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                                   COMMONWEALTH EQUIPMENT is THE source for all your portable crushing and screening needs. Our sales
                                   and service staff are the best in the business with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the
                                   equipment, parts and service to get the job done right the first time.

                                   Having represented McCloskey International for over a decade and receiving numerous awards for outstanding
                                   dealership, we are proud to offer McCloskey machines with their superior Trommel range and ground-breaking
                                   flat-deck screeners and conveyors that are setting new standards in the industry. We also offer their line of
                                   Jaw and Cone crushers that have raised the bar in crushing technology.

                                   We are also proud to represent Tesab, whose line of impact crushers are among the best and most reliable in
                                   the industry.

                                   We offer both new and used equipment for rental and sale as well as a full line of parts for all makes and
                                   models, in stock and ready to ship to your job site.

                                   Please be sure to visit our web site, to view our listing of
                                   used equipment.

                                                                                              The first of McCloskey’s full line of crushers, the
                                                                                              C50 Jaw Crusher is continuing McCloskey’s focus on
                                                                                              quality, durability, and productivity. With a CAT C9
                                                                                              engine, 50” wide Telsmith Jaw (the widest Jaw in its
                                                                                              class), and user friendly control panel with excellent
                                                                                              machine diagnostics, the C50 places McCloskey at
                                                                                              the forefront of portable crushing machinery.

                                                                                              With class-leading material throughput and capac-
                                                                                              ity, the largest stockpile height in its class, and an
                                                                                              extended side conveyor as standard, the new C50
                                                                                              crusher continues to push the boundaries of industry
                                                                                              Power Plant:     350 HP (261 kw) Tier III CAT C9 Engine
                                                            C 50                              Jaw:             50” x 26” (1270mm x 660mm)
                                                                                              Hopper:          6.8m3 (8.9yd3) Level hopper capacity
                                                                                                               10.2m3 (13.3yd3) Gross hopper capacity

                                                                                              Continuing with McCloskey’s focus on quality com-
                                                                                              ponents, durability, and reliability, the new C44 Cone
                                                                                              Crusher is sure to add to McCloskey’s reputation for
                                                                                              proven performance. Offering high-material capacity
                                                                                              and throughput, large stockpile capacity, and cus-
                                                                                              tomer-focused features, the new C44 Cone Crusher
                                                                                              will look to put McCloskey at the forefront of mobile
                                                                                              crushing plants, and push the boundaries of industry

                                                                                              Power Plant:     430 HP (320 kw) Tier III CAT C13 Engine
                                                                                              Cone:            Telsmith
                                                                                              Hopper:          5m3 (6.5yd3”)

                                           NEW C 44 Cone Crusher
                                                                          The McCloskey Tripledecks (TD) boast an array of
                                                                          features and benefits which elevate the models above all
                                                                          the competitors in its class. The S190 TD has the highest
                                                                          combined true screening area across three decks, whilst
                                                                          the S130 TD has comparable production capability to its
                                                                          competitor’s larger models at a far more cost-effective

                                                                          The McCloskey Tripledeck models are uniquely produced
                                                                          with a cross conveyor, and a fully-hydraulic fold fourth
                                                                          conveyor as standard. This reduces set-up time, the need
                                                                          for lifting equipment, and prevents damage or bending
                                                                          when moving the machine, or when setting up with man-
                                                                          ual lifting gear.

                                                                          With quality components throughout, the McCloskey
                                                                          Tripledecks offer a reliable solution to the demands of
               S 190 Triple Deck                                          customer’s application needs.
                                               S190 Tripledeck Dimensions & Weight             S130 Tripleleck
             Powerunit:                        125 HP                                          100 HP
             Screenbox - top deck:             6.1m x 1.524m (20’ x 5’)                        4.270m x 1.524m (14’ x 5’)
             Screenbox - middle deck:          6.1m x 1.524m (20’ x 5’)                        4.270m x 1.52m (14’ x 5’)
             Screenbox - bottom deck:          5.490m x 1.524m (18’ x 5’)                      3.660m x 1.524m (12’ x 5’)

                                                                          The R155 High Energy Screener is a tough, robust screen-
                                                                          ing tool, designed to cope with the heaviest of applica-
                                                                          tions. With the ability to handle some of the worst, un-
                                                                          treated construction and demolition waste, the R155 can
                                                                          minimize material pre-handling, and provide clean end

                                                                          The R155 has proved to be extremely effective across a
                                                                          wide range of applications. With a 155 sq feet of screen-
                                                                          ing area, the largest in its class, the R155 has impressed
                                                                          in operations including primary crusher circuits, site
                                                                          reclamation, construction and demolition waste, heavy
                                                                          rock, sticky clay and fines, and boulder clay.

