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									Old news Minsheng Bank
?Minsheng Bank listed in Hong Kong from the situation detailed in past lives
2009-10-22 13:10 Source: Chinese entrepreneurs Liang Wang Chunmei Du
     ?Rapid growth of the Minsheng Bank, can bid farewell to the historical non-use of
overseas listing, the interests of rights disputes, and to take standardized and mature
development road
     ?September 22 morning, the Beijing cemetery, a dense mass of people mourning
solemn corridor along the front yard line, before the altar, four in a row, accompanied
by funeral music, order entry, bowed to the portrait on goes on thin, gentle face
farewell. 8 days ago, portrait of the old man, 91-year-old Minsheng Bank (market
share it) Jing Shuping, chairman of the first death. Joy and sorrow mixed. Previously,
Minsheng Bank plans a decade, the second start of the h stock issuance plan approved
by China Banking Regulatory Commission, and in August 18 submitted to the Hong
Kong Stock Exchange listing application. In 2009, on the Minsheng Bank, the bound
is troubled. In March, the largest shareholder, New Hope Group chairman Liu
Yonghao return to the Board after a lapse of three years; in August, two directors of
the joint, took the lead mid-year report questioned Department of relevance without
making interpretation of the Asia Standard loans; in September, to Hong Kong the
occasion of the re-start the market ten years ago sued a founding shareholder of
Minsheng Bank re-assembly; while passing by the old, but also brought back the
dusty heart of many people past ... ...
     ?Many cases, the overseas listing of doubt the most far-reaching.
"Qualified competitors make the international market",
"century-old banks into the people's livelihood",
which is Jing Shuping Minsheng Bank was founded in the beginning of the
long-cherished wish to make. Regardless of which of all the test of international
capital markets can not do without. The curtain is about to launch, it was highly
anticipated, some sigh sigh, it was cold contempt.
     ?This was launched by the National Federation of Industry, China's
first non-public enterprises as the mainstay to invest, there are many well-known
private enterprises Gangster infested private banks, the establishment of more than ten
years, has no shortage of funds to attract the eye of the story of the peace talks.
Leading the industry in the process of rapid development, shareholders game,
property disputes, related lending, high-level infighting, and disappeared the next.
     ?From the situation listed Eve
     ?Appears to be no one to market with the industry, such as Minsheng Bank so
complicated and confusing process. In 2004, Minsheng Bank shares listed on the first
start the process h, after having been burst, "forged signature
Directors" event ran aground. Provisional deadline on this publication, the
time of the latest report said: "In line with third quarter results
announcement, originally scheduled 22 public hearings Hong Kong Minsheng Bank,
or to postpone the hearing to 29, and preliminary can be listed in Hong Kong is
expected in November. "rapidly, Minsheng Bank also approved another
press statement," Hong Kong ipo no exact timetable for the issue.
     ?Just saw the news reporter, interviewed before a continued recourse to the
Minsheng Bank shareholders equity of the original phone call: "Oh, I said,
it would not be so easy to market." In September, an unprecedented
Minsheng Bank to insure the "h Unit Prospectus liability
insurance." Minsheng Bank on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing
application to the day before, Aug. 17, two directors, and Zhang Hongwei Chen
Minsheng Bank in mid-year report 2009, vote, and cast a negative vote on the ground
that Asia Standard Holdings the "verification of the related loan to
clear" and "related party transactions clear."
     ?Minsheng Bank in 2009 mid-year report, as at June 30, Minsheng Bank loans to
all related parties amounted to 1.984 billion yuan, involving Asia Standard Holdings,
Xiamen Fu Xin Holdings, Oriental homes and other seven companies or individuals.
Among them, Asia Standard holding the associated loans totaling 1.056 billion yuan,
accounting for all related parties Minsheng Bank loans 53%. And this association
loans after the merger of the high property and Beijing Beijing Grand Ruihua
properties and 399 million yuan 657 million yuan two loans. Connected transaction of
the main changes, in the mid-year report does not explain, causing shareholders.
     ?For historical reasons, there has been an important shareholder of Minsheng
Bank and its related parties associated with loans. 2003 to 2004, Minsheng Bank
China Banking Regulatory Commission has been strict demands rectification, system
requirements Asia Standard and return nearly 3.0 billion associated with loans. In
2006, the fourth president of Wang Minsheng Bank issued since taking office the first
annual report, the main shareholder in Minsheng Bank in 2006 reached 4.238 billion
yuan associated with loans. Among them, Asia Standard Holdings and its affiliates in
2006 the association in Minsheng Bank loans up to 3.386 billion yuan, accounting for
loans related to the proportion of 79.9%, accounting for Minsheng Bank's
19.57% net capital (net capital by the end of 2006 about 173 Minsheng Bank billion).
Accordance with the relevant provisions of China Banking Regulatory Commission,
this ratio should be strictly controlled at 10%.
     ?In an interview with "Chinese entrepreneurs," a press
interview, one of the founding shareholders, Asia Standard Group Chairman Lu
Zhiqiang Zhang, Chen accused replied: "What, I do not understand the
related loan, the quality of the best Asia Standard are effective asset as collateral.
