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					Pisces I
Pisces girls are not stupid, but because knew too smart too hard-edged only arouse
jealousy, so they use play the fool, Shade heartless creature, to the mind as a shield.
Because believe "the truth is cruel, its all too aware, more happy than
silly." So clever Pisces girl will cover up their own wisdom. But while they
giggle, take you by the panoramic view of every move, even what you think about
what she knows, she did not say that simply means you do not need to tell your
mortgage, and she did not want to get into trouble. This is a knowing too.
You tell her a lot of naive illusions, just to give you did not guard her; she stumbled,
not mean things do not really dark, but to seek protection, the right to reveal soft and
stir your protection To Asia ~ ~ ~
Pisces does not really believe that telling, but no answer when seeking to find ways to
study the strategies they need telling, but that is not absolutely dependent on
divination. That is the way to their tips Bale.
Pisces woman on the pursuit of her people, 以及 and back home the opposite sex to
maintain an ambiguous Tai Du Du It Zhishiyinwei she has not really Zhaodaozhide
you love people, but when a loved one find the true, no people make her move Love
Exchange - and unless there are conditions for a better and more people who love her,
do not rule out the possibility that she will reconsider, but will not necessarily change
of heart. If she does not fall in love with who, then all of the opposite sex - as long as
meet her standards - have the opportunity, if she has had a very determined people
who care, then the pursuit of other people are trouble for her , although she will
remain the patience to deal with, but certainly not given a chance, and even her
desperate will simply refuse to fall.
Do not think that Pisces women soft if, in fact, her very own principles, and is the
kind of cynicism can be heartless creature can usually be silly childish, but the key
moments that are most central figures in the most calm. When it was for her support,
she is the most weak that most need protection, but no one backing, she is the person
who made decision to issue instructions.
She has a certainty, though sometimes she does not use this place for something, but
everything needs to see the situation.
It can be said is pretending she's silly, and cute does not necessarily
produce it; weak to produce it, is not easily moved equipment out; patience is very
hard to maintain her, but it does not mean that she would allow other liberties.
The least she can hold a grudge, but can not no longer brook her into just unbearable,
you just wait go die. The best is what she warned there would be an act of the worst
case is - and subtly waged all around you who can launch you to the most violent
attacks that let you instantly lose all, will take the initiative to to apologize to her ~ ~
and later will not know exactly how you die.
So, all right Do not tease Pisces, or God will not leave you alone, not to mention her.
Pisces's dual personality is very extreme, can be the most fiery, also the
most cold, but usually will show the very middle of a very amiable personality, able to
confuse you, although they basically would not notice his influence.
Analytical say how many romantic Pisces how unrealistic. I want to say is that is
really romantic, but not necessarily unrealistic.
As long as conditions require her feet on the ground, she would reality than anyone,
and will suddenly start to plan and step by step follow suit. This change is amazing,
because she has found a determined goal. Although plans are always changes, but she
determined what she will do crazy, and very carefully. But sometimes they do not
need to spend a lot of effort can be better than others, but in order to express
themselves to others is really hard, but also put on a point of serious hard look. The
real hard time, but they will put on a mischievous look slovenly.
They are good at acting, but often they are not deliberate in speech. Speech is only
instinct. The role and effectiveness varies with changes in circumstances.
But sometimes they did it on purpose, and you often can not tell, but also that they are
really silly, really optimist, or really vulnerable can easily hurt or really gall small.
They often give you a false impression that they feel that they know best, he is very
easy to control them, it is not true, think of a period of time, you will find really
wrong. She has too much face time in changing her character and character along with
the mood to change the time and place, or even pass a set of clothes and dyed hair
color can instantly change their character, you'll never see no Through
endless. She thought that these ideas, she can be obedient is yes, you can very
suddenly very opinionated personality is very independent, you can never really
captured her heart, can never truly possess her.
