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Strategic HR Planning

We have developed a practical approach to aligning human resource planning with corporate strategies. This has
been applied with success in a number of different organisations. Because of our recognised capabilities in this field
we were invited to conduct a national series of workshops on strategic human resource management for HR
executives and people managers in Australia. The series sold out. Similar programmes have been successfully
conducted in a number of other countries.

Board Effectiveness

Conducted review of effectiveness of board of directors and their interaction with executive management. Conducted
a follow-up to assess action taken as a result of the initial review with additional matters being reviewed one year

Developing Managerial and Leadership Capabilities

A very wide range of activities designed to identify potential high performers then develop managerial and leadership
capabilities have been conducted in a number of different organisations in Australia and abroad. Participants range
from young future leaders through operating, specialist and professional personnel to frontline management, senior
executives and corporate directors. Mentoring and coaching activities have been incorporated into the programmes
where appropriate. Particular attention has been paid to enhancing senior executive performance. Conducted global
review of leadership development programmes on behalf of United Nations System Staff College,

Managerial Leadership

A practical workplace focussed programme designed to increase personal skills in management and leadership has
been conducted in many different business environments. It creates a flexible and effective [not complex and
conceptual] approach to people management by providing basic practical guidelines that can be applied at various
levels of an organisation while maintaining a consistency so often lacking in managerial development programmes.
Designed to meet a combination of organisational and individual objectives this highly participative course can be
adapted to different audiences and enterprises. It has proven an effective cross-cultural development tool.

Human Resource Effectiveness

Developed various programmes to increase the contribution of the HR function to the enterprise. Includes HRM/HRD
effectiveness reviews, identification of business requirements and expectations, definition of respective roles of the
corporate executive team, HR function and operating executives. Outcomes include the identification of current and
projected HR competencies and suggested development programmes in the context of organisational requirement
and individual aspirations and capabilities. Strong focus on alignment of business objectives and people
management strategies.
Audit Effectiveness

Successful programme increased the contribution of internal audit and created strong links between internal and
external audit. Reduced corporate risk and exposure and improved executive and enterprise performance by
enhancing the contribution of the audit team to business effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

Designed and conducted a number of strategic business planning retreats and workshops for a range of
organisations engaged in retail, finance, manufacturing, primary production and public administration.

Performance Management

Developed, introduced, revitalised and replaced performance management programmes ranging from executive to
operating level in a number of domestic and international organisations based in Australia and overseas. Presented
at world congresses, conducted workshops, executive briefings and operational training programmes in this field.
Conducted an international research project into effectiveness of performance review programmes.

Executive Coaching

We have provided many people who have been promoted to senior general management roles with individually
tailored personal coaching to assist them in making a successful transition from a specialised field where they had
high levels of expertise to become an effective manager. An analysis of current and future competencies is carried
out and an individual professional development programme prepared. We also provide senior corporate executives
with a practical appreciation of what they should expect from their human resource function and assist them develop
strategic human resource initiatives to meet the requirements of their organisation.

HR Coaching

Our wide experience and expertise provides practical guidance and support for human resource practitioners who are
moving from a specialised role (such as employment, training and development, remuneration and benefits,
employee relations) to a generalist HR role. We help line managers appointed to an HR role identify and prioritise
their individual competency development needs and we assist operational HR managers develop capabilities to
enable them to fill more senior strategic roles.

Executive Briefings

Presenting current trends and emerging practices in human capital capability and business effectiveness.

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We have a strategic alliance partnership with the leading
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