Innovative technology projects Technological distribution, transfer

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DWT offers services especially for the
Chinese market

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 business partners
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                                                                                                 Innovative technology projects
                                                                                                 Technological distribution, transfer
                                                                                                 Technological promotion

                                                                                               Individual solutions for business success
 DWT                                                      DWT                                                          DWT
                                                                                                                       DWT Your service provider for Chinese
                                                          Innovative technology projects in cooperation with further   medium-sized enterprises to enter the market
                                                          SME's and research facilities and companies, in particular
                                                           in the field of environmental technologies and chemical
                                                          process technologies.
                Dieter Wegener
                Manager                                   The main emphasis is on environmental technologies,
Your communicative link between research                  environmental chemistry, environmental analytics
facilities and industry.                                  processes of recycling and technologies for waste and
                                                          remnants (plastics, building rubble, biological waste,
With the institution's services it is aimed to increase   industrial waste)
competitiveness of individual institutions, companies
 and therefore also of several local areas by
developing and employing new technologies.

The institution pursues the realisation of knowledge
in the field of environmental technology into
marketable production methods, products and                                                                            We support you if you
services. These services refer to two main areas
                                                                                                                        intend to develop the Chinese market

  Technology projects                                                                                                   have the potential to be successful on the market
                                                                                                                        still have not a presence
Handling of innovative technology projects and
their industrial realisation, with the main emphasis
                                                                                                                        need fundamental information
on the environmental industry technological transfer,
                                                                                                                        how to begin
distribution and promotion
                                                                                                                        need support when weighing up
Measurements for management, consulting and
                                                                                                                        political and legal requirements
                                                                                                                        need market analyses
  Projects for foreign countries
  (especially Asia/ People's Republic of China)
Services of engineers/project management for                Solutions for the industry of sewage treatment
plans and projects in the environmental sector
(sewage/waste)                                              Development of chemical and chemical-physical
Consulting services for SME to develop a market
Negotiation/representation of manufacturers                 Remediation of soil, water, air
creating facilities and products in the sector
of environmental technology                                 Utilisation of renewable raw materials

Qualification projects and technological transfer