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            Shaping a better future for
             mankind by developing
              effective and socially
           responsible individuals and

To be one of the best business schools in the Asia
    Pacific Region by developing leaders and
 entrepreneurs through cutting edge and relevant
    management education and development,
   conducting applied research and preparing
              instructional resources.

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            Creativity, Respect for the
             Individual, Concern for

02   About the University and Institute

03   Management Training and Development

04   Calendar of Programmes for 2009-10

05   Faculty Development Programmes

06   In-House Programmes

07   Consulting Services

09   Executive Diploma Programme
      About the University and Institute
      The University
      Nirma University of Science & Technology (NUST), Ahmedabad, was established in the year 2003 as a statutory university under the Gujarat State
      Act at the initiative of Nirma Education and Research Foundation (NERF). The NERF is a monumental social project, among many others, undertaken
      by Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, under whose guidance and leadership, it has achieved an enviable position. Presently, NUST consists of Faculty of
      Management, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Research & Doctoral

      The Institute
      Institute of Management, (earlier known as Nirma Institute of Management), now a constituent of NUST, symbolizes the vision of its founder -
      Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, President of the Nirma University and founder of the Nirma Group of Companies. Nirma Institute of Management was
      established in 1996. In a little over a decade, it has emerged as a distinct business school in the Asia-Pacific region. The Institute is dedicated to
      provide quality management education under the leadership of Dr. N. V. Vasani, Vice Chancellor of the Nirma University.

      The Institute, highly rated nationally as a business school, currently offers the following programmes:
      a)   Master of Business Administration (Full Time)
      b)   Master of Business Administration (Part - Time)
      c)   Master of Business Administration (Family Business & Entrepreneurship)
      d)   Doctor of Philosophy (Full Time and External)
      e)   Executive Diploma Programmes
      f)   Management Development Programmes

      Innovation, quality and excellence are the key driving forces on the Nirma University campus. Today, our world class campus vibrates with not only
      the world class curricular activities but also with other varied activities like international conferences, conventions, symposia, student competitions,
      conclaves, etc.

Management Training & Development
Purposeful and proactive action is critical to both, the academia as
well as the practitioners, for a more meaningful contribution to the
dynamic world of business. The management development
programmes of the Institute provide a platform to both the
academia and the practitioners for continuous and sustained
growth and development through a mutual sharing of experiences,
knowledge and skill through interactive learning methods.

The Management Training & Development activities of the
Institute are thus designed to deliver the following objectives:

-     Providing the latest knowledge about the best managerial

-     Helping the participants translate their learning into action

-     Create a learning platform for the Institute faculty

Our Management Training & Development activities are :

(i)   Open House Management Development Programmes public
      programmes, on specific themes, of two to three days.

(ii) Need based In-house Programmes

      Designed and conducted for specific client requirements

(iii) Executive Diploma Programmes

      An academic programme, conducted over thirty full Sundays
      each year (from July - March). These programmes offer a
      choice of specializations in five disciplines viz. Financial
      Management, Human Resources Management, International
      Business Management, Marketing Management and
      Operations Management.

      Management Training and Development
                                          Calendar of Programmes for 2009-10

      No.      Programme Title                                              Programme Leader                 Programme Dates                Place

      1.       Managerial Skills For Technical Professional                 Prof.. Harismita Trivedi         July 23-24, 2009               IMNU

      2.       Finance for Non-finance Executives                           Prof. Deepak Danak               August 11-13, 2009             IMNU

      3.       Marketing Healthcare Services                                Prof.Ashwini Awasthi
                                                                            Prof. T. S. Joshi                September 3-4, 2009            IMNU

      4.       Public Relations & Corporate Communications                  Prof. Sushil Bahl                September 27-28, 2009          IMNU

      5.       Financial Modelling Using Spreadsheets                       Prof. Neeraj Amarnani            October 6-8, 2009              IMNU

      6.       HR Skills For Non-HR Professional                            Prof. Harismita Trivedi          October 8-9, 2009              IMNU

      7.       Business Risk Management                                     Prof. Yogesh Doshi               October12-14, 2009             IMNU

      8.       Leveraging Information and Communication                     Prof. Nityesh Bhatt              November 9-11, 2009            IMNU
               Technology for Competitive Advantage

      9.       Strategizing Corporate Social Responsibility                 Prof. C. Gopalakrishnan          November 26-27, 2009           IMNU

      10.      Managerial Skills for Supervisory Personnel                  Prof. Sameer Pingle              December 3-4, 2009             IMNU

      11.      Personality Development and Business Etiquette               Prof. Nina Muncherji             December 11 -12, 2009          IMNU

