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Consolidated Gulf company was incorporated in 1987 in the state of Qatar for offering the solutions to
the clients in the area of telecom, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure. During last fifteen years with its
multi-faceted structure CGC has achieved remarkable growth in pace with the national prosperity.

CGC have always endeavored to have the right business approach, with the top management having
vast experience in the Engineering and the Commercial Areas. With reference to the developments in
the State of Qatar and entire Middle East CGC has diversified to several new areas Like Mobile
Communication, Information technology, GIS etc.

Few of the remarkable achievements of the CGC are: -

   •   First to introduce GSM technology in the State of Qatar.
   •   Implementation of First Paging Project

Today Consolidated Gulf Co. (CGC) is a professionally managed one of the leading IT and Telecom
Solutions provider in the state of Qatar.


Consolidated Gulf Company is active in two entirely different business areas.

Distribution of Nokia GSM Phones and execution of large Scale Projects in association of Overseas
technology Partners. Today Consolidated Gulf Company represents world leaders

An essential element of CGC philosophy is to maintain close contact with our customers. As a
customer oriented company, our goal is the search of for latest technologies meeting the client’s
requirement with competence, flexibility and to execute projects as per the highest international



CGC employs experts with a wide range of qualifications and experience. Depending upon the project
requirements we setup competent execution team. Our projects will be supported from our head office
in Doha while the backup operations will be carried out at the facilities of our technology partners.

We recognize human resource as the backbone of our long-term success and have consciously and
consistently focused on increasing the value-add per employee. We are in continuous benchmark of the
best practices to ensure that our advice to the client reflects the latest experience in the field. We make
it our business to stay with the current personnel laws and regulations of Qatar, as well as in emerging
human resources issues that impact our customers.

Consolidated Gulf Co. as a specialized company has vast experience and Technology Tie-ups in all
fields of Information Technology and Telecommunication. CGC’s services range from Consultancy,
Engineering, Planning, Project Management, Hardware & Software Supply, Man Power Services and
Operations & maintenance

The following List comprise an overview of services we offer to support our clients in staying
competitive in challenging market nowadays.


Telecom Division is engaged in the creation and sustenance of a ‘Global Information Society’.
Telecom Division provides solutions to design, engineer, commission & maintain - Wireless / Wire
line Networks for service providers and large utilities across the globe.

TD’s offerings in the Telecom sector encompass Consultancy, Infrastructure Project Management,
Network Build, Network Management System, Operation Support System, Outside Plant (optical) and
Network Outsourcing.

TD’s solutions falls across technologies like GSM / CDMA / LMDS / MMDS / Satellite in the
Wireless block and SDH / DWDM / BroadBand Access in Wireline block.

TD with its multi-location presence, quality deliverable mechanisms, reliable vendor base along with
strong financials base, technical and project management capabilities offers distinct advantages to its
customers in achieving accelerated rollouts, faster time to market and reliable network services.

Telecom Division has developed its expertise covering a comprehensive range of know-how and
services namely:

   •   International Telephony, Voice Traffic, Termination
   •   GSM, PMR and cellular systems
   •   Telecommunication System Design and Integration
   •   ISP Set-up, operations and services
   •   Data Services and VPN
   •   VSAT Terminals: Installation, O&M
   •   Switching, Routing
   •   Outside Plant, fiber, coaxial
   •   General Voice Data and XCCTV applications

Telecom Division offers its services in the following areas

           Mobile Communication

           •   Digital Radio Trunking solutions

           Enterprise Telephony
           PABX based complete digital and analog solutions for the enterprises.
           IP Telephony
           Optical Fibre N/w
           Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Radio Communications
           Maintenance Services of Telecommunication N/w

           •   OFC N/w
           •   SDH/PDH
           •   Microwave Radio’s

           Specialized Telecom Solutions for Oil & Gas Sector
           SBM Solutions
           Radar Communication - Vessel Tracking System


The Information Technology (IT) Division aims at addressing the IT needs for Enterprise. It has
expertise in managing the converging technologies of computing and communications. The division
provides a wide spectrum of IT services and networking solution for automating and optimizing the
business process of an enterprise. All these services are optimized to give a positive return-on-value to
your business.

