Personality of the Chinese provinces by fdjerue7eeu


									Personality of the Chinese provinces
1】 【Henan
Henan is the cradle of the Chinese nation, six old has three in Henan. But now the
worst reputation, Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the city's
companies are reluctant to hire people in Henan, the "fire alarm anti
Henan", which even played in Shenzhen, "severely crack down
on gang membership in Henan" in banner. Probably more people in the
narrow (fast 100 million of the) competition, a lot of people seem to naturally very sly.
The company's reputation is very bad in Henan, to deceive the deception,
to pit the pit, and they do business is risky. Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang company
focused on a lot of liars, the commissioning process, to join the way of fraud, not
whether the local government. Henan general position in the big cities is not high, but
the reputation is the most "loud", received a lot of waste (often
pilfering), Gushi County is "waste of the town." Miss has a lot
to do, more loitering in the cities. The crime rate in Beijing after a northeastern
(northeastern fighting, Henan theft, fraud, people hate more strokes). No one is
probably the DPRK, there is no right to speak, always marginalized, and even
renamed a lot of people are Hebei, Henan people, Shandong Province. In fact, Henan
people are diligent, hardworking, simple lifestyle has always known, especially in
rural areas is very simple, nostalgic heavy, but rigid, inert, closed and conservative, is
China's largest provincial labor force. Henan is very particular about
manners at home, regardless of each other daily, shuttle, circulation, other celebration,
birth, adulthood, marriage, birthday, funeral, etc., are all very much courtesy and
instrumentation. However Henan dirty clothes, not like a bath is out of the name. In
recent years a lot of abuses out of the Henan people not united, spoil the reputation of
a province. Despite every effort to change the image, but the bad name has been
entrenched. Many people from Henan and excessive verbal abuse, already has
forgotten her: the Hakka, and even the ancestors of the people of Shanghai are from
Henan Province.

2. 【】 Hubei
Adjacent to Henan, "the sky nine birds, underground Hubei
guys", no smaller degree of cunning in Henan, the fakes have Hanzhengjie
Wei Town Central. But fame is not so bad Hubei, Hubei is known as "the
province of a thousand lakes", Water and more naturally spiritual, it is also
a lot of beauty. Hubei, very intelligent, highly competitive college entrance
examination, scores were many, very good at reading people in Hubei, the famous
country famed Huanggang schools, and even Beijing Shanghai's key
middle schools are humbled, Hubei University, where many of them are in the
Jiao-Jiao persons. Days the door is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese
mainland, Xiantao, Qianjiang, very rich, comparable to coastal areas. However, Anhui,
Henan, Dabie Mountain area of the red border security, Macheng, British Hill is one
of the poorest regions in the country. Enshi Hubei Province, Shiyan, the old river
mouth is also poor. Security is the most famous red, "General
County" (out of 233 general), it is probably the heroes in those days, as
long as the poor, fit, courageous, there must be life after the big blessing. Hubei
introverted personality, keeping a low profile, Hubei courage as Hunan, Hubei, had a
boy admired a girl, girls liked him, but boy is ashamed to open, last missed benign
fate, trickery no more courage to not do the same. Compared to rural areas is, in
Hubei province is also the workers.
3. 【】 Hunan
Hunan is known as "north south", character Zhang Yang
Unyielding, as hot as chili, his voice however. History books have given the most
praise on the Hunan: "However, there are material Chu, in Sri Lanka to
hold" (Yuelu Academy), "Chu Chin although three to
death," "no not a military Xiang", "Hunan
people do not down, China is not dumping, "" the world not get
along without Hunan. " Tseng Kuo-fan, Tso's Hunan the Great
Qing Dynasty incense lasted nearly half a century, GCD's founding fathers
and many came from Hunan, it can be said of modern Chinese history and are part of
modern Chinese history with blood and Hunan life written in. Hunan smart brave,
Unyielding and resolute, dare any event, the rise and fall with world responsibility,
"If the Chinese State Road fruit fall, unless the Hunan people do
die," focused on the outstanding virtues of the Chinese nation, study, fight
in wars, do all the labor Yes. However, there are Moral Degeneration recent trend,
Changsha, is a typical consumer city, Bath City, are everywhere (both inside Miss),
consumption is not low, many locals have no money laundering, has been enlivened
by the Cantonese ; Twin Peaks is a "false town", the radiation,
as much as tens of thousands of employees; said that the beauty Taojiang good;
Shaoyang rich underworld; Chenzhou all corrupt; Xiangtan were very slow pace of
life, a lot of people chewing betel nut leisurely leisurely (Hunan did not produce betel
nut chewing than Hainan's also more addictive the property, serious cancer.
Hunan, three gas: Reiki, Fei Qi and domineering, violent gangs that

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