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									On the development of TD-SCDMA industry, CLP】 【Thoughts
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For TD-SCDMA Industry in terms of, this year a memorable year. From 1998, China
submitted to the ITU standard TD-SCDMA counting, this year for ten years. This
decade, the technology sector, the business community, relevant government
departments and other sectors, under the tireless efforts and hard work, TD-S CDMA
industry R & D steadily improved, the industry chain to achieve a
breakthrough groups, has entered the large-scale test Commercial new stage of
TD-SCDMA standard in China and was the first time a complete communication
system, internationally recognized standards, to change the backward state of
China's mobile communication industry increased mobile communications
industry's Zizhuchuangxin Neng Li and He Xin Li of great competitive
significance. TD-SCDMA industrialization of the successful practice of independent
innovation of China's high-tech fields a major breakthrough in speeding up
China's industrial restructuring and upgrading, the promotion of
innovation-oriented country has provided valuable experience in building confidence.
TD-SCDMA industry, decades of development history and the successful practice has
brought us many useful lessons.
1, TD-SCDMA industry, a successful practice of communication in the manufacturing
and operation industry positive interaction, cooperation and win-win results.
1998 TD-SCDMA standard has just been introduced, since late start compared with
WCDMA and CDMA2000, technology was not mature, industrial progress is far
behind the other two criteria. TD-SCDMA standard to come from behind, to explore a
development road by leaps and bounds.
Internationally, the telecommunications industry and operation industry sectors
belonging to different categories, operators generally in accordance with their needs,
use relatively sophisticated equipment manufacturers. China is also the case at that
time, domestic mobile operators mainly multinational procurement of
communications equipment, led to a late start of the domestic equipment
manufacturers market nowhere, developmental delay. If the communication does not
achieve the manufacturing and operation industry with a combination of production,
China's mobile communication industry is difficult to get rid of the kinds
of situation. Ministry of Information Industry was established in 1998 to promote the
communication development of manufacturing and operation industry interactive
mechanism for the formation of benign. In our organization and coordination,
China's mobile operators a clear declaration of support for TD-SCDMA
standard, and said to use TD-SCDMA technology, which for the TD-SCDMA
standard as an international standard to increase the weight. It can be said without the
strong support of operators, TD-SCDMA standard can not become international
In addition, TD-SCDMA industrialization process, the domestic mobile
operator's overall arrangement in accordance with relevant state
departments, the broader interest of the domestic telecommunications industry have
left ever-improving time and opportunity, and TD-guide SCDMA technology can
keep up with the pace of market demand. Last two years, our operators, manufacturers
join the TD-SCDMA scale network tests, not only enables manufacturers of related
technologies, products in real environments has been tested and improved, and
enables operators to better understand the technology and products, network planning
operational capacity has been strengthened and enhanced. As operators,
manufacturers realized the integration of interactive development, the scale of
China's TD-SCDMA trial network to achieve the desired results, the
official has laid a solid foundation for business.
2, TD-SCDMA industry, successful practice, is actively seeking international
cooperation in Chinese enterprises, to participate in international standards starting
point the result of competition.
We are in promoting TD-SCDMA standards development in the process of, and
adhere to open innovation development path, the availability of technology
development under the premise of the initiative, through extensive international
cooperation, promoting the faster development of technology and industry.
In the early development of TD-SCDMA standard, Datang Telecom Group and in the
field of international influence Siemens formed a strategic alliance, through
cooperation not only obtain a competitive advantage, and promoting TD-SCDMA
standard is more smoothly become the international standard.
TD-SCDMA Industry in the development process to Datang Telecom Group, in close
cooperation with Siemens for the beginning of the world's leading
telecommunications equipment suppliers are involved in various ways to the
development of TD-SCDMA Industry in China. In the system equipment, chips and
other fields, a multi-TD-SCDMA standard as the core business of the joint venture
TD-SCDMA industry has become an important part of groups, some of the
world's leading mobile phone manufacturers have begun to become a
major TD-SCDMA handset development efforts .
It now appears that a technical order to gain more space for development, recognized
by the international community behind closed doors standard is impossible, should
have the courage and the strength of multinational corporations have established
standards-based coalition, actively participate in international standard competition,
the competition for support, development and growth.
3, TD-SCDMA industry, successful practice, is an industrial alliance to become an
important platform for innovation and industry chain development of key vector
2000, TD-SCDMA standard despite an international standard, but the situation in the
country is facing very serious indeed, the lack of broad community support,
TD-SCDMA research and development in technology has also exposed some
problems. TD-SCDMA R & D and industrialization of only a commitment
by the Datang Telecom Group, whether technical, financial or human resources,
markets, have been difficult to sustain.
Corporate identity, the overall development of the industry is the key, we have been
dedicated to promoting business alliances, increased cohesion, greater driving force
for the development of TD-SCDMA industry conditions. After an arduous
coordination, common understanding, in October 2002, at the relevant support and,
driven by the Datang Telecom Group and other eight companies formed
spontaneously TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance officially established. To promote the
establishment of industries in our league, TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance is the earliest
and also one of the most successful operation. TD-SCDMA industry
alliance's success, the key is in the alliance formed a patent sharing, joint
development, co-organized mechanisms.
TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, after the establishment of an effective solution to the
industrial development in the face of intellectual property rights, a total technology
and testing platform and other issues, greatly reduce the scale of barriers to entry,
driving more enterprises to enter the TD-SCDMA Industry the field of development.
Industrial Alliance also promotes the system and the chip, chip and terminals,
terminals and systems in close cooperation, greatly speeding up the industrialization
of TD-SCDMA, the overall process.
Practice shows that a standard development of the industry to do without the support
of advanced science and technology is also empty. Standard core technology owner
must have an open mind, can not take the path of the pursuit of technology exclusive
only obtain upstream and downstream industry chain, the broad support to succeed in
the market. We aim to promote the standard of construction is the development of a
clear direction for the industry, stimulate domestic industry chain groups break and
form core competitiveness.
4, TD-SCDMA industry, successful practice is the main role in business innovation
into full play, will implement the results of independent innovation.
TD-SCDMA Industry in the development process, the company has played a principal
role in independent innovation. Standards proposed by the Datang Telecom Group,
industrialization shared by the key enterprises, commercial testing by the operators
and manufacturers to complete.
Enterprises face time the market and cost pressures, they are very sensitive to changes
in market demand, on the patented technology into a more dynamic market
applications. By TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance, the organization and coordination,
interest and related enterprises a clear responsibility to innovate around intellectual
property, directly promoting the system, terminal, chip, antenna, testing,
instrumentation, software and other industry chain, continued to mature.
In state development funds arrangements, the relevant government departments to
change the way research and development funding and, according to business
development capabilities and decision support, encourage enterprises in the
development process according to their different needs special study commissioned
research institutions to improve the capital efficiency. Through these measures,
companies have to mobilize the enthusiasm, R & D and industrialization is
continuously growing.
TD-SCDMA industry through decades of development, has established a
business-oriented, market-oriented industries and academe, with a combination of
independent innovation system. Synergies and innovation through integration of
resources, a strong impetus in favor of independent innovation of institutional
mechanisms of the formation. Can be said that this is the establishment of a
business-oriented innovation system reform.
5, TD-SCDMA industry, successful practice, is former Ministry of Information
Industry and other relevant state departments consistently support the results.
TD-SCDMA 3G standard as a systematic, occupation of the market means a huge
income, but prior to the occupation of the market, only human, financial investment,
risk, the need for government guidance and strong support of all aspects, it may
enterprise and their respective strengths, and concerted efforts to forge ahead.
From 1999 to 2002, TD-SCDMA standard in its embryonic stage, R & D
and industrialization of high risk. There is no policy on the TD-SCDMA support,
financial support is also very limited. First, because there was also a diversity of
technology options, and second, because if TD-SCDMA case of failure, no one is
willing to shoulder the responsibility.
Ministry of Information Industry made from Datang Telecom Group, started
TD-SCDMA standard, TD-SCDMA on the right to conduct a public support. We
believe that in China at that time put forward a variety of technical standards, only
TD-SCDMA standard as a criteria for systemic, and it reflects the computer,
communications, consumer electronics convergence trends and the future of wireless
communications technology development direction.
As the industry authority, we must related to major issues of development of the
industry to do something to grasp the direction of development, strengthen business
confidence, promote the industry bigger and stronger. However, due to lack of
necessary resources right, we are faced with pressures from all kinds of
misunderstandings, difficulties in working together very, very risky. Our staff can only
be indifferent to success or failure of their own to the interests of the country, on the
one hand advocating the development of TD-SCDMA, the other organizational units
and personnel related to TD-SCDMA to speed up the industrialization process.
2002 Ministry of Information Industry allocated to TD-SCDMA asymmetric
frequency 155MHz, the industry sent a clear signal of government support; 2004
Ministry of Information Industry, National Development and Reform Commission,
Ministry of Science and other ministries and the establishment of three TD-SCDMA
Industry Specific investment 708 million yuan to support the industrialization of
TD-SCDMA; from 2004 to 2005, the Ministry of Information Industry launched a
"TD-SCDMA research and development and industrialization"
technical testing; in 2006, launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Baoding and
Xiamen, the scale of the city's TD-SCDMA trial network technology, these
tests and experiments for the commercial TD-SCDMA to lay a good foundation;
starting in 2007, jointly organized by the departments concerned mobile operators and
enterprises in the chain in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Baoding, Xiamen, Shenzhen,
Guangzhou, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin, Shenyang and other 10 cities for greater scope and
scale of the network technology trial for the Beijing Olympics this year to provide
TD-SCDMA-based 3G standard service.
Relevant government departments on the TD-SCDMA industry, consistent support,
the embodiment of our country's determination to support independent
innovation, greatly enhanced the confidence of enterprises in independent innovation.
TD-SCDMA industry is the years of development, we can not forget the years, our
passion and pride for the establishment of innovation system to explore the new
period and continuously practice a decade. Here, we would like all the TD-SCDMA
industry officials have made outstanding contributions to express my sincere thanks
and great respect. I believe, TD-SCDMA industry will not forget them, history will
not forget them.

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