REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)

The Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District (FCSWDD) is hereby soliciting proposals
from qualified firms interested in providing the professional engineering and environmental
services as described in this RFP.

Proposal Due Date:      January 15, 2010

No. of Copies:          One (1) original and ten (10) copies, including one (1) electronic copy in
                        PDF format on a CD / detachable drive.

Submit to:              FCSWDD
                        Attention: Don Connell
                        52 Beebee Road
                        Lander, WY 82520

Primary Contact:        Don Connell
                        (307) 332-7040
                        E-mail questions to

FCSWDD reserves the right to reject all or portions of any or all proposals, to waive
irregularities and technicalities, to re-advertise, or to proceed to contract for the services
otherwise, as is in the best interest of the FCSWDD.

All applicants shall prepare and submit proposal at their own expense, and there is no express or
implied obligation for the FCSWDD to reimburse or pay applicants for any expenses incurred in
preparing statements of qualifications or responding to this request.


The Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District (FCSWDD) was formed in 1979. The
District boundary encompasses all of Fremont County, Wyoming including the Wind River
Indian Reservation (WRIR). The District operates two bale facilities, four landfills, and twelve
transfer stations. Four of the transfer stations are located on the WRIR. The District is managed
by an appointed nine-member board, and day to day operation is overseen by a superintendant.
Funding is provided by a three-mill levy on property and mineral taxes, as well as user fees
generated by the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) program.

The District requires the services of a firm that employs professionals with sufficient credentials
to perform engineering and environmental consulting related to solid waste management. Such a
firm may employ professional geologists, scientists, professional engineers, geoscientists and
chemists. Consultants should be experienced and knowledgeable in solid waste management

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November23, 2009
issues, including landfill and transfer station siting, operations, termination, and post-closure


The selected firm will perform engineering and environmental consulting services including, but
not limited to the following:

      1. Prepare and submit required documents, reports and permit application materials to
         Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) for all FCSWDD needs,

                         New landfills
                         Existing landfills
                         Landfill expansions
                         Monitoring wells (subsurface gas and water)
                         Other environmental monitoring systems
                         Transfer stations
                         Landfill facilities and associated infrastructure
                         Landfill closure
                         Post-closure monitoring and assessment
                         Leachate control systems
                         Surface and Groundwater control systems
                         Soil stabilization issues
                         Recycling facilities

      2. Submit permit application materials according to specified schedules and deadlines and
         follow through with WDEQ to ensure that all facilities operate in compliance with
         current regulatory requirements and to avoid operational permit violations, and timely
         address any violations that may occur.

      3. Establish a close working relationship with WDEQ and FCSWDD Management and
         Board of Directors to address state and federal regulatory compliance issues in a timely

      4. React on-call to the District Superintendant’s requests for engineering or other assistance.

      5. Assist FCSWDD Management with revisions to current landfill operations and site
         development plans, including updating landfill life analysis, leachate generation analysis,
         landfill gas control system plans, and environmental monitoring systems.

      6. Support and work with the District’s consultants, WDEQ and the Bureau of Land
         Management (BLM) in support of land acquisition for new landfill development and
         existing landfill expansion.

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November23, 2009
   7. Design and coordinate with the District and other recyclers and entities I implementation
      and construction of a recycling system, including satellite facilities, pick-up and sorting,
      compaction and distribution for sale or recycled material.

   8. Develop closure plans; design and implement required post-closure plan elements
      including groundwater and subsurface gas monitoring systems.

   9. Design and work with the District to install groundwater, leachate, and gas monitoring
      wells; collect samples and provide results of analysis in written reports submitted
      quarterly, annually, or semi-annually, as appropriate.

   10. Perform statistical analysis and evaluation of environmental data, report results and
       recommendations according to schedules established by the governing regulatory

   11. Conduct studies and develop plans to facilitate expansion of existing landfills at the
       request of the District.

   12. Conduct new landfill, transfer station, baler facility and all related solid waste
       management facility siting studies; including location standards, environmental review,
       and biological evaluation.

