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Ordinary girl_ extraordinary heart


									Ordinary girl, extraordinary heart
Ordinary girl, extraordinary heart
                             - Interview with Department of Education Guanghua
scholarship Qin Ding

She is an ordinary girl, but her own efforts to write a brilliant and outstanding. Behind
the envy of the ring, let us follow the news interview from the Education Department
into the 05 Arts 2 class Guanghua scholarship, a taste of her style, she has traveled the
road to see and listen to her The story ......
A heart of emotion, a wonderful person
Five years, she had her life becomes enriched; five years, she had her dream into a
reality; five years, she had her own enthusiasm for this charming land in the education
fullest. The next five years, she would give us what kind of surprise, what she will
create a world, time will reveal that our brilliant answers.
Qin Ding educational professional generous, cheerful, and about five years at the
university, she is extraordinarily excited, "This is a substantial five years,
whether working, studying or living here, but relaxed atmosphere of active
development to me provides a wider stage. her rich and vibrant heritage, especially
the Department of Education where we are the footsteps in the new era of rapid
development and growth, all aspects of flourishing, and this gives each of us were
enthusiastic about education! " Inspired like this, from the first day enter
school, she began a university career planning, she will own professional career as a
college track. God rewards the diligent and successful blessing, as she like the natural
heart, of course, the real successful people are willing to share the experience with, so
let us learn together the small piano, feel the successful outcome of it.
In college, she never limited to the classroom to learn 50 minutes of small space,
library, Catholic, bedroom, she enjoy wandering in the study of the ocean. For most
people suffers in English, but she make full use of American TV, movies and other
network resources, easy to learn. With her in the work of a simple heart, the spirit of
self-purpose exercise a number of groups participated in the school and made
outstanding achievements, such a fun learning fun for her work to enrich campus life
for five years, it is she won the trust of teachers, students respect.
But rest easy again blocked the footsteps of many people. Not to mention the body is
a revolution in the capital, as the increasing emphasis on the overall quality of
today's society, blind study has been unable to meet competing demands.
REST represents the outside in addition to learning all the work and rest, the process
of orderly life, like an unwritten law of the enterprise, a successful entrepreneur, there
are always one or two particularly good at loving the sport. Ding Qin five years at the
university are also special attention to strengthening exercises. She likes to sprint,
who have participated in school competitions. For the movement, her view is that
"sports temper people's will, and enhance collaboration,
promote friendship between people. Sports is the breakthrough of self and challenge
themselves the way!"
While the University's liberal to read it slowly and study hard the people in
the longing, but all are inseparable from the success of the management control of the
whole process, the small piano is a special emphasis on self management, she clearly
wanted to do kind of person, in the future what to do, to develop a practical short,
medium, long-term goals, go step by step, to a good degree. Growth in the ivory
tower as the "favored" she knows "Bao Jianfeng
from tempered", the result, she determinedly faced the bitter cold in the
process, undergo sharpening.
Movie "COACH CART" in a line - "Carpe diem!
Seize the day!" I hope we can with the small piano, like to seize this
chance and win the Ming Dynasty, the exciting life of their own interpretation!
Down to earth, far-sighted
Some people may ask you entered the University of sentence, "University
of the two types of people: professionals and scum. You belong to?" This
problem also affects the quality of students - the small piano. Ding Qin once asked
himself "what do I come to college, I left college, what kind of person
do?" Constantly thinking about, so she determined their goals, pragmatic
move on, so that she would clear the way .
"Honest man, practical work, down to earth, far-sighted." Ding
Qin has been observe that the following words of the creed, and always be run
through his life. Learning from her rehearsal, class, review step by step, so five years.
It was so real to do and learn new things, is the secret of her study.
Work, she has been cautious attitude and positive enthusiasm to join them himself,
despite the failure of distress during and sad, but more about enjoying the wonderful
process and the joy of success. When asked how well a student cadre, she cited the
ancient saying: "The United States and the United States, Lady of the
United States, the United States and the United States and common, the world is
common ground." Student leaders must bring their own quality
improvement and service for students consciousness combine to achieve personal
values and serving the general student combined with practical action to actively
participate in and active service. Students work in process, she has more opportunities
to engage with the community. Period of five years in college, she participated in a
number of social practice, student work and participation in the process of social
practice, and she deeply felt self-worth on the rise.
When asked about future life planning Qin Ding, her answer to reporters really
surprised: "Being a primary school teacher." Outstanding
achievement and ability as she is fully capable of break in the outside world in a
broader world, can the planning of her future does not seem so ambitious. In this
regard, D Chin said frankly: "My parents wanted me off a little practical
stability, we must shun their views, but I like this job." He was very filial
piety, this can be felt in the conversation clearly.
Ordinary girl, extraordinary heart
What is failure? No, just get even closer to a successful move; success is what? Is
traversed all the way leading to failure, only the next road, and that is the way
successful. Whenever she is strict with themselves, seriously hard, never easy to be
discouraged in the face of difficulties. Her students commented: "Every
problem encountered by the small piano, she will be a man quietly sat at my desk,
reading notes, access to information, from time to time to scratch his forehead, and
then continue to look for solutions. Once the matter resolved she would smile like a
child on the partnership, said OK. If the matter can not be solved, she would ask the
teacher, classmates, brothers discuss the study. "Her hard work in exchange
for the instructor and with students affirmed. Because she has such a spirit of learning,
access to first-class scholarship Guanghua. She is serious and responsible attitude
towards work, each teacher sets her work within the stipulated time are not discounted
to complete, many times the leadership of the teacher's praise, saying she
has a dedicated College student services, the heart.
Ding Chin, life is optimistic, cheerful girl, dare to face the difficulties and helpful. Her
self-reviews are: "In the young season, I am willing to endure hardship
involved, only the passionate, proactive efforts to realize their own values, and
learning and make the greatest contribution to life." The students
evaluation of her : "She not only has a girl's delicate heart, also
has a difficult as the boys are not afraid to take the challenges as the heart."
Great man is great, because he and others coexistence of adversity, people lost faith,
he was determined to achieve their goals. An ordinary girl, with a heart crossed never
admit defeat and worked hard to go down. I believe the future path in life, she will go
so wonderful as always.

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