                                                                          The ability of the R155 to handle larger material comes
                                                                          from its open-feed design, along with the larger hop-

                                                                                                                                             MCCLOSKEY INTERNATIONAL SCREENERS & STACKERS
                                                                          per, thickest feed belt and oversize conveyor belts in the
                                                                          industry, and full-length impact bars. The High Energy
R 155 High-Energy Durable Screener                                        Screenbox then gives the ability to screen wet, sticky
                                                                          material, ensuring the R155 performs in the most difficult
                                                                          of applications.
 Powerunit:                       127 HP
 Screenbox - top deck:            4.880m x 1.525m (16’ x 5’)
 Screenbox - bottom deck:         4.575m x 1.525m (15’ x 5’)

                                                                          Following on the form the highly successful R155, the
                                                                          R105 High Energy Screener provides the best solution for
                                                                          operators who don’t require the full capacity of the larger

                                                                          With all the class-leading features of the R-Range, such
                                                                          as high-quality components, durability, and reliability, the
                                                                          R105 is sure to add to McCloskey’s reputation for proven
                                                                          performance. Offering the highest stockpile and largest
                                                                          screening area in its class, and meeting the European
                                                                          transport regulation width, the R105 represents the most
                                                                          cost-effective productivity and quality on the market.

                                                                          Powerunit:                       100 HP
                                                                          Screenbox - top deck:            3.66m x 1.370m (12’ x 4’-6”)
                                                                          Screenbox - bottom deck:         3.455m x 1.370m (11.4’ x 4’-6”)
R 105 High-Energy Durable Screener
                                                                                      The newly-designed McCloskey 36x80 Stacker comes
                                                                                      standard with a diesel Power pack, radial axle, hydraulic
                                                                                      top fold and hydraulic raise and lower. They can be oper-
                                                                                      ated by one person and can be set up in 10 minutes, mak-
                                                                                      ing the McCloskey Stacker the most practical available.

                                                                                      With 600rpm belt speed, the McCloskey 36x80 stacker
                                                                                      provides an impressive stockpiling capability that ex-
                                                                                      ceeds 32’ (10m) in height and a radial stockpile volume of
                                                                                      10,900m3 (14,260yd3) and at 180˚ (19,253 tons).

                                                                                      Power Plant:       48 HP (36 kw) Tier III Diesel Engine

                                                             36 x 80 Stacker

                                                                                      The S190’s unique High-Energy Screenbox design pro-
                                                                                      vides optimum screenbox dynamics to give output levels
                                                                                      that place the S190 in a league of its own.

                                                                                      Features such as the adjustable screenbox angles allow
                                                                                      adaptability to a wide range of materials including quar-

                                                                                      rying, crusher circuits, sand and gravel, coal screening,
                                                                                      topsoil, and woodchip. Having the highest grade specifi-
                                                                                      cations and component parts, the S190 is easily the ag-
                                                                                      gregate leader’s number one choice for quality and value.
                                                                                      Powerunit:                        125 HP
                                                                                      Screenbox - top deck:             6.10m x 1.524m (20’ x 5’)
                                                                                      Screenbox - bottom deck:          5.490m x 1.524m (18’ x 5’)

                                                         S 190 High-Energy Screener

                                                                                      The S130’s unique size is designed to meet demands of
                                                                                      operators who require significantly more screening ca-
                                                                                      pacity than a 10’ or 11’ screenbox, but may not require the
                                                                                      full capacity of a 20’ plant.

                                                                                      The S130’s production capabilities have been proven in
                                                                                      a number of application demonstrations where the S130
                                                                                      has matched, or in some cases outperformed in produc-
                                                                                      tivity against the ‘so called’ larger competitor models, in
                                                                                      the same material, with the same screen mesh sizes.
                                                                                      Powerunit:                        100 HP
                                                                                      Screenbox - top deck:             4.270m x 1.524m (14’ x 5’)
                                                                                      Screenbox - bottom deck:          3.660m x 1.524m (12’ x 5’)

                                                         S 130 High-Energy Screener
             The 621 Trommel Screener is suited for large heavy-duty
             applications where production rates can reach 200+tph in
             topsoil and sticky material or 300tph in sand and gravel.

             With over twenty years of experience, McCloskey Inter-
             national is the world’s leading Trommel manufacturer
             and has pioneered Trommel design and innovation. Over
             this time, the 621 Trommel has established and proven
             reliability in construction and demolition, topsoil, com-
             post, waste recycling, and many other large screening ap-
             plications. With a 174 HP Tier III CAT engine, accessible
             engine bay, and high-efficiency diesel hydraulic system
             the 621 is sure to give you the maximum operating time.

             With a 6’ diameter the 621 Trommel generates a power-
600 Series   ful screening action, whilst the 21’ long drum ensures
             the highest quality end product. For longer time on the
             screen, the 628 offers a 7ft longer drum.

