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      Save!                   The need to recruit & retain the best & brightest minds into
                              one of the most challenging industries in Canada continues to
                              be as important as ever.
                              Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada invites
                              you to participate in the 9th Annual Consulting Engineers
                              Compensation Survey conducted by WCBC.

                              How Much Money Will I Save?
                              Turnover of valuable employees is expensive. For the cost of
                              placing a recruitment ad, you will own a tool that may save
                              you thousands of dollars in recruitment and training costs.

                              Survey Highlights
                              Covering compensation paid by other Consulting Engineering
                              Firms across Canada, the WCBC Consulting Engineers
                              Compensation Survey has comprehensive and up-to-date
                              information on:
                              •   Current Salaries and Bonuses
Questions?                    •   Expected Changes In Salaries For 2008
Contact Linda Reid at WCBC:   •   Long-Term Incentive Plans
    1-800-781-2411            •   Group Insurance & Retirement Plans            •   Policies Including Vacation, Overtime, Perks & more
                              Data is collected in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format.

                              Positions Covered
                              You get industry-specific data on engineering & technical
                              positions, as well as data on executive, management,
                              information technology and administrative positions.

                              New This Year
                              In response to user feedback the layout has been enhanced to
                              enable easy comparison of the various breakdowns as well as
                              providing a snap-shot of positions in each Province. Cash
                              compensation findings will be released in spreadsheet format
Consulting                    allowing customized analysis of the data.

Engineers                     Timing
                              Questionnaire – Available early June
Compensation                  Salary Effective Date: September 1, 2007
                              Data Submission Deadline – August 31, 2007
Survey                        Report Issued – October 2007
                                                        Participant Price                      Non-Participant Price

                                                   ACEC                                       ACEC
                                                  Member                Non-                 Member              Non-
                                                   Firms               Members                Firms             Members

“The value of the survey is very                       $750              $1,200               $1,300              $2,100
high. The cost of going out and
collecting the information ourselves
would involve a much greater cost.”            Participation Request Form
    Paul Ruffell, P.Eng. President
    EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
                                               Complete the following and fax to:           (604) 687-2315


                                               Job Title:

                                               E-Mail Address:


“Most comprehensive salary survey
available for Consulting Engineering
    Allen Williams, P.Eng. President           City:                       Province:                   Postal Code:
    A.D. Williams Engineering Inc.
                                               Tel: (         )                               Ext.

                                               Fax: (         )

                                               ACEC Member:                 Yes                        No

                                               Participants agree to complete and return the
                                               questionnaire ON or BEFORE August 31st , 2007.
                                               Participants will be invoiced at the participant price shown
Reports are offered exclusively for the        above before the results are shipped.
internal compensation planning activities of
individual employers. It is not available to
libraries, the media, individuals, human
resources consultants or other organizations                  Suite 2000 – 1188 West Georgia Street
who could re-sell the data, use the surveys                                Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A2
in their commercial activities, or otherwise            Telephone: (604) 683-9155 or 1-800-781-2411
make the data available to third parties.                                  Facsimile: (604) 687-2315