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Peaceful Pet Crematory Opens
December 4, 2009 marked the official opening of Animal Rescue Foundation’s newest venture. Begun in
June, the Peaceful Pet Crematory represents the collective work of many donors and volunteers. Through
their efforts, the crematory opened up in a mortgage-free facility, and all proceeds from the crematory can
go straight toward supporting ARF’s mission of placing family pets in responsible, forever homes.
The grounds of Peaceful Pet Crematory, which is located at 721 S. Wilkinson St. next door to ARF’s main
facility, also include a rose bush-lined scattering garden where the bereaved may scatter the ashes of their
loved ones.

ARF would like to thank the following donors and veterinarians for their assistance with this project:
Donna & Rick Williams         Chet Purcell                    Bug House Pest Control       Roy Atchinson
Doyle Beckham                 Linda Kerce                     Sean Swearingen              Tom Blenk
Anne & Tilman Chamlee         Baldwin Builders Supply         Linda, Gary, & Cory Ashley   Joy Norman
Edwin Thompson                Jack Harris                     Mary & Harvey Schoonmaker    Dr. Russ Edwards
Gus Pursley                   Bryan Harris                    Brian Schoonmaker            Dr. Dean Campbell
Raymond Grimes                Tanya & Keith Drinkwater        Marge Schoonmaker            Dr. Saralyn Smith
Robyn & Randy Register        Debbie & Gene Slay              Larry Glover                 Dr. Bob McWhorter
Lee & Bo Edwards              Mark James                      James Pinter                 Dr. Jim Lee
Kandis Sawyer                 Charles Baxley                  Chris Hartman                Dr. Toni Hall
Donna & Myron Bennett         Barry Bonner                    Ricky Smith                  Dr. Cheryl Council
Steve Avant

Membership Renewal Drive
It is time for our annual membership renewal. If you are already a member, now is the time to renew your
membership for 2010. If you are not a member, please join today. Membership costs $35 for a family and
$20 for an individual. For your convenience, a membership form is included with this newsletter. We look
forward to receiving your renewal soon.
But don’t stop with a membership renewal!
ARF relies on your support to provide shelter and care for homeless dogs and cats housed at ARF. Every
dollar helps make their lives a little easier. Please consider a donation today (see our insert inside this
newsletter). Remember that your donation is tax deductible.
You can also renew or donate online at

                             Upcoming Event—Hold the Date
                        It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs ARF Auction
                 Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the Milledgeville Country Club
                                                 ARF News 1
Reduced Adoption Fees                                                    Who We Are
In December and January only, ARF is offering                  Board of Directors
reduced adoption fees as an incentive to find homes            President:    Bobbie Thompson
quickly for our wonderful and loving cats and dogs.            VP/Secretary: Robyn Register
We are offering a Senior Citizen Discount to those             Treasurer:    Joy Norman
60 and older: $50 for all cats and dogs over one year
old and $75 for all kittens and puppies less than one                      Members at Large
year. For everyone else, the fees to adopt a cat are                         Linda Ashley
$100 for kittens up to six months old, $80 for kittens                        Tom Blenk
six months through three years, and $50 for cats older                     Heather Langston
than three. The adoption fee for dogs is $100 for a                        Kathy Groseclose
puppy through one year, $85 for over one year
through three, and $75 for three and older.                    Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc.
                                                               P.O. Box 1032
Additional fees may apply if an animal has required            711 S. Wilkinson Street
special veterinary treatments and care. ARF is also            Milledgeville, GA 31059-1032
offering reduced fees for multiple adoptions. Adopt            (478) 454-1273 (454-1-ARF)
two cats or two dogs or one of each, at the same time,
and the second pet will have a reduced adoption fee.
                                                                 Your donations are tax-deductible
                                                                   and are greatly appreciated.
                                                         Please mail your check, payable to Animal Rescue
                                                                Foundation, to the above address or
                                                               donate via PayPal from our website.

                                                                 Have you found ARF on Facebook?
                                                                       Join our group today!

