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Precision management


									Precision management
Management is an eternal theme.

Management capacity is only to give entrepreneurs the lung power maneuvers. Not
management, entrepreneurship is unqualified, up to count a successful businessman.
Can be said that every entrepreneur is a strategist. But the strategy of how to become
a reality? This requires management of enterprise survival and development need to
implement all the details. Without such management, basic skills, entrepreneurs can
not grasp their own business, even their own companies are not sure how to respond
to market all the changes?
Based management is fundamental to development. Enterprises in the development
process, risks are everywhere. Enterprise development process, is in fact how to
improve enterprise management, to prevent possible risks. As an enterprise, certainly
the management of a problem, only a risk. Therefore, understanding the business
potential problems clearly, is the best effective way to prevent these risks.

Accurate management of the Internet technology, computer technology, gold and
management philosophy, Chinese culture, the four closely integrated, well managed
enterprises solve common among the seven issues and seven phenomena, the purpose
is to effectively prevent enterprises in the basic management of various risks.
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Accurate management of thinking in the national response:

Accurate management of thinking as the founder, Mr. Luan Yun Feng made in China
in 1996 for the first time the concept of precision management, and analysis of
enterprise infrastructure management summed up several big problems, and several
phenomena, will make the management of his own ideas in the community public
speaking, being welcomed by many in the community managers.

He is the first MBA, deputies, senior engineer, China's reform and
hundreds of excellent character.
From 1983 to 1991, Mr. Luan Feng Yun in China many articles published over 80
academic papers; in December 1993, his first as a domestic one MBA graduate,
graduated from Tianjin University MBA graduate, founded in 1994, gold, 1996 He
has more than 20 provinces and cities in the country, in domestic universities and
enterprises, the leadership made management training such as Beijing University
Guanghua, Tsinghua, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Graduate School of Chinese
Academy of Sciences, Zhongshan University, China Telecom, Panasonic, China
Association for Science, China Cheng Tong, China Railway Construction Group,
Guangdong Railcom, YADU, New Oriental Education Group, view satellite
classroom and more than 400 screenings, lectures and training is because the impact,
so the best management ideas Teng Guanghua School of Management at Peking
University and Tsinghua University in the classroom, as one of their seminars.

Accurate management of thinking as the founder of the gold company president Yun
Feng Luan, simultaneously Founder taught many famous enterprises such as
employed management consultant. And author of "precision operational
management," "accurate management and implementation of
means" waiting for.
"Precision management" Introduction:

Grasp every minute, controlled to the penny

What is the precise management
What precision management theory
Reveal precisely what management
What is the essence of precision management
Precise management objectives: efficiency and happiness
Precise management of the audience: people, Chinese people
Precision management of Reason: to avoid the transformation of the psychological
Reveal the precise management of the eight basic business management issues
1, quantitative and Wu
2, planning and smart
3, the accumulation of what
4, finite and infinite
5, Innovation and destruction
6, process and results
7, the control problem
8, the problem of diminishing
Precise management of the Enterprise Management in the basic phenomenon of the
1. Management of the passive phenomenon
2. Management of the black box phenomenon
3. Management of the random phenomenon
4. Management in December phenomena
5. Overestimation of the phenomenon of human nature
6. And shouted phenomenon
7. Days, the phenomenon of high and the emperor far away
8. Departmentalism phenomenon
Precise relationship between management and basic management
There's four major business risk based management
1. The behavior of corporate executives risk
2. Employee loyalty risk
3. The risk of customer loyalty
4. Corporate financial, and material security risks
Precise management of how to solve the problem in business management, and risk
How accurate management ... ....

Century career record with precision management

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