                                                                                        • The “S l o S l” i t e p er e verion of t e S lto
                                                                                                                         t ltyp i s tuat nea
                                                                                                          use when no addi       esi     ed   rby.
                                                                                 . SU
                                                                                 5 I logotype long                 sty’ f l l rs re d Pant
                                                                                                               iveri sof a co o a re (
                                                                                                        • The Un                          one ® 186)
                                                                                                          and whte.
                         . SU
                         1 I logo
                                                                                                           h      s d n h        y     o os
                                                                                                        • T e font use i t e famil of l g and logot     re
                                                                                                          cust         n rder ret i consist p
                                                                                                              omized. I o    to a n                   i
                                                                                                                                            ent roportons,
                                                                                 . SU     yp taic
                                                                                 6 I logot e i l
                                                                                                          leaseconsult Un
                                                                                                          p                   sty rketing and Co m mu icatons
                                                                                                                          iveri Ma                    n i
                                                                                                          befreco s      ing
                                                                                                                   n ider anychanges.
                                                                                                                           r              l BodyLogos may
                                                                                                        • Although the Redbid Head and Ful-
                                                                                                                      ny        nt h       yl             h
                                                                                                          be used by a ca mpus u i , t e st ized logosof t e
                                                                                 . S
                                                                                 7 I logotype                  r    h i
                                                                                                          Redbid Atletcs Depa rtmenta  re
                                                                                                           nt       r     if i
                                                                                                          i ended fo identicaton and
                                                                                                           ro i          h iveri s
                                                                                                          p m oton of t e Un   sty’
                         2 I logo wide
                         . SU
                                                                                                          NCAA-        re
                                                                                                                sponso d sports.

                                                                                 . SU     yp le o g
                                                                                 8 I logot e ru l n                 logos, a logotypes on product
                                                                                                        Use ofna mes,       nd                  s
                                                                                                         n rder ma nt the Un
                                                                                                        I o    to i ain             sty’      sip      t ri
                                                                                                                                iveri sowner h ofisva ous
                                                                                                        radem a p
                                                                                                        t               t    rot ct i st roductiabity,
                                                                                                                rk roperies,p e aga n p           l l  i
                                                                                                               i ain
                                                                                                        and ma nt the Un      sty’            to i
                                                                                                                          iveri scommitment farlab r    o
                                                                                 9 I logot e ru
                                                                                 . S      yp le         st    rd l roduct b ring any name, l g l g ype,
                                                                                                          anda s,alp        s ea               o o, o ot
                                                                                                         r      rep      at identicaton of t e Un
                                                                                                        o other resent ive       if i        h iveri asty re
                                                                                                        produced byl    se r         ze          l es n
                                                                                                                    icen d o authori d vendors. A l d ig s
                                                                                                         o roduct b ring the Un
                                                                                                        fr p       s ea         iveri s
                                                                                                                                     sty’ident a app
                                                                                                                                             i re
                                                                                                                                              ty        roved
                                                                                                        by Un    sty rketing and Co m mu icatons prirto
                                                                                                             iveri Ma                    n i         o
                         . SU   lo      l    lr
                         3 I sca l p sea 2 co o                                                         p      in
                                                                                                         roducto .
                                                                                  0 S       yp le
                                                                                 1 . I logot e ru tag

                        i n r n rporat n u i names
                     O pto s fo i co  ig nt
                                                                                                                   iveri Ma
                                                                                                               by Un                          n i        o
                                                                                                                       sty rketing and Co m mu icatons prirto
                         . SU   lo      l    lr
                         3 I sca l p sea 2 co o                                                                p     in
                                                                                                                roducto .

