On the commercial banks and strategies to win customers

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					On the commercial banks and strategies to win customers

Customers are commercial banks rise and fall survival basis, thus, for our customers
to expand their customer base has become the industry focus of competition; and to
provide quality service to win customers, while commercial banks Hing of the country,
also with the competition winning the important methods and basic strategy.
First, the customer is the basis for the survival of commercial banks rise and fall
Commercial Bank of China initial stage of socialism nature, functions, business
objectives and composition of its balance sheet situation, determine its survival and
development depends entirely on its own customers, if it lost the majority of customer
base, it can not survive and development. Its rise and decline, depending on the size of
its clients to win and consolidate the growth of the extent and level of economic
1, the main source of commercial banks rely on customer deposits constitute
Workers and the public savings deposits, commercial banks in China an important
channel for funding. The majority of our primary sources of funds of commercial
banks, in addition to part of the central bank credit lines within the higher loan,
deposit transactions, and a small number of other own funds, most line is the highest
proportion of savings deposits. It has a customer more than the amount of small,
mobile active and so on. Savings deposits in China has a vast reservoir source, as
people's income increases, currency stability, savings over the years has
shown a continued upward trend, as most of the major commercial banks, credit
primary source of funding. Other funds, first, there are limitations, and second, the
majority of deposits (other than corporate deposits) was higher than the cost of
savings deposits, savings deposits, moderate cost savings as the source wide, regard
the absorption of savings banks, as between the business with the industry
competitiveness, and thus strengthen their financial strength.
2 settlement funds of commercial banks to rely on low-cost source of funds constitute
corporate customer deposits
Deposits of corporate customers, is to pay lower interest rates for deposits, and
activity levels, unit cost and low cost large amounts. Branches of Commercial Banks
Division One, if it can absorb a large number of enterprise deposits, and there is a
very high level, as well as handling a variety of settlement services, settlement funds
are included in many of its deposit and lending rates would be higher average spreads
will improve operational efficiency. Because a large number of customers to handle a
variety of line clearing business, has not only increased funding, but also increase the
bank charges, you can create operational efficiency. Various domestic and
international settlement business banks, deposit-taking companies in addition to
settlement, there are a large number of temporary and one-time business, such as
personal remittances, remote settlement of savings collection and so on, these walks
customers, if the high quality of service, some will become repeat customers or
regular customers, and earning profits which are the basis for banks.
3, low-risk commercial bank credit assets, cost-effective to rely on loans to customers
Bank loans through the credit account to pay interest on credit to achieve their
efficiency, which is most of the main benefits of grass-roots commercial bank sources.
Effectiveness of those high-risk and stable development of small businesses,
manufacturers and individual, group, commercial banks credit the ideal destination,
there is no such a large number of loans to customer base, its credit quality of assets
Jiujiang down, the credit benefits has fallen.
4, the commercial banks to rely on other business activities constitute a majority of
clients in
Current commercial banks and other new business customer base, is rapidly emerging
and expanding. Such as securities, financial leasing, real estate investment, as well as
the new international and domestic financial services, will change the composition of
assets and liabilities of commercial banks and settlement status means. With the
transfer mode of modernization and innovation of financial instruments, these new
customer base, the development of the commercial banks will play a crucial role in
winning these customers, will become the various commercial banks are competing
for the new focus Commercial banks also benefit new foundation for growth.
Second, commercial banks, the methods and strategies to win customers
Commercial banks win customers an important method and the basic strategy is
long-term stability to provide quality services for our customers. Banking services to
customers, should be within the scope of its functions to work quality, work efficiency,
and earnestly implement the deposit loan policy, abide by credit and safeguard the
legitimate rights and interests of customers as the core, anxious customer anxious to
help customers The need, in the course of business processing services to provide
customers with highly efficient. Sincere and steadfast in the service, prestige and
enhance the reputation.
1, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers
Business information should be targeted, to master all kinds of customers with all
relevant financial regulations and business knowledge for different information.
Publicity should not flow in the conventional, not the pursuit of superficial sensation,
and not simply for show of strength, not at a loss. If × line × savings bank, apply for
the "large notice savings", provided that savings in real deposit
rates on fixed deposit with the grade Bazhe bearing, its internal regulations, customers
in the "demand deposit slip" on the quote, "notice
"Otherwise that is handled by current savings. The window of the officers
shouted themselves hoarse shouting propaganda benefits of such savings, deposit
procedures alone do not mention, was heard a depositors publicity, that is, fill out a
deposit slip and deposited into a million, while the clerk by demand deposits to
issuance of a passbook savers. The depositors to withdraw after one year, according to
books by current payment of interest, so that depositors have less interest more than
800 yuan. Is the window staff, intended to "absorb the
low-interest" savings, or busy in the wrong, it is not known, so that the
legitimate interests of depositors undue loss. Promotional methods and practices such
as these, how can it win customers! The same is true of loan customers, banks can not
increase fines for overdue interest, but not in time to "loan due
notice" to give credit account. Some families do not know the new loans to
repay overdue interest penalty provisions in the loan to the credit account information
when necessary, but also do our best to give credit account when the staff, so that to
reduce the risk of credit loss account, the only way to win customers.
2, improving efficiency and quality of user-friendly
Commercial banks should act in an efficient level of quality to win customers, there
should be a high-quality workforce, but also expedite the computerized network,
which is an important aspect. Customer service, enthusiastic attitude can not just stop
at the language of civilization, we should reduce the maximum waiting time of
customers, this is the benefit to customers. Customers, and window clerk should work
within the drop, stop insider chat chat, time to receive clients. Some basic bank or
savings bank staff, not adhere to the requirements after the first outside the
convenience of customers, but increase the waiting time to customers, not be
"satisfied, too" long this is past, in addition to not do those non-
customers will not come again. Insist services often do not pro-economy partial
friends, not hat to take people to access the amount of compensation credit loans,
young and old women and children equally.
