; Please put away your hand
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Please put away your hand


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									Please put away your hand

          ?Parents, friends, please put away put away your hand
?I thought at this age of civilization and barbarism, is not much domestic violence,
and not resort to the parents, and students can watch many letters describing the
conflict, parents, children's events are still easily beat uncommon.
Parents frequently hit child: the child test scores are not high --- play, children do not
care prostrate the apparatus --- play, the child care of younger brothers and sisters are
not satisfied --- fight, even without any fault of the things that children, parents do not
ask indiscriminately hit. child unable to Bianbai he says to me do not own parents are
ignored, arbitrarily imposed on the children faults, also dubbed the charges of lying
even further to play.
Watching children's talk, themselves can not help but put themselves
placed in his description of the environment, could not help himself attached to this
child who earnestly felt by the parents to fight the pain, feel he suffered a heart attack
to touch the His wounds glowing sad, enjoy the taste of his wronged, which is very
sour. read between the lines of the real grievances with their cries of emotion,
sometimes, their own was moved to tears, was shocked to be told not cope Qu .
            Grievances frustrated playing the elan of a child
Child's mind is Jiejing's. Not his own mistakes, parents framed
his fault, his soul will suffer a tremendous blow, he could only cry and say it is not
their doing, they can not fine that details surrounding the matter, but parents should
not be a slap on the child Annotated coming. the child cried and said he does not, he
would not do, parents say he quibble, to criticize him so little to learn lie, the children
cried out again, he did not lie, still do not believe parents or their children. at this time
and beat the child's parents ask ourselves, they are so small, in this case,
that's what lies? their lies is where to learn come from? you usually teach
him sincere and trustworthy, how can he play at such a heart that? This is not on your
own self-confidence and teaching ability is not suspected Why?, of course, also
suspected of other people's parents and their children, thought it was
someone else rendering him. you lead a positive impact on him, he would not lie.
If you hard and forced him to recognize the lie, he will in your future under threat
gradually started lying. Only in this way will let you stop beating, it seems that only
this way that you want. So, you destroyed the child on the right to judge the true and
false, you destroyed the admiration of your children, destroyed the child's
lively and cheerful. what is left is the child of a stomach of grievances and eyeful of
tears, as well as long-term grudges, so that children unhappy become withdrawn
            ?Your playing diluted loss of friendship, family
Child's heart is fragile, and their memory has very strong and easy to learn
and follow. Parents wronged him, beat him, he will bear in mind in mind, the
formation of long-term psychological shadow, afraid you will not mind would have to
tell you frankly. so the child would not be friends with you, you also lose a wing, can
not go deep into the child's inner world to close their souls. child afraid of
you, adding the distance from the heart, As a result, children can easily quiet and
inclined inward, not conducive to children's mental health. and the children
make friends, this is a great asset, but also great power, very unfortunately, frequently
do not hit the child's parents do not know feel the discarded this wealth
should be natural to lose a lot of joy. so, some parents complained their children are
often not as good as other people's children how to others how the
education it? Yes, you do not have to pay attention to details, child is bit by bit from
the usual details of the monasteries of your guidance, and gradually formed a shadow
of him with all of you. parents that allow kids to play lesson memories, but you play
there was a misunderstanding and grievances They fight, and you remember the error
is. children will remember you as my brother and because her son preference, the
child will remember you hit him because of misunderstanding is not considerate of
her, the children will remember you as their own The private and because of his
overbearing arrogant.
Perhaps you simply do not understand how there friendship family does, this is what
you are failures. You own as I, high above, the child insufferably arrogant, naturally
alienates the child from your mind. Child mind he also reluctant to tell you that there
do not want to share with you mind, you can only fear the distance,. a long time, you
naturally think "standing above the crowd," the. friendship
instill Fusion family, the family will become intimate happy and harmonious.
   China Radio and TV publishers <sister sister Peking University Tsinghua
University> Writers Association of Shanxi Province, author of Miss Zhao
Suoxian member, tens of thousands of parents to China set a model for educating
children, her eldest daughter, Yang Pingping exams and Nankai University in 1997,
2001, was admitted to Peking University Guanghua School of Management graduate,
in 2003 admitted to Peking University Guanghua School of Management PhD; second
daughter Ting-Ting Yang tally 1998 Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, 2002
Master of direct reading. She said in the book: beats a failure is the practice of child
and scolding the child's parents are extremely incompetent and can only be
destroyed children's elan, destroyed family, playing discord. Dear friends,
parents, Care, you would like other people said you about this not OK
that's not right? If you would like your child to amount to anything, you
say three times a day where a child row. where the child, said a special that no
relations even if a little exaggerated, the more child rows, the child The more lines;
not do each other the less, do not say, go beyond that. If you must for your child to say
"You are very stupid," "No you can not,"
"You good for nothing", I'm sorry, your child can
only No really, really good for nothing was.

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