CGC offers Consultancy, Designing and Integration of customers' processes and systems, covering
verticals like Banking, Finance & Insurance, IT & Telecom, Logistics, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals.

Bifurcated into four practices, it provides solutions in the following areas


We provide solutions in Converged Enterprise Networks, Call Center Solutions, System Integration
Services, Managed Hosting Solutions, Network Design and Implementation, Connectivity Solutions,
Virtual Private Network (IP and FR), and Security Services


In Managed Services we provide IT Infrastructure Management, Remote Application Management,
Network Professional Services, Storage Services, Business Continuity Services and Disaster Recovery


Our Software Services include Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Information Portal, E-
Business Solutions, Convergent Billing Solutions, CTI and IVR Solutions, Turnkey Software
Development, Application Maintenance and Testing

 CGC provide the complete range of Insurance and Banking Solutions, which includes

        •    Document Management Software
        •    Workflow Application
        •    Corporate Banking Solution
        •    Retail Banking Solutions
        •    Back Office Banking solutions
        •    Investment Banking Solution

 Customer Management
                                     Core Banking         e-/m-Finance                 CRM
Unt         Identification            Core Functions       e-Banking/e-Brokerage   Business Intelligence
ern                          Cor      Cash Mgmt.           Portale/Marktplätze     Marketing & Sales
                                      Payments Mgmt.       Multi Channel           Management
ehm                           e                            Integration             Sales Force
                                      Cheque Processing
ens          Products/       Pro      Authorisierung       m-Banking/              Automation                 Design
                                                           m-Brokerage             Workflow and DMS
steu         Services        ces
eru                          sing     Controlling                                                             Build
ng/                          /Co
Con                          ntro      SAP AG              DATADESIGN              SIEBEL
troll                        lling     KORDOBA & Local     BROADVISION             SAP
              Service                 Partners             GILLARDON               ORACLE
ing            Asset                  HARTTER              SUBITO                  Staffware                 Maintain
            Management                GILLARDON            Bea                     Newgen
                                      FINSYS               Vignette.               Filenet/ Livelink etc

      Universal Banking                               Solutions Portfolio                                  Services


 CGC has the complete expertise for implementing SAP solutions in association with overseas
 technology partner. Our partner has implemented SAP for more than 100 clients.


 CGC in association with our overseas technology partners offers the complete range of Asset and
 Maintenance Management System ranging from small and big plants to the big city wide N/w’s such
 as Roads, Telecommunication, Water, Sewerage, Power and oil & gas pipelines etc.

CGC in association with its technology partners offer the complete SCADA solutions ranging from
plant automation to the automations of utility N/w’s.


CGC offer engineering tools and services, communication solutions, software and domain solutions for
power transmission and distribution.


CGC provides turnkey substation automation solutions and consulting assistance to OEM's and end-
customers. CGC is a leading supplier of sub-station solutions, software, communication protocols,
turnkey implementation and consulting services to the industry. CGC's offers the following solutions:

   •   Substation SCADA
   •   RTU Engineering Services
   •   Sub-Station Protection
   •   City SCADA
   •   Metering and Billing Solution’s
   •   Remote Meter Reading
   •   Telemetry and Telecontrol
   •   Load/Power Flow Analysis
   •   Energy Audit
   •   SCADA Engineering Services


Application that considers the efficacy of each alarm and prioritizes the broadcast sequence of alarms
in a hierarchical order that facilitates the optimum operator response to process upsets.


   •   Regulatory support
   •   Interoperability support
   •   Ease of operability
   •   Safety enhancements


Development of information management strategies and solutions to enable plant-wide real-time data
historian that transforms data into meaningful information making it accessible for decision making.