3, conscientiously implement the policies and regulations made by the trustworthy
As a national commercial banks, must be scrupulous implementation of the national
and superior line policies, regulations, rules and norms to the extent permitted, active
in business competition, in order to achieve its own development. Do keep its promise
to honor promises to customers. Some of the basic line, in order to carry out
"quality service" and even makes a lot of functions beyond their
"service" projects, such as: buy the plane ticket, on behalf of the
selling of stamps, on behalf of the settlement of telephone bills, payment of personal
insurance, on behalf of registering with a doctor and so on. The results are not
welcome customers, some can not adhere to it, there is momentum and meaningless.
A remote rural savings bank promised 24-hour day and night service, which was due
to go away on business customers × midnight to withdraw some of the staff shall not
hillock scrapped because can not pay. Also some promises, such as the door take
cash-carrying, etc., as insisted on not always keen on a time and eventually fall
promises. Customer needs are real down-to their own services instead of requiring
banks to become integrated services. In fact, most of the functions outside the scope
of the promise of prolonged and difficult because there is no need to adhere to it, and
eventually become trustworthy empty.
4, agency personnel have remained relatively stable
Commercial banks and savings bank institutions, once established, should be as stable
as possible, not to build a thorough, thorough another building. This change in
frequency of trouble to go to the customer causing trouble. Some wrote a thorough
and migrate or "notice" on the wall, a few days the wind cut off,
a few years, depositors can not find the original deposit units. Change the name of the
line, it should think twice, in addition to merging institutions, not easily to be changed
by the name of the line. Personnel are working to minimize the exchange as well, it is
a good old customer relationships. In short: as long as there are in places convenient
for the sake of our customers and provide real quality service, you get the trust of
customers, win more customers.
Third, customers in the competition several problems should be solved
Commercial banks win customers for customers, the industry has been the focus of
competition is their own interest to obtain the key. However, this competition must be
in the national policies, laws and regulations, under the norms system, under the
supervision of the central bank and orderly manner, not by force without any
constraints intrigues contention. Therefore, we must stop all deviated from the orbit of
socialism, "free competition."
1, to contain disorderly competition
Services from commercial banks started to enhance services and improve quality of
service to win customers. Central Bank of competition in the financial system to
effectively monitor, stop the illegal competition, and additional outlets of the blind
chaos of the financial sector businesses to network additional thorough and strict
control to prevent competition to grab business customers in the business are
concentrated,      overlap       to     be     built    in     network.      Kind     of
"confrontational" or mutual undercut the competition is not
desirable and should be a civilized and orderly competition and promote common
development. Competition between national financial enterprises, the quality of
services business functions should be carried out on positive competition, not against
each other. With the national bank's deposits, mutual hired dredged, the
man without resources more harm than good. The local central bank, should be a
unified plan, the banks set up extensive branch network overlap thorough and forced
to reach both the convenience of customers, but also conducive to the development of
financial business purposes, but also from the institutional, regulatory intensify our
efforts to contain violation of the disorderly competition.
2, clamp down on illegal means of competition
He played this V, from time to time when the "savings war",
where the central bank should take effective measures to calm down to normal sound
operation. In order to compete for customers who, without authorization, raise the
savings deposit rate, in effect increased the cost of deposits (such as deposits to the
depositors Souvenirs rebate) and so the practice should be prohibited. There are
primary line, To balance the ease shortage of funds, amply rewarded by the illegal
practices, such as deposits in proportion to the managers and other incentives, as well
as the operating room of his row imprisoned or mobilizing deposits, as well as the
mobilization of public funds private deposit ... ..., unscrupulous, this competition is
negative competition, not only of credit disorders, tension between the industry, but
also pushed up their illegal deposit costs, reducing the bank's image in the
customers. Reward and punishment as a means to greater efforts, and some cause a lot
of "water" will make the deposit balance of ups and downs,
destruction and interference with the normal sound operation.
3, to prevent the duplication of long established families and property, as security
Those operating efficiency and stable business customers in the credit, the banks will
be competing objectives. For management purposes, borrowers should be opened with
a bank settlement account. To prevent the credit account opened in the number of
banks, deposit accounts, resulting in marketing loan streaming transfer, recycling
credit difficulties. Or a project long loan, or business office of a multi-line property as
collateral duplication, resulting in under-secured loans to increase the riskiness of
stealth. At present there are many mutual insurance companies interaction between the
charge, or a property, repeat loans to households secured a number of these hidden
defects, investment credit line to do a comprehensive investigation, to prevent
mistakes in investment loans. In management, the local central bank should be
effective measures to stop the construction of household and business long repeat of
collateral property, enterprises must fully and accurately on the accounting records
reflect each bank's deposits and loans, otherwise, should be corrected or
4, service competition not forget to not forget safety oversight
Customers of the Bank by commercial banks, is the basis on which the survival and
development. Quality service to win customers, but, as accurately as possible choices
to customers, the Authority resides with service. One-time settlement for large
business, we must seriously examine. Line above the county level office, to have
feedback and sensitive information networks, and outside the region continue to
provide various information, to master the ever-changing market dynamics in order to
avoid entry errors. The same city using a variety of remote banking or international
settlement business fraud cases in recent years is not that rare, increased vigilance in
the service capacity, to prevent fraud fraud cases to ensure national security and
customer funds.