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   In addition to formal banquets, Europe and the United States who is basically
consumption habits AA system. Most of the Chinese people together, spending is
always from "Taiweibalang" or "taken for a
ride" to foot the bill. Chinese people's cultural practices is
probably behind the so-called chivalry and the Confucian Mohist vanity and
selfishness of the fusion type Ya Xiya it. Its essence is that everyone can really take
responsibility for their own. Now, this backward cultural practices are likely to give
China a major disaster.
   Said first front of the internal dynamic of the "save the housing market
movement", not that of some local government officials colluded with
developers tossing too far, and the country people pay for the best example of What?
Businessmen began to buy real estate prices will always be gains media; local
government performance and civil servants to the interests of government officials
took the opportunity to jack up prices to expand revenue. So house prices have been
bullish in the early performance of the momentum. National performance here is:
have to buy a house that his family property appreciation, and very happy; richest
leading real estate developers are pleased; speculators made a lot of money to
eliminate heart, but also very happy; migrant workers have a job, happy; The
Government are also pleased to related companies; would definitely can not afford
room that had nothing to do; only in part by saving money to buy a house, exchange
of building the working-class did not start with regret early. I said:
"Heaven his death will make it crazy." Now, developers have
relied on official triad under the thugs of the good life by finally coming to an end,
some local governments to bring it the financial rescue the housing market, but the
people are silent sound even applauded. This is not really the people can not take
responsibility for their own, to the "black heart" and pay Why?
   Besides citrus pests in Sichuan disaster. What kinds of people to listen to local
government, what the "fruit and vegetable on behalf of the
food," "what size" of ... ... a good idea, but you can
not just to performance but is not in service as a right? Quarantine, marketing, disaster
prevention and control have to keep up with the ah. Now is the people themselves do
not pay What?
   There earthquake Fangdaowuta building of the Civil Service in the housing
construction on the lack of supervision, the people themselves pay with their lives;
municipal building demolition of the building, built demolition, factory duplication,
resulting in huge financial waste, the people foot the bill with tax ; milk poison is
ineffective supervision and quarantine department of the civil service, people pay for
their own use of health, family property and tears with dairy farmers pay; also toxic
eggs, 毒大米, sinister pepper ... ... which is not the ordinary people (also including
civil servants themselves) pay for it?
   Recently, reported that "Chinese people in Africa become second-class
citizens", because even a "perfunctory Chinese groups in Africa,
often plan feel, easy, dig a little money, so as not to recruit some
'trouble'. African Police addicted to plug the money required,
"a Chinese national dignity and image of their bad habits and still can not
afford to second-class citizens off the label, not funny What? Not
"elite" because I have the essence and let all Chinese people pay
    The most exasperating is the media on the U.S. "sub-prime crisis -
financial crisis," the report, is simply downright ignorant. Could have been
the big European and American capitalists process of collective exploitation of
workers around the world, some greater evil way to kill time in clashing too greedy
individual more evil. People in the physical world nothing less. People
"food Quo" the Government's performance but also
to reassure the exploitation of their domestic workers lost their jobs because of the
crisis, also informed the partners about the situation, if the way from China and other
"food power country," lie some sympathy money better.
Meanwhile, our media doing? Vigorously to help those who "eat
Quo" Government big favor! Why is difficult to see "China to
avoid the 'economic crisis' reports of advice to do?"
Citrus pests can not sell due; apple exports greatly reduced, threatening to become
rotten; milk tainted the reputation of being wasted due to empty the ... ... migrant
workers returned from a shortage of "return flows", is likely to
lead to more security problems . We will not for these "elite",
"experts" pay it stupid?
    "Police killed six students in Harbin," the reports have been
mixed up so many related factors, and finally to prove how many people believe the
rumors then? (I had been killed from the mouth of the child's classmates
know: these institute's ruffian child I never was so much background.) Bad
this did not affect the credibility of the media is also poor countries to pay Why?
    Therefore, I advise people still put away a small bright bar, to learn the country
socially responsible!
    In particular, to be fair to taxpayers, civil servants perform their duties.
"Civil Law" Chapter V "Examination"
and Chapter IX, "disciplinary" parts of the amendment: a
collective dereliction of duty, can not ask the leadership of one foot the bill! Who was
wrong and who does not act, who is himself punished. France also responsible for the
public! To increase the salary and pension deductions content! The world should not
have iron rice bowl!
    The result did little tricks are clever collective disadvantage, and finally we all
become "taken for a ride."
    Wenzhou, a "big civil servants" Yang Xianghong gone,
Wenzhou City in order to "highly responsible" attitude to send a
group of troops returned to Paris to persuade its treatment, has not returned. They
should not be promoted to his leadership of abandonment of post pay for the Yang
Xianghong What?
   Recently, Peking University Guanghua School of Management of the two statues in
front of the new building controversy. More than 3 meters high, exposed genitals and
mouth grin I brawny statue of relative standing. These two sculptures is the Central
Academy of Fine Arts's works, the author said that the creation of their
own intentions. For exposed genitals question, claimed that "insiders know
that this is art." ("Beijing News" reported on October
31) people, are we going to continue to train for such a college out of those
"always thinks the professionals, as lay people as" stupidity
cadres pay it?
   "From the masses, to the masses" is our tradition. Americans
go to school, and elections from the grassroots all the way "dry
up" Obama as next president. By contrast, lost the traditional fear of
grassroots and hard job, chasing big cities, high salaries, decent office such as
immediate a lot of young Chinese, especially university students, is the
"education reform" failed product. Finally, not the people across
the country for educators and parents pay for their folly Why?

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