                                                                                0 S       yp le
                                                                               1 . I logot e ru tag

                        i n r n rporat n u i names
                     O pto s fo i co  ig nt

                         1 . I logo wide unit name
                          1 SU                                                 4 SU      yp    t nt
                                                                              1 . I logot e lef u i name        7      r        nt
                                                                                                               1 . Redbid head u i name wide

                         1 . I sea u i name wid
                          2 SU    l nt         e                               5 SU n t
                                                                              1 . I u i name logotype wide

                                                                                                                8      r        nt          er
                                                                                                               1 . Redbid head u i name cent ed

                                                                               6 SU n t           yp     er
                                                                              1 . I u i name logot e cent ed

                          3 SU    l nt          er
                         1 . I sea u i name cent ed

                                                                                                                9      r
                                                                                                               1 . Redbid head

                             a    iveri Ma
                         Cont ct Un                          n in r
                                      sty rketing and Co m mu icato s fo
                            a ed i n anda s,
                         detil des g st       icen d      d r i s, r
                                          rd l se ven o l st o otherasssti ance.

                               s             di g
                         201 Nel on Smith Buil n
                         Phone: (309) 438-8404
                         Fa (309) 438-8411

September 22, 2006
                                                                                                                0 l
                                                                                                               2 . Ful-body

Report 5
Employees and retirees support programs and scholarships
Maureen Blair                                     ing her doctorate. She immediately started      Terry Brown
                                                  listening to WGLT and attending the Shake-
Student Affairs                                                                                   Facilities Management
                                                  speare Festival.
     University Housing Director Maureen                                                              Assistant Superintendent of Building
                                                       “I was so happy to find the great news
Blair has first-hand knowledge of how much                                                        Services Terry Brown not only works at Illi-
                                                  and information programs and have a great
student employees contribute to a quality                                                         nois State, he has the family plan for educa-
                                                  theater right here in town,” Neuleib said,
on-campus housing program. She also has                                                           tion. Terry and his wife Wannette attended
                                                  adding she is probably one of the longest
personal experience with working during                                                           the University, his son William is at
                                                  term contributors to both.
college as she pursued student employment                                                         Thomas Metcalf school, his oldest daughter
                                                       “I knew the first WGLT manager and
                              in housing, ath-                                                    Teryn is a junior at Illinois State and his
                                                  was impressed with his devotion to the sta-
                              letics and her                                                      youngest daughter Tyler went to University
                                                  tion,” she said.
                              academic depart-                                                    High and Thomas Metcalf before leaving for
                                                       Neuleib later began to earn book royal-
                              ment to help her                                                    college.
                                                  ties and “decided all the royalties would go
                              earn bachelor’s                                                          “I spend a major portion of my life on
                                                  back to the
                              and master’s                                                        campus, and it is important for me to give
                                                  University that
                              degrees at East-                                                    back to an institution that has given so
                                                  gives me the
                              ern Illinois Uni-                                                   much to my family,” Brown said. “I cannot
                                                  time and sup-
                              versity.                                                            repay this institution for what it has done