Holiday Fundraisers

The ARF elves were busy during the month of
December! Once again, they set up the Santa Paws
Wish Tree at the Milledgeville Mall. Shoppers
stopped by, selected a tag, purchased the specified
item, and delivered it to the ARF shelter. From
bleach and garbage bags to collars and monetary
donations, all were needed and most appreciated.                         Annual Meeting
                                                            It is time again for our Annual Meeting! This
ARF also sold a variety of stocking stuffers for the       year’s meeting will be on Wednesday evening,
animal lovers in our community. ARF logo                   January 27, 2010 at Sylvia’s Grille, 2600 North
t-shirts, baseball caps, tree ornaments, and Adopt a      Columbia Street. Our meeting will begin at 6 p.m.
Pet car magnets have been available as well as the          in the private dining room with 30 minutes of
beautiful 2010 Pet Calendar.                                socializing, dinner, and the business meeting.
Do you have your 2010 Pet Calendar? If not, hurry          This has been a very busy year for ARF during
to ARF, Lakeside Veterinary Clinic, or Animal              which much has been accomplished. Please join
Hospital because they are going fast!                     us as we hear reports from our officers and review
                                                                   the budget for the coming year.

                                                  ARF News 2
Humane Education Program Underway                     Woof and Meow Notes
Students are learning about humane education          Georgia College & State University held its
through a new ARF program for pre-school              Presidential Award Ceremony honoring students
through third graders. Pre-schoolers learn about      with at least 100 volunteer hours. Two of our GCSU
the right way to treat pets including concepts        volunteers were honored: Julie for more than 100
such as tails are not for pulling and how to be a     hours and Pavielle for more than 250 hours of
friend to an animal.                                  service. Julie continues to volunteer with us, but
                                                      Pavi has moved on to law school.
Kindergarteners learn about taking care of pets
and first graders learn about the responsibilities    ARF’s own Bobbie Thompson is a community
of pet ownership. The focus in second grade is        columnist with the Union Recorder. She regularly
dog bite prevention. Students learn the correct       submits articles regarding issues related to animal
way to greet a dog and what to do in the event of     welfare and ARF. If you have suggestions/questions
hostility. Second graders are given a special         for future columns, you may email ARF at
activity book, Fido: Friend or Foe?,         or send it by mail to
compliments of Merritt Massey of State Farm           ARF, PO Box 1032, Milledgeville, GA 31059.

Third graders tackle animal ethics issues that are    Can you believe the rain we have had? Baldwin
relevant to our community such as chaining            County Sheriff’s Department notified ARF of four
dogs, puppy mills, and dumping animals.               “flooding” events this year meaning that a total of
                                                      six floodgates had been opened. Since the ARF
Almost 650 students in three schools have             shelter is in the flood plain, the water in the back
benefited from this program so far this year. A       yard had to be monitored. Luckily, it never reached
few more volunteers are needed to go into             the building and no animals had to be evacuated.
classrooms on a consistent basis and teach the
lessons. If you are interested, contact ARF.
_______________________________________________       E-Mail Addresses Needed
                                                      ARF needs your e-mail address so that you can
Pet Walk and Deep Roots                               receive this newsletter electronically rather that
                                                      through the postal system. This will save ARF a
In September ARF’s annual Pet Walk had to be          considerable amount of money which can then be
postponed for two weeks because of flooding.          used to take care of the animals. Just send us a note
This was the first time ARF held the event at the     at You may also
Greenway. It was worth the wait. The day of the       contact us via our website,
walk was a spectacular fall day and while it was
a lot of hard work, it went very well. Thank you,
volunteers and animal lovers who came out and
participated.                                         Can You Give Us Your Time?
                                                      We need volunteers to help us weekdays during the
ARF also participated in the Deep Roots Festival      hours we are open – 11 until 2 Mondays and
in the fall. The event exceeded expectations and      Thursday through Saturday. Can you help with
plans are already being made for next year’s          paperwork, reception, cat socializing, and/or dog
booth.                                                walking? We also need assistance with fundraisers
                                                      and special events.
We look forward to seeing you at both events
next year.                                            If your New Year’s Resolution is to get more
                                                      exercise, get it with a canine friend at ARF. He will
                                                      love you for it!

                                               ARF News 3
                        Ribbon Cutting and Donor Appreciation Night
On the left, ARF supporters are joined by Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce members
for the Ribbon Cutting and Open House on December 3, 2009 marking the official opening of the Peaceful
Pet Crematory. On the right, Bobbie Thompson thanks donors Rick and Donna Williams for their support
and encouragement at Donor Appreciation Night on December 8, 2009.

P.O. BOX 1032                                                                  NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
711 S. Wilkinson St.                                                               US POSTAGE PAID
MILLEDGEVILLE, GA 31059-1032                                                      MILLEDGEVILLE, GA
                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 206

                                              ARF News 4

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