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									Outsourcing of call center management (in)
We mentioned above, in the choice of his own contracting business partner after the
management of late they are often some of the wrong ideas and practices, I listed four.
That they are wrong in what the specific outsourced side it, Let's analyze.
First, outsourcing, the daily quality of service, possible risks, using strategies and
implementation details should all be considered by the service provider Zi Xing,
address, and contracting business does not matter.
Comments: When in any corner of the world's users reload their Microsoft
operating system, pick up the phone to contact Microsoft to re-activate the product
requirements, and satisfactory service, when given praise. We can tell the user just for
their service to this customer service is likely not a Microsoft employee, but only
Microsoft partner a member of the company. And the customer service performance
directly affects the user's evaluation of Microsoft. Therefore, service
providers final analysis, the object is still contracting services to commercial
customers. If the service is good, by customers will be directed contracting business,
and businesses can benefit; the other hand is still the loss of their enterprises. So now
more and more outsourcing is not simply from a cost perspective, but from the tactical
requirements of the strategic development starting. Contracting and service providers
are partners in shared interests, so contracting business in the chosen their own
partners, the need to keep to their daily work, help and guidance, and even provide
resources to ensure that service providers really good service contract providers, their
Second, service providers are B, is the contracting business subsidiary; so contracting
business is to continually raise the work requirements, and service providers to meet
on the line as long.
Comment: Service providers and contracting business is different from the role of the
two roles, there is no superior-subordinate relationship. For example when a person
took out a 100 yuan real money you spend 80 yuan to buy, What would you buy? I
believe that most people would agree buying it. Contracting business looking for
partners, too, although the contracting companies spent the money, but the service
providers because of their professionalism, it has created a contracting business
contracting their spending the same money and effort can not achieve results, he
proved himself value. Therefore, this cooperation contract providers and service
providers is a win-win situation. But why daily work, we often see the situation is the
contracting business in the orders, service providers follow the action? That is
because the contracting business on his own business development, performance
indicators have a more explicit planning and requirements, he played in co-operation
is the role of helmsman, while the service provider plays the role of the crew.
Helmsman proposed instructions must be clear, reasonable, and not frequently
changed direction. The crew members need to actively work in accordance with
helmsman's command, the boat towards the target.
Third, if the current service provider was in trouble, contracted providers can now
import the second provider. So, never accounted for in the contracting business
Comments: It is indeed contracting business needs can change according to their
service provider, but in the process of replacing the negative impact will be enormous.
For example, as soon as the contracting partners of both companies told the
partnership will end in a month, predictable service provider's overall
service quality will immediately occur within 1 month to decline rapidly. This is only
the beginning of the difficulties in the subsequent data transfer, staff transfers, new
supply providers are familiar with a range of business and meet the requirements
process, the contracting companies still face many unexpected problems. Once the
customer experience because of these problems affected contracting companies will
face more severe challenging. Therefore, the proposed contract providers, service
providers when choosing not to focus only on cost factors, but rather from a
combination of factors to consider, if not easily set the partner replacement, or lose
out to still own. Recently heard a well-known outsourcer because they provide cheap
succeeded in a list of more than 200 seats. However, in implementation of the project
found that because the offer was too low, can not cover the cost of the project,
resulting in a significant loss of personnel, the project ran aground in the state. Thus
the business of contracting greatly affected, had planned to re-bidding.
Fourth, once the service provider into a process or improvement measures, they will
automatically do it well.
Comments: According to my observation, the absence of some measure of power or,
most service providers are not entirely under the requirements of the implementation
of a contracting business improvements or import an optimization process. After all
these extra people, time and effort. The internal management of many enterprises is
the clean-up-style management, which is superficial work done well, it was time to
check the performance of good, but daily work is another style. So when the
contracting business partner requirements change, we must set good expectations of
the time change took place, and quantifiable indicators, to urge service providers to
implement improvement measures in place.
