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Kai Feng education is a high-quality personalized education providers, focusing on
primary and secondary education, has many years of educational experience. Kai
Feng has a number of researchers in the college entrance examination, first-line
masters, young teachers backbone. Full-time teachers have bachelor degree or above
100%, 60% have a master's degree. Our teachers are graduates of the New
York University, China Europe International Business School, Zhejiang University,
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other world-class institutions
of higher learning, and the crazy wind Kay Teaching Gifted and practice has
accumulated rich experience in teaching. Since its inception, successfully trained
hundreds of students, results have been substantially improved by them the trust and
praise from parents.

    We are dedicated to improving student achievement, learning ability and
motivation. After years of educational research and practice, summed up an effective
mode of education. Unlike traditional one to many schools, to provide an expert team
of Kai Feng many to one of the all-round counseling. According to the
child's level of knowledge, learning methods, learning attitudes, learning
habits       design      personalized        teaching       program.         So    that
"individualized" the teaching philosophy.
    Years of education industry and focus on prostitution Baptist, Kai Feng familiar
with the proposition in the law college entrance examination. Development of
children through non-intellectual factors in the learning ability of children's
problem solving ability and training methods can help children improve test scores

    Kai Feng is an advocate of high quality youth education, complement and go
beyond the traditional school education. Learn how to learn, let the children enjoy
learning, learning, good learning. Teach One to fish than giving the fishing. Kay wind
that the most valuable knowledge is knowledge about methods. Shaping the success
of character: to make children have a thankful heart, confident and self-discipline,
sincere and happy, with the right values and tenacity, to appreciate others, and
allowing others to live in harmony.