      12.      Six Sigma for Higher Productivity                            Prof. Rajesh Jain                December 22-23, 2009           IMNU
      13.      B2B Marketing in 21 Century                                         .
                                                                            Prof. P K. Yadav                 January 21-22, 2010            IMNU

      14.      Emerging Prospects of Retailing                              Prof. Sapna Parashar             January 28-29, 2010            IMNU

      15.      IT For Non-IT Executives                                     Prof. Nityesh Bhatt              February 2 -3, 2010            IMNU

      16.      Organizational Integration Through Effective Teams           Prof. Nina Muncherji             February 11 –13, 2010          IMNU

      17.      Customer Relationship Management                             Prof. Sapna Parashar             February 16 –17, 2010          IMNU

      18.      Managing Service Quality in Higher Education                 Prof. A. C. Brahmbhatt
                                                                            Prof. Ashwini Awasthi            February 19-20, 2010           IMNU

       Programme Fee: Rs. 2,800/- per day (non-residential basis). Any organisation nominating three or more participants for any single
       programme will be entitled to a 10% discount in the fee for that programme.

       Strategic Alliance Partners Scheme: We have instituted a special scheme called Strategic Alliance Partners Scheme(SAPS) as
       a part of our endeavour of building sustained relationship with corporates. Under this scheme, any partnering business unit can nominate up to 10
       participants (totally), without any charge, to one or more of our Open-house Programmes during a year on nonresidential basis. The partnership
       fee under SAPS is Rs.2, 00,000/-, valid for a period of five years.
Faculty Development Programmes / Training for Trainers
                                                                                  (FDP Calendar for 2009-10)

  No.     Programme Title                                           Programme Leader          Programme Dates         Place

  1       Research Methodology Workshop                             Prof. T. S. Joshi         May 26-28, 2009         IMNU

  2       Financial Management                                      Prof. Deepak Danak        July 15-18, 2009        IMNU

  3       Business Forecasting for Management Teachers              Dr. Kshamanidhi Adabar    August 26-28, 2009      IMNU

  4       Marketing Research for Effective Decision Making          Prof. Ashwini Awasthi
                                                                    Prof. A. C. Brahmbhatt    September 23-25, 2009   IMNU

  5       Teaching Tools and Techniques for
          Management Teachers                                       Prof. Nina Muncherji      November 19-21, 2009    IMNU

  6       Export Import Management                                         .
                                                                    Prof. P K. Chugan         December 28-30, 2009    IMNU

  7       Advances in International Business                        Dr. Deepak Srivastava     February 23-25, 2010    IMNU

 Programme Fee:
                                  Academic           Corporate
                                  Participant        Participant
 A.      Non-residential          Rs. 1,500/-        Rs. 8,400/-
 B.      Residential *            Rs. 3,500/-        Rs. 11,400/-

* (Participants will be put up in University Guest Rooms.)
Any organization nominating three or more participants for any
programme will be entitled to a 10% discount in the fee for that

* FDP-2, Financial Management Programme - Fee will be Rs.
2000/- (non-residential) & Rs. 4200/- (residential)

      In-House Management Development Programmes
      We also offer need-based in-house management development programmes customized to the requirement of specific client organizations.
      A list of our client organizations and an illustrative list of titles of the programmes conducted are presented below.

      List of Client                                                                                       Illustrative List of In-house
      Organizations                                                                                        Programmes Conducted
      • Adani Group                                                                                        •    Leadership Development
      • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.                                                                          •    Team Building and Conflict Management
      • Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
                                                                                                           •    Executive Effectiveness Enhancement
      • Futures First
                                                                                                           •    Transformational Leadership and Organization
      • Indian AirForce                                                                                         Building
      • Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.                                                             •    Managerial Effectiveness
      • Indian Space Research Organisation
                                                                                                           •    General Management, Teamwork &
      • Inspiron Engineering Ltd.                                                                               Communication
      • Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.                                                                         •    Research Methodology
      • Gujarat Maritime Board                                                                             •    Marketing Management
      • Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited
      • Hindustan Dorr Oliver Limited
                                                                                                           The programmes can be
      • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
                                                                                                           •    Short duration programmes ranging from one
      • Prasar Bharati Corporation - All India                                                                  day upto six days
                                                                                                           •    Long term programmes, phased out as short
      • Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
                                                                                                                term programmes over a period of upto one
      • Vedanta                                                                                                 year;
      • Zydus Cadila Ltd.                                                                                  •    Conducted on the Institute Campus or any
                                                                                                                other mutually convenient location

Consulting Services
We offer consultancy services covering various areas of management. Our endeavour is to provide high quality, cost- effective and timely services to
business undertakings. We can contribute towards designing and implementing policies, systems and processes at the corporate and departmental
levels. Our team of highly skilled professionals always stays on the cutting edge of advancements in the management technology through continuous
research and interface with business. While consultancy assignments are need-based, we would like to list out a few areas in which the consultancy
may be offered.

