Peking University Guanghua Wine Association in 2010 will

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					Peking University Guanghua Wine Association in 2010 will
Peking University Guanghua Wine Association successfully held the first annual
- Gold Kangaroo wine into the School of Business

   ?Wine for Peking University Guanghua School of Management Association for
teachers and students, February 6, 2010 is destined to a memorable day. With the
advent of the Lunar New Year in 2010, Peking University Guanghua School of
Management at the strong support of the First Annual Wine Institute, Peking
University Guanghua success. This is the Association in February 2009 the biggest
event organized since. From Guanghua MBA, EMBA, MPAcc, EDP, such as the
Shuobo school graduate and member of more than 200 people attended the Annual

February 6, at 7 pm, Peking Wine Association Annual Conference in Peking
University's Guanghua School of Hotel Banquet Hall. Attendance at the
party were to Peking University Guanghua Wine Association, attended the Weiying
Dean, Guanghua Professor Wang Yafei, director of development, accounting professor
Professor Wang Liyan, Alumni Director of the Centre Professor Lv Feng, Deputy
Head of Accounting Department, MPAcc Executive Director, Professor Jiang Guohua,
an associate professor of accounting, EDP, Assistant Director of the Centre Professor
Li Qi, Wang Jian, deputy director of alumni to contact teachers, MBA Alumni
Association Executive Vice President Mr. sapphire.

First Annual Wine Institute by the famous CCTV host, MBA alumni and alumni
yellow curved more towards the two handsome men and beautiful women over. First
of all, by the Wine Institute, Peking University Guanghua Zhang Weiying speech
president took office, facing the audience of teachers and students, Zhang Guanghua,
president of the Wine Institute's future development of the great
expectations. Guanghua Wine Association in this big family, there EMBA, EDP,
MBA, MPAcc alumni sessions at all levels, this is a good platform, we can exchange,
to create win-win value. Zhang, president of the association of wine experts and
specially appointed professors were issued Guanghua "professional wine
consultant" and "Distinguished Advisor" certificate.
Finally chang also to the teachers and students here to send a New Year's
The next is New Year's party, party programs are used by the members
work and learn and be self-directed the show, such programs can also reflect the
aspirations of members, deeply loved by teachers and students. The first program is a
director from MPAcc Dan and Zhou Su present a piano violin ensemble
"Scent of a Woman", beautiful melodies and fragrant wine
complement each other beautifully. Alumni Tian Tian students English songs, such as
the sounds of nature's voice, makes you think that is a reprise of the
original, as if we brought the wine Zhuangyuan Cheng row vine makes us fascinated,
intoxicated. In the dynamic music, the show "Beauty and the
wine" walking down the catwalk models, beautiful models shaking the
hands of a glass of red wine, if the bitterness and make you feel emotion, wine does
not intoxicate people from drunk ah! The participation of alumni in the hands of
magic hundred dollar bills instant disappeared without a trace, in an instant they found
again! Joy instant, amazing!

The climax of the evening are alumni song from the east over the auction, which the
king donated the Asian-African teachers as the first group of wine auction, live
bidding is intense, and the auctioneer has just announced the start of bidding, and the
atmosphere reached its climax. Bidding will soon break through 500, 1,800 yuan,
3,600 yuan, 4,888 yuan, 6,000 yuan mark, the last was 6666 yuan Ma Bin alumni to
get a price competition.

The event will also interspersed with a quiz for to spread wine knowledge! Lucky 12
third-class draw the scene is exciting, lucrative prizes to winning students excited!
Association during the program last year, the Secretary-General for the association
activities were summarized, and the future outlook for the coming year, so that more
members of the Association on the future activities of infinite vision.

Evening at the sound of cheers and music ended, the teachers and students here have a
picture came to power, we look forward to next year together will be even more
Last flu Xierui Sen International Wine (Group) Company, Inner Mongolia and bahia
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