CGC, provides control system maintenance and support services to the customer, so that the customer
can maximize the utility of their automation system.

CGC offers the complete range of Biometrics/Security solutions. Our Range of Solutions includes

   •   Smart Card Based Solution
   •   Finger Print Scanning System
   •   IRIS Recognition System
   •   Facial Recognition System

With our overseas technology partner we have the complete capability to provide the consultancy and
implementation of security solution on turnkey


Consolidated Gulf Company together with its
overseas technology partners) is committed to offer
solutions and services in the area of mapping
applications. Our services range from creation of
digital map, Collection of Survey Data, creation of
geographical database, development of GIS based
solutions, providing consultancy and execution of
turnkey environment projects. Our Infrastructure
and Manpower enables us to offer strategic
solutions to the GIS/CAD users within their time
frame and at highly competitive rates.

Our skilled GIS & CAD professionals and
consultants ensure quality and accuracy, which is the
primary requisite for the GIS/ CAD users. We use a
variety of conversion techniques using latest CAD
and GIS software. The Diversified Multi-software
environment enables us to customize the products to
the need of GIS/CAD/CAM user clients


CGC specializes in the following GIS & CAD

   •   Aerial Photography
   •   Videogrammatry
   •   Photogrammatry
   •   LIDAR Surveys
   •   GIS consulting
   •   Map and drawing data conversion
   •   Geological and Hazard Database
   •   3-D Modeling
   •   Asset Management & Facility Management
   •   GPS Based Solution
   •   User needs assessment studies
   •   Remote sensing
   •   Digital Image Processing

   •   Application development in GIS & CAD

                                                     Document Management


Consolidated Gulf Co. successfully executed for its clients in the State of Qatar numerous projects in
the field of Telecommunication, Information technology and Oil & Gas. Few of our prestigious clients


   •   Qatar Telecom
   •   Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd.
   •   Ras Gas
   •   Qatar Fertilizer Company
   •   Qatar Gas
   •   Qatar Petroleum
   •   Qatar Armed Forces
   •   Qatar National Bank

   Sl. No.                                        Name of Project                                        Client
     1       EPIC of STM Ring And Associated PDH Network for 140 Kms                                      QP
     2       EPIC of GDS SCADA Project                                                                    QP
     3       EPIC for RAA-SBVO OFC Ring for 120 Kms                                                       QP
     4       EPIC of SBVO – RAA STM Network for 120 Kms                                                   QP
     5       Technical Support Services for the QP Telecommunication Departments                          QP
     6       Antenna, Grid Pak, and Dishes Coaxial Cable Installation and Maintenance                     QP
     7       EPIC of Digital Multi Channel Event Recording Systems

     8       EPIC of a Primary Rate Clock for synchronization of different Telecom Network                QP
     9       Turnkey installation of Telecom Network within Qatar and on Halul Island