Economics and Finance                             Operations Management                              International Business
•    Project Feasibility and Appraisal Studies    •    Materials and inventory management            Management
•    Design and Implementation of Cost            •    Quality improvement and                       •    International Market Research:
     Control and Cost Reduction Initiatives            implementation of Total Quality                    product/country specific market
                                                       Management                                         surveys/studies
•    Design and Implementation of Activity
     Based Costing System                         •    Work system improvement studies               •    Organization and participation in the
                                                                                                          International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions and
•    Policy Analysis and Business Forecasting     •    Designing and implementing supply
                                                                                                          other Export-promotion Activities
                                                       chain models
•    Designing of Management Control
                                                                                                     •    Setting up Export Import Business by
     Systems                                      •    Six Sigma Implementation
                                                                                                          SSI/MEs/SMEs and Feasibility Studies
•    Measurement and Evaluation of                •    Managing Business Process Outsourcing
                                                                                                     •    Export Import Policy, Procedures and
     Performance of a Company /                        (BPO) Organization
                                                                                                          Documentation related matters
     Department / Managers
•    Developing Strategy for Financial
•    Risk Management

      Human Resources Management                         Marketing Management
      •   Review and implementation of employees'        •   Strategic positioning of products
          performance appraisal systems
                                                         •   Brand management
      •   Enhancing executive effectiveness
                                                         •   New products development and
      •   Leadership development                             management
      •   Transformational leadership and organization   •   Services Management
                                                         •   Development of integrated marketing
      •   Change and organizational development              strategies and programmes
      •   Recruitment & Selection Process                •   Marketing research for products,
                                                             consumers and advertising media
      •   Employee Motivation Audit
                                                         •   International Market Research: product /
      •   Employee Satisfaction Audit
                                                             country surveys
      •   HR Audit
                                                         •   Direct marketing and direct mail
      •   Team building and conflict management              marketing
      •   Stress audit                                   •   Event planning and execution
      •   Psychological profiling and competency         •   Business to business marketing
          building/competency mapping
                                                         •   E-Business applications and strategies
      •   Training needs assessment
                                                         •   Customer Relationship Management
      •   HR Scorecard
      •   Strategic HRM
      •   Organizational Climate Survey                  Information Technology
      •   Development of Job Description Manual          •   Enterprise Resource Planning

      •   Potential Appraisal                            •   Business Process Re-engineering
                                                         •   IT Strategy Formulation

Executive Diploma Programme
These programmes aim at upgrading the knowledge and skills of the      Programme Eligibility and Admission
working executives and create a capability for better career
                                                                       -   Applications for admission to the programme are invited in
progression in the relevant area. The classes for this programme are
                                                                           May-June of each year. Organisations can also sponsor
conducted only on Sundays to provide an opportunity of formal
                                                                           executives to this programme. The last date for application this
learning to the working executives with a convenient time schedule
                                                                           year is June 02, 2009.
for studies.
                                                                       -   Since this is an academic programme, all applicants and
                                                                           sponsored executives, need to meet the minimum eligibility
The Objectives                                                             criteria (graduate in any discipline with two years full-time post-
The major objectives of the programme are:                                 degree work experience).
                                                                       -   Additionally, they are also required to clear the necessary
•   To impart knowledge on the latest concepts, tools and                  admission tests.
    techniques as also best practices relevant to different areas of
    management.                                                        On completion, the successful candidates will be awarded the
•   To sharpen the decision-making skills of the participants.         Executive Diploma in the selected discipline by NUST. You may
•   To develop an appreciation of the relevant current global          contact us at for your requirements, sponsorship
    environment.                                                       queries and copy of the detailed EDP brochure.
•   To provide insights into the emerging issues and challenges in
    the respective fields.

Programme Structure
Classes are conducted only on Sunday to suit the needs of working
executives, managers and entrepreneurs seeking an exposure to
modern management concepts and practices.

Duration: 30 Sundays, spread over ten months, with one free
Sunday after every approximately four Sundays
Specialisation: Five viz Financial Management, Human Resources
Management, International Business, Marketing Management,
Operations Management.
(Applicant may choose any one only)

Programme Fee
Rs. 30,000/- (Including cost of tution, teaching material, lunch and
                          For further information regarding management programme & SAPS please contact:
                          Dr. Sapna Parashar               Dr. Nityesh Bhatt
                          MDP Centre
                          Institute of Management, Nirma University
                          Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad - 382 481
                          Phone: (02717) 241900/01/02/03/04 Fax: (02717) 241916
                          Email:, Web:

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