"and that" those who accuse others of their own, there have
been associated with loans. "on the root causes associated with loans, Lu
recalled:" Minsheng Bank initial phase, time is very interesting, there are
The company went through the old, that should give me a Beijing branch, and some
say that should the Shanghai branch to me. At that time banks are implementing a
multi-level legal system. have these ideas is not surprising: I invested in the bank is
me, a bit associated with loans, how impossible. Later, we will mature slowly, and
that bank to run to when the industry, we must regulate, to understand the rules of the
industry. "
    ?Can shareholders of related loans? Minsheng Bank founded the original intention,
was to address private enterprises in getting loans. Journalists interviewed said most
shareholders, then shares that is directed at this goal come. The subtext is self-evident,
shareholder loans and easier. For the shareholder loans, Minsheng Bank president Cai
Lulun second principle laid down in the "priority is not preferential
treatment": the relationship between shareholders and the Minsheng Ba nk,
is the holding of shares in accordance with its dividend rights, in addition, in the
interests of no other rights. Feng Lun former shareholders of Minsheng
Bank's attitude is simple: do not care association is not associated with, and
care compliance irregularities.
    ?He believes that the reason Minsheng Bank lending is concern about the
association, is "too famous because the shareholders involved. So a small
problem into a big topic." 2 months ago, the directors questioned
transactions related incident, "Chinese entrepreneurs," reporter
Dong Wenbiao has been linked interview, but was repeatedly postponed, public
relations reasons given from the "Managing Director of a not very good
mood, wait so it "to the recent" said chairman of listing it later.
    ?Dong Wenbiao of dodge, as three years ago, the last re-election in the treatment
of Minsheng Bank board of directors, "Liu Yonghao accident
out" event the same attitude. Time back to 2006, the 88-year-old Jing
Shuping illness want from the board retreat. New Hope, Eastern Group, Asia Standard
Group, as well as between the three lines between the three systems and the
management of the balance of power was broken face. Liu Yonghao in this game to
become the biggest losers.
    ?In the July 2006 election of the fourth board, the rumors of "Dong,
Liu, chairman of the competition", by Liu sadly lost; more surprising was
that the time served as vice chairman from its foundation, as the first Liu, eventually
even the majority shareholder with no board of directors into, Asia Standard
Group's Lu Zhiqiang Liu as Minsheng Bank vice chairman to replace.
Unexpected loss of board seats of Liu Yonghao some strenuously. In 2007, by private
placement Minsheng Bank, Liu Yonghao Backed by strong financial resources to its
"new hope" and "South hope" total
investment more than 3.7 billion, 410 million shares subscribed. After the completion
of additional hope that together hold Minsheng Banking Department of the total share
capital after the issuance of nearly 10.5%. Lu Zhiqiang of Asia Standard line
subscription only 1.2 million shares, and Zhang Hongwei of the Oriental Department
abandoned due to financial constraints the allotment. Asia Standard Group was also in
November 2007 to January 2008 Minsheng Bank has sold a total of about 288 million
shares, representing about 2% of the company's total shares, 4.5 billion
cash. As of June 30, 2008, Asia Standard Group only holds a 3.09% stake in
Minsheng Bank, the tenth largest shareholders.
     ?"Liu Lang ex again today." March 23, 2009, Minsheng
Bank in 2009 the first meeting of shareholders to vote on the motion by a co-opted
director, Liu Yonghao farewell again after three years as vice chairman. Overtaken by
events, Minsheng Bank directors, executive vice president of New Hope King Air
Sinorama interview, do not want to mention and has provoked much discussion in
recent years to wrest control of things. He believes that shareholders come now, give
each other a sense of security is important, not some of the things brought out before
then, the otherwise embroiled in endless internal friction. He did that, Minsheng Bank
as shareholders are both ideas, but also power, so the shareholders and the board of
directors in internal and corporate governance has reached a certain equilibrium. He
even praised thus Minsheng Bank's board, said he experienced the most
powerful board of directors.
     ?Feng Lun is said: "Everyone wants to drive fast and to comply with
traffic rules on ok. The private interests of the shareholders out of power, and actively
compete for the right to speak there is nothing wrong. In the program within the game
is a good thing."
     ?This history of shareholder power game can even be traced back to the time of
preparation Minsheng Bank.
     ?Past grievances
     ?Minsheng Bank's Interrupted source in the process, called
"Taishan" of private business organizations surfaced. Jing
Shuping, when people know the "Father of Minsheng Bank."
However, the reporter interviewed a number of "Taishan"
members have stated that the creation of Minsheng Bank's first power from
the "Taishan." But later in the report preparation process,
because the ownership transferred to the National Federation of Industry, resulting in
some positive initial participate in the building of "Taishan"
members to give up shares. Corey Group Zhengyue Wen is one of the most frustrated.
Minsheng Bank to organize as a key figure of a little-known, he was the Minsheng
Bank "group seeking to do," deputy head of the specific action
by his initial handling. One day in late September, staff reporter tried to contact the
interview Corey, president Zhengyue Wen. Side of the phone came a most unpleasant
female voice: "We had withdrawn and will not participate, do not look for
us." Respondents Zheng secretary. "Taishan" is a
fairly low-key civil society organizations. But its members are quite famous, Liu, Lu
Zhiqiang, Shi Yuzhu (blog), etc., are all members of the organization. Tai Shan will
not be widely known outside, very important reason is its "there is no
media but not the newspaper, when a meeting is not recorded, not recorded, say what,
say what." According to one of the founder of the Qin Ge speaking, this is
the set of rules Liu. November 28, 1993, by the Asia Standard Group (was called
"Mastery Group") Chairman Lu Zhiqiang host, the first held in
Weifang, Shandong Taishan. At the forum, members have proposed that private
enterprise is the most difficult loans, founder of a private bank's move as a
result. At that time, as vice chairman of the National Federation of the Hu Deping,
also attended the meeting. Corey Zhengyue Wen, president of Nanchang office in his
home town due to

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