     10      Up gradation of STM 1 to STM 4 network                                                       QP
     11      Implementation of Rig Radio’s                                                                QP
     12      Supply Installation & commissioning of Voice Recording Solution                              QP
     13      EPIC for Remote Oil Shutdown System                                                          QP
     14      Supply Installation and Commissioning of Ras Abu Aboud Radio Room Consoles                   QP
     15      Commissioning of a Radio Communication System on Al Udeid Airbase on turnkey basis
                                                                                                        of Qatar
     16      Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Echo Cancellers                                   Q-Tel
     17      Turnkey Project nationwide Paging System (13 Sites) in Qatar                                Q-TEL
     18      Implementation of First Intenerated Billing solution                                        Q-TEL
     19      Supply and Installation of Complete nation wide radio trunking system                       Q-TEL
             Supply, Installation and Implementation of Complete nation wide radio trunking system -
     20                                                                                                  Q-TEL
             5000 Lines +
     21      Supply of Software Consultancy Services                                                     Q-TEL
     22      Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Pair Gain System                                  Q-TEL
     23      Turnkey Installation of Microwave Radio’s                                                   QTEL
     24      Turnkey installation of Optional Devices STM 1/ STM 4                                       QTEL
     25      Turnkey Implementation of Point to Point GSM Radio Links                                    QTEL
             Turnkey Implementation of TETRA Digital Radio Trunking System for Ras Laffan
     26                                                                                                  QTEL
             Industrial Area
     27      EPIC of Point to Point Minilinks GSM Radios                                                 QTEL
     28      EPIC of SHDSL                                                                               QTEL
     29      Supply & Implementation of STM 16 Nodes                                                     QTEL
     30      Supply of Tetra Terminals                                                                   QTEL
     31      Supply and installation of Major Telephone Exchange on turnkey basis -2000 lines+            MOI
     32      Turnkey Implementation of IP PABX                                                            MOI
 33      Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Voice Recording Solution                          MOI
 34      Supply, Installations and Commissioning of Integrated Voice Recording System.               MOI
 35      Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Voice Recording Solution                          MOI
 36      Supply of Analog & Digital Telephone Sets                                                   MOI
 37      Supply, Installation and Implementation of Large Size Telephone Exchange 1000 + Lines     QAPCO
 38      Supply, Installation and Implementation of Large Size Telephone Exchange 1000+ Lines      QAFCO
 39      Supply and Implementation of Integrated Frequency and Inventory Management Solution.        QAF
 40      EPIC of Nationwide (20 Sites) paging system on turnkey basis                                QAF
         Turnkey execution of Antenna & Wave Guide installation work at Qatar Naval Base, Halul
 41                                                                                                  QAF
         Island, Jessasiya.
 42      Supply of Software Solutions – Access Card Based Solutions                                  QNB
                                                                                                  Ministry of
 43      EPIC of wide area paging system


S. No.                                         Name of Project                                      Client
  1      EPIC for Offshore Synchronous Transportation Module (STM) Network                            QP
  2      Scanning and Indexing of Hardcopy Documents into Document Management System               Qatar Gas
                                                                                                  Ministry of
  3      Nation Wide Expansion of Ministry of Health Paging System
  4      Turnkey Implementation of Next Generation Point to Multipoint Radio’s                      QTEL
  5      Documents Backlog Conversion and Indexing into Document Management System                 Kahramaa
  6      Expansion of Point to Point Radio’s                                                        QTEL
  7      Expansion of Tetra Network – Nation Wide                                                   QTEL
         Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Quality of Service Management Solution
  8                                                                                                 QTEL
         Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Quality of Service Management Solution
  9                                                                                                 QTEL
         (Copper )
 10      Documentation Processing Services                                                         Ras Gas
         Implementation of Document Management System for Real Estate Registration                CGIS/MMA
         Department.                                                                                  A
 12      Turnkey Implementation of SDH Radio’s                                                      QTEL
 13      Operation & Management of Tetra Network                                                    QTEL
 14      Supply of Man Power Services                                                              Ras Gas
 15      Supply of Spares for SDH Networks                                                            QP
 16      Turnkey Implementation of Complete Plant Coverage                                          Technip
 17      Supply and Implementation of Tetra Terminals and Plant Coverage
 18      EPIC of 30 No’ s of P-P Mini Links GSM Radio’s                                             QTEL
 19      Communication system
20   Supply & Configuration of Tetra Terminals   RLPC
21   Provisioning of 700 Voice Pagers             HMC
22   Supply of enterprise Telephone System       Siemens
23   Supply of 1000 No’s of CPEs for NGMPR       QTEL
         We would like to
          Thank you
  for sparing your precious time
       for an overview of our

Hope we will be together in your
        next Project.

      Consolidated Gulf Company
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      P. O. Box - 1231, Doha-Qatar
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