Loose Clothing by fjwuxn


									                                                                                                                      January 2008
                                     Industry Worker Fatally Injured When Loose Clothing got Caught in Rotating Equipment

                                                                                                               Re-enactment of the 2002 incident
    The key message from this industry incident is that rotating equipment and loose clothing                   where a worker’s harness was
    can create a deadly combination. Other similar incidents that have occurred include:                           caught in a rotating winch

    •1996 - A truck driver delivering NGL to an IOR off loading rack for another company died
    when the loose sleeve on his coveralls got caught in the rotating shaft of his pump.
                                                                                                     These coveralls were shredded when they
    •2001 - An industry worker in the Arctic died when his parka was snagged by a rotating           were caught by a rotating shaft, this worker
    coring rig.                                                                                               was lucky and survived

    •2002 - An Imperial Oil contract worker was fatally injured when the strap on his fall arrest
    harness got snagged in a rotating winch drum.
    Preventative Measures:
    •Ensure clothing. gloves and straps are close fitting with loose ends tucked in
    •Tuck in or cut off draw strings on hoods
    •Do not wear loose jewellery
    •Stay clear of ALL rotating equipment
D.J.Fennell Imperial Oil Resources

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