                                                  port to write.”
                                   “I worked                                                      for my life. I can only give from my heart
                                                  She gave to the
        Maureen Blair         throughout my                                                       what I can to help others gain what I have
                                                  English depart-
                             college career,                                                      from Illinois State.”
                                                  ment in the
and I know how much it means to have an                                                               Brown chose the Facilities Management
                                                  areas of gradu-
opportunity to help defray costs,” Blair said.                                                    Awards and Recognition (FMAR) fund and
                                                  ate student
“To demonstrate my personal and profes-                                                           The Redbird Club for his monetary gifts.
                                                  travel, student
sional respect for our students’ work and to                                                      As a 23-year employee of Facilities Services,
                                                  awards (espe-
provide assistance for college expenses, I                                  Janice Neulieb        Brown said the family zoo day, appreciation
                                                  cially teaching
decided to contribute to the University                                                           breakfast and dinner, chili cook-off and cele-
                                                  awards), faculty research and the English
Housing Services Scholarship.”                                                                    bration of other life events such as birth-
                                                  Education program.
     Blair has provided funds for many Uni-                                                       days, retirements, funerals, graduations,
                                                       “I look around for a need and give all
versity programs and scholarships, includ-                                                        babies and marriages are all made possible
                                                  that I can to support that need,” Neuleib
ing Rick Lewis’ Chicago Marathon “Run for                                                         by the FMAR fund as well as “Bring Your
                                                  said. “My parents, who were great models
Academic Success” minority student book                                                           Child to Work Day” and the Veterans Day
                                                  of happy and productive people, always
scholarship fund and to celebrate Universi-                                                       celebration. He said the activities are all
                                                  stressed ‘paying forward,’ which to them
ty Archivist Jo Rayfield’s birthday because                                                       morale boosting and worthwhile endeavors
                                                  was giving to others in appreciation for all
“she has been such an invaluable resource                                                         for Facilities Management.
                                                  the gifts and privileges that they enjoyed. I
throughout my time here with her                                                                      A new initiative from the fund is the
                                                  also contribute to the Maurice Scharton
passion and longtime commitment to Illi-                                                          “Fun is Good” program to help
                                                  undergraduate and graduate awards for
nois State’s history.”                                                                            Facilities Management employees enjoy
                                                  rhetoric as it’s a great way to remember him
     “In addition to doing our best in our                                                        coming to work.
                                                  by giving to something he would have val-
day-to-day work on students’ behalf, if we
                                                  ued deeply.” Scharton was an English pro-
can donate any amount of money to help
                                                  fessor who died in 2002. He and Neuleib
the University provide better services and
                                                  were colleagues who collaborated on many
programs, I think we should,” Blair said. “If
                                                  presentations and publications.
my donations help even one other person
                                                       Neuleib said her philanthropic pattern
feel as fortunate as I have in my time at Illi-
                                                  is to give to those places and programs that
nois State, it is worth it.”
                                                  support what she values. She also con-
                                                  tributes to other universities and colleges,
Janice Neuleib                                    the World Wildlife Fund, Head Start and a
College of Arts & Sciences                        whole host of other organizations. She said
     English Professor Janice Neuleib came        her gifts “bring joy to myself and others”
to Illinois State 37 years ago to earn a mas-     and that “giving is the purest pleasure.”
ter’s degree and stayed to teach while finish-
                                                                                                          William (left) and Terry Brown