CC-CMM research center of Fudan University "issued by
China's call center operations in 2009 Benchmarking Report"
noted that China currently has approximately 24.3% of enterprises will outsource their
call center. Although the past year, some businesses and consumers the sake of the
global economic crisis will affect the existing outsourcing plans. However, the
Chinese mainland in 2009, call center outsourcing market is still more than 17.6%
Call center outsourcing market boom to a number of service providers with
opportunities, in recent years full-time version of emerging outsourcing companies
everywhere. The service provider specifically what to do to ensure success of
outsourcing, effective?
I do think that at least three steps: clear the contents of the cooperation contract signed,
the project initially focus on the overall planning and control, project mid-term action
to regulate
The first step: clear the contents of the cooperation contract signed
To achieve contract clarity, we often can include three sections: the main agreement,
the supplemental agreement and job description.
The information contained in the Master Agreement: Company obligations, fees and
payment terms, the definition of sub-work, confidentiality provisions, ownership and
Guarantees and statements, insurance content, tax, the agreement period (default
The information contained in the Supplemental Agreement: project implementation
requirements of the facility, disaster recovery requirements, duration and content of
training requirements, safety obligations
On-site inspection regulations, etc.;
The information contained in the statement of work: outsourcing the project scope of
work, service provider organizations to implement project requirements, performance
objectives, employees can use the definition of resources, services and processes and
In order to ensure that the contracting and service providers are authorized to sign the
two sides, but also work as a guide for cooperation late contract, we need to complete
the five steps.
Step One, Begin with the End
The reason why some co-operation will fail, that is, lose at the starting point. Because
some participants contract negotiation contract negotiations will end as a
"destination", to get both sides to sign the contract is defined as
"successful." So the two sides in the contract development
process will not take full account of implementation of the project may face the
problem or need in order to ensure the success of the project resources are.
To avoid similar problems occurring in the discussion and formulation of contracts,
the proposed contract providers and service providers to think of the project has been
implemented for some time, and we may face the problem what the? How will the
implementation of the project status? The two sides have the ability and resources to
be able to ensure the smooth development of the project?
Step two, to help each other prepare
Contract-making process, some contract negotiators for trying to protect the
successful signing the contract, will work hard to make full disclosure of information
from relevant stakeholders or restrictions involved.
In fact a clear need for co-operation contracts covering all aspects of the work
involved in order to avoid future work on the contract terms and scope of the
confusion and controversy, discussion and development of the contract when the need
to ensure that contracting and service providers and other relevant personnel full
participation, and face to face discussions and negotiations. Agreement, the text of the
relevant information included in the contract.
Step three, to the common responsibility of concerted
Contract negotiations are often filled with a natural "we",
"them", "you" hostile mental, and in this
atmosphere, the negotiating parties will unconsciously as his two hostile camps. But
as I said earlier, contracting and service provider is a different take on board the
responsibilities of two roles. The two sides should discuss the process of making the
contract may face common problems and challenges, the establishment of a trust,
interdependence, mutual aid environment.
Step 4, send a voice
Team in contract negotiations between the parties to reach agreement on the content
of the contract, the contracting and service providers need to both parties involved in
the project implementation team members were presented and the terms of the
contract statement of work (SOW). And must pass the information to ensure
consistency, while ensuring an accurate understanding of the relevant members of the
content of the contract. To avoid future occurrence of the process of cooperation
assume or assumed by contract providers, manage, and service providers to work with
feel the situation.
Step 5, the same as business process management contract negotiations
We must ensure that the "implementation-oriented" thinking
runs through all contract negotiations always, to avoid contracting business with
"no mercy" attitude to squeeze as much as possible
"cost effective" contract, the enforceability of the expense of
home; the same time , a service provider to obtain the project, the first
"turning back" promise, even if simply can not be honored.
To do this, we can increase the contract awards truly reflect the value of some of the
terms or increase the number of control elements.

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