             Power Plant:          621: 174 HP (130 kw) Tier III CAT Engine
                                   628: 174HP (130 kw) Tier III CAT Engine
             Trommel Screen:       621: 6’ x 21” (1800mm x 6400mm)
                                   628: 6’ x 28’ (1800mm x 8535mm)
             Hopper:               621 / 628: 4.2m3 (5.5yd3)

             The 512 RET was designed by the most experienced de-
             sign engineers in the industry with a collective experience
             of over 60 years. The 512 RET is ideal for composting and
             waste management applications.

             As the top-selling mid-size portable Trommel in North
             America, the 512’s combination of high production rates,
             versatility, ease-of-use and unrivaled strength has en-
             sured this screener’s popularity with top soil producers,
             excavation contractors, recycling contractors, and land-
             scape supply operations.

                                                                                      MCCLOSKEY INTERNATIONAL TROMMEL SCREENERS
             Power Plant:      512RET - 103 HP (73 kw) 4 cylinder CAT diesel engine
                               512RT - 85 HP (63 kw) Tier III CAT diesel engine
             Trommel Screen:   5’ x 12’ (1500mm x 3600mm)
500 Series   Hopper:           512 RET / 512RT - 4.8m3 (6.4yd3) with extensions

             The award-winning McCloskey 407 leads the way in in-
             novation. The world’s most efficient compact trommel
             best suits smaller, on-demand jobs with   production
             between 20 and 50 yards per hour.

             Incorporating the patented McCloskey Radial Stacker, the
             407 screens and stockpiles material with one machine,
             saving you time and money.

             Power Plant:           50 HP (37 kw) Tier III CAT Engine
             Trommel Screen:        4’ x 7’ (1.2m x .1m)

400 Series
                        1012 T
                        • Self-contained tracked
                          impact crusher
                        • Crusher opening
                          1020 x 780mm (40”x30”)
                        • Maximum feed size: 24”
                        • Production: 250tph
                        • Caterpillar powerpack
                        • Vibrating plate feeder with
                          scalping section and side dirt
                        • Hydraulic adjusting crusher
                        • Wheeled version also available

                        1412 T
                        • Self-contained tracked
                          impact crusher
                        • Crusher opening
                          1000 x 550mm (40”x22”)
                        • Maximum feed size: 16”
                        • Production: 250 tph
                        • Caterpillar powerpack
                        • Large rear-loading hopper
                          with low-feed-in height
                        • Hydraulic adjusting crusher
                        • Long life hammers

                        623 CT
                        • Self-contained tracked
                          impact crusher

                        • Crusher opening:
                          600 x 350mm (24”x14”)
                        • Maximum feed size: 200mm
                        • Production: 100 tph+
                        • Caterpillar powerpack

                     Commonwealth Parts Department
Commonwealth Equipment stocks a large and varied spare parts inventory. We carry parts for McCloskey International, Extec,
Tesab, Pegson, Fintec, Brown Lennox and many more.

                                                                                     Our shelves are constantly stocked
                                                                                     with Rollers, Pulleys, Metric and Stan-
                                                                                     dard Bearings, Couplings, OEM Filters,
                                                                                     Electronic parts, Hydraulic pumps and
                                                                                     motors, Wire mesh screens, Harp wire
                                                                                     screens, Shaped wire screens and
                                                                                     Punch plate.

     Hydraulic Motors                                    Filters
We also carry top-quality crusher items. We import only high-quality Manganese Jaw plates and Cone liners, ranging from 18%
to 21% Manganese content. We also carry blow bars in Low, Medium and High Chrome, with or without ceramic inserts. We only
carry the best wear items so you can be more than confident of an exact fit and long wear life.

             Bearings                                 Couplings                           Mesh / Flexmat
                                                                                                                               COMMONWEALTH PARTS & SERVICE

                  Please feel free to call your order or inquiry in today!
                                     The Parts Department can be reached at

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Commonwealth Equipment employs several highly-trained MSHA-certified
service technicians. We have trucks and vans that are fully loaded with
the tools and spare parts to get the job done. Our service team operate
throughout PA, VA, WV, MD, DE, TN and South NJ.


             Toll Free: 877.217.4474
               Fax: 570.270.5792

                                                                    Commonwealth Equipment’s parts team are available from 7:15 to 5:30
                                                                    Monday to Friday and after hours for emergencies. If you need a part the
                                                                    next day, let us know by 4:30 and it will ship.

The units depicted show all options currently available. Please contact Commonwealth Equipment Corporation to clarify specifications and options. The material in
this brochure is for information and guidance only and inquiry should always be made to ensure that a product or products will be suitable for a customer’s particular
purpose. While reasonable efforts have been made in the preparation of this document to ensure accuracy, Commonwealth Equipment Corporation assumes no
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