6 Report    September 22, 2006
Employees and retirees support programs and scholarships
    Brown and his son are Redbird football         educational program known for its excel-        their way to a rewarding future in
season ticket holders, and he felt that giving     lence and service to school districts and       information systems.
money to The Redbird Club for student ath-         especially the children.”                           The Haydens established their scholar-
letes was a way to give back to the “main                                                          ship in Information Technology to con-
reason why we are all here—the students.”          Dan Hayden                                      tribute in “some small way” to the success
                                                                                                   of a school that impressed both of them.
                                                   Finance & Planning
Susan Almeida                                          Assistant Vice President for Administra-
                                                                                                   Dan said the IBM Scholar’s Program, which
                                                                                                   is designed to provide an academic curricu-
College of Education                               tive Information Systems (AIS) Dan Hayden
                                                                                                   lum for students interested in a career
     Reading and Recovery Teacher Leader           has been at Illinois State for five years. He
                                                                                                   working with large systems (such as the
Susan Almeida not only lives her profession        and his wife, Sheila, established the Dan
                                                                                                   AIS mainframe), is encouraging and just the
but also monetarily supports it. She estab-        and Sheila Hayden Scholarship for a stu-
                                                                                                   beginning of a bright future for the School
lished and donated to The Friends of Read-         dent in the School of Information Technolo-
                                                                                                   of Information Technology and its students.
ing Recovery Fund because so many par-             gy because they believe an education is key
ents, teachers and interested educators and        to an individual’s career.
friends asked how they could support such                                                          Harold Gregor
a great program. “There is a national fund,                                                        College of Fine Arts
but since those who were asking were from                                                              During their careers as educators,
this area, I thought it would be a good idea                                                       Harold and Marlene Gregor saw how much
to keep our dollars close to home in a pro-                                                        students gained from experiences beyond
gram that I absolutely know works,” Almei-                                                         the classroom. They decided to establish
da said.                                                                                           the Harold and Marlene Gregor Student Art
     The international program teams                                                               Travel Fund to provide an opportunity for
one teacher with one first-grader to help                                                          students to experience and study visual art
                                children who                                                       of all kinds because they realized that fund-
                                                              Sheila and Dan Hayden
                                are having dif-                                                    ing for trips was not always available.
                                ficulty learning        “While education in itself is no guar-         Harold, who holds the rank of Distin-
                                to read and        antee for success, a lack of education is       guished Professor at Illinois State University
                                write. Almeida     almost certainly part of the explanation        and is a art professor emeritus, found his
                                said if children   for why people fail,” Dan said. “Sheila         25-year career at Illinois State rewarding. A
                                are allowed to     and I believe there are a lot of hard-work-     prolific painter, Harold wanted to encour-
                                go beyond first    ing, motivated people who could be suc-         age students to visit galleries and museums.
                                grade without      cessful with just a little financial help to         “When I was teaching painting at Illi-
                                the essential      further their education.”                       nois State, I realized that many art students
                                ability to read         Hayden is a good example of one who        had seldom seen or experienced actual
        Susan Almeida           and write, they    furthered his education. He served in the       paintings, particularly paintings made by
                              will struggle to     Air Force for 20 years and was selected for     their own contemporaries,” Harold said.
achieve the rest of their lives. She adds her      the Air Force Institute of Technology com-      “Many students had never visited a com-
opinion that Reading Recovery is the most          missioning program. He earned his bache-        mercial gallery, and some had never been to
exciting educational innovation that read-         lor’s degree while in the program and a         the Art Institute of Chicago. If one aspires
ing has ever experienced.                          master’s degree before retiring from the Air    to be an artist, it is essential that art be
     The program at Illinois State educates        Force as a captain. Hayden then earned a
teachers to work with students in the Read-        second master’s degree and last May fin-
ing Recovery program. The 30 school dis-           ished his doctorate.
tricts served are as far south as Charleston,           Hayden said one of his AIS objec-
as far north as LaSalle-Peru, as far east as       tives is to use information technology to
Gibson City and as far west as Galva.              address the business challenges facing
Besides each child who directly benefits           Illinois State University. He added that
from the instruction, teachers carry the           having the right software and hardware
teaching principles to 2,000 children yearly       is important to that objective, but having
in their classes.                                  well educated and competent people is
     “Working with Reading Recovery is the         what makes the difference between suc-
reason I am on this earth,” Almeida said. “I       cess and failure. The Haydens hope
                                                                                                            Marlene and Harold Gregor
feel privileged to support and further an          their scholarship will help someone on
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deduction form. If a spouse’s employer                                                               send their students to Pittsburgh for the
                                                     experienced in person, not just from slides
will double, or even triple, the value of                                                            Carnegie International Exposition, Kran-
                                                     and reproductions.”
your gift though a matching gift program,                                                            nert Art Museum in Champaign, St. Louis
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please submit the company’s matching gift                                                            Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary
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form.                                                                                                Photography in Chicago and the Art Insti-
                                                     She remembers how one of her second
     Contributors may also print the online                                                          tute of Chicago. School of Art faculty plan
                                                     grade classes was influenced by the Rodin
gift form located at http://www.univer-                                                              trips to correlate with the curricula.
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8000, Illinois State University, Normal, IL                                                          both to the endowment fund for the schol-
                                                     important in one’s life.
61790-8000.                                                                                          arship and directly to the department for
                                                         The Gregor Art Travel Fund provides
                                                     transportation and entrance fees for art-       students’ immediate use.

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