She continued uptake of knowledge and stop thinking, even a little bit of her attention
to small details. She cares about your weaknesses, and appreciate your strengths. She
will not necessarily tell the whole idea, but when she serious up, she would say to
make you surprised to be correct, however, if other than when she was a prude.
She never really alone, that she was so shallow that the men are too transparent, it is
not too much insight because you are too impatient, too shallow, you do not have
enough wisdom and vision to read the real her, so you can not control her heart.
Those self-centered, unwilling to take care of a woman's man, not likely to
be more long-term love Pisces woman, and she began to love you even if a very tough
battle, it was only in her dream to own weaving, and she soon will wake up, will be
sober and details from the reality seen through you, no matter how you cover up, she
will likely leave you, do not think she loved nature, rely on, so up to you just because
of her trouble, in fact, she was very independent, as long as needs, she did not miss
someone and not worthy of her love.
So she would love to own not superficial, we must learn to appreciate her and she was
going to interpretation, we should learn how considerate her - she will pay attention to
details, although she does not complain about her boyfriend's carelessness
and lack style, but do not think you negligence are not aware, it is not possible. Over
time, several times, she also broke out in silence, then, can not blame her cold pull off,
just because you do not know too much fun.
Of course, the only sweet talk Quemei action and pay the man, she would leave.
Want to get her started on the offensive in pursuit of it. She does not appreciate the
sentimental cowards of men.
But she would not like to be her stalker clear but was repeatedly rejected by men.
Her request will not be very high, as long as you grow able to face the audience, and
clean and comfortable, a little taste, but also motivated and mobility, patient and
considerate, do not bother to bring, and they take good care of very active, not afraid
to hit romantic Time to drop gold (even if you have money, but also at least
thoughtful), she will quickly you emotionally.
As long as you are unreasonable, she will not be deliberately provocative. However,
her pet pet too far, and then there are the possibilities of the.
Chocolate rose flowers must not forget the anniversary, but also her birthday surprise,
the best attentions you do not have her remind you that you will be in front of her very
mature and reliable, but also the appropriate needed to blow off Johnson, but also in
front of colleagues and friends who have special skills, She will worship you, and
even pets will approach you with her.
Why do people sleep late Pisces? Summarizes the following three points: we look to
the right one. Really sleepy tired, usually close to noon and sleep, not help it. 2. Feel
asleep can temporarily escape some troubles secular. 3. While lying in bed, woke up
very early in fact, just thinking about the problem, thought about it for several hours.
Not up to the problem just because it is more quiet and more active.
Pisces MM would really love a person to send text messages with each other and chat
spotted many, many times a record is as trouble speaking, see could back out, and
then smirk or sulk or suspected or sorrow. Nothing out of view every day something
happens, even if only looking at one word, the entire contents of the conversation can
also have repeated many times in the head weight, and then think the other side say
this alone mood and tone of what is being done. Those chat records, will see the back
down, and then usually when the penalty on behalf of the majority are in the recall
chat content.

See this today in an End of the World
I think good writing
And I like to write, like my
Oh, no one would see through me
I particularly like that phrase in The Scarlet Letter
I remember when he first went to renting
Every day I wake up late late
Co-tenant of the people said, how do you then sleep, and to drag on intelligence
I laugh, do not want to bother them
Because there is no need to explain what I was doing
Why say to you,
Recently been looking for an apartment, where do not want to live a
Quality, quality! !
Often went to someone else's room many times over.
Random stuff you eat
What kind of way?
I want a quiet life, do not want to be your hospitality
I like animals
I felt very difficult to get along with people
You really are good
He will not be properly for you,
People are really tired
So I decided
Do not get married later,
So I have money,
I have cats, dogs, fish, to keep mice
And I will be very happy with them
Because I do not worry, they will be good to me whole-heartedly
Are not we say so many things, and you can solve.
Details of each person's problems are problems
Do not say do not do not because of reluctance, but not necessary.

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