   13. Develop and implement construction quality assurance programs for landfill covers
       (intermediate and final) and liners, including field and laboratory testing for permeability,
       soil/material composition, and engineering characteristics.

   14. Conduct boundary and topographic surveys and prepare design drawings.

   15. Coordinate geologic and hydrogeologic explorations, and analyze and interpret associated

   16. Design groundwater remediation and/or disposal systems.

   17. Re-evaluate FCSWDD solid waste management planning on a 10-year basis, or as
       directed, and assist with modification and implementation of plans, as necessary.

   18. Keep, maintain, inventory and catalogue all documents produced under the contract, this
       library will be owned by the District and must be made available on demand.

   19. Secure and maintain all materials and property purchased under the contract using
       District funds, such as Sanitas computer software, to be returned to the District upon

   20. Attend monthly FCSWDD Board meeting to provide project status updates and inform
       the Board of current or upcoming issues; attend special meetings at the request of the

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November23, 2009
       21. Provide general solid waste management consulting services, including construction
           management and other engineering services, as directed by the Board.

       22. Each proposal must describe how the applicant will perform the scope of services within
           Fremont County, Wyoming.


       1. Professional Qualifications – Present a brief history of the firm/team, including location,
          size, resources, service sectors, and a statement of the team’s ability to perform the work.

       2. Key Staff – Describe the licensed key staff who will be involved in the project, their
          particular position, technical skills and abilities and responsibility to the project at hand.
          Provide resumes of key staff.

       3. Proposed Key Subcontractors – List all key subcontractors you propose to support your
          team, including the areas of support they will provide.

       4. Related Project Experience – Identify and describe similar work completed with State
          and Federal agencies, including your philosophy for solutions to problems that arise.

       5. Project Understanding and Approach – Explain the team’s approach to the Scope of
          Services, specifically regarding project management, distribution of responsibility among
          the project team, task assignments relative to areas of expertise, and procedures for
          reporting and invoicing. Identify those team members who will communicate directly
          with the Board and specify planned methods of interaction.

       6. References – Provide three references for the firm’s work experience and ability to meet

       7. General and Professional Liability – Provide evidence of general and professional
          liability insurance, with minimum amounts of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and
          $2,000,000.00 aggregate.

Please note: All proposal documents will be considered public knowledge (excepting the Fee
Schedule), unless noted otherwise. Information deemed by the consultant to be trade secrets,
confidential information, or privileged data not to be made public will be clearly marked as such.


All qualifications received shall be subject to evaluation by a selection committee. Upon
recommendation of the selection committee a short list of applicants shall be developed and
scheduled for interviews. The evaluation and interviews shall be for the express purpose of
selecting the applicant that best meets the RFP requirements and serves the interests of the
District. The following areas will be considered in the selection:

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November23, 2009
      1. Qualifications of firm and key personnel (25%) – This includes overall experience of the
         firm or team, experience of key personnel, and background of the firm.
      2. Demonstrated ability to work with State of Wyoming regulatory agencies and federal
         Land management agencies (20%) – Identify regulatory agencies worked with on a
         regular basis and demonstrate a successful track record of meeting deadlines and
         maintaining permit compliance, as applicable.
      3. Technical Work Experience (20%) – Demonstrate ability to provide the services outlined
         in this RFP, including successful alternative designs that have resulted in reduced cost or
         improved performance during similar or related project work.
      4. Cost (20%) – Provide a fee schedule in a separate sealed envelope marked “FEE
         SCHEDULE”, including hourly rates for all employees and unit rates for travel costs,
         equipment fees, and similar information for subconsultants proposed to complete work on
         this project.
      5. Knowledge of Local Conditions (15%) – Demonstrate how your team will address a
         working knowledge of geology and hydrogeology, political makeup, and physical area, as
         they apply to conditions specific to Fremont County, Wyoming.


         A Mandatory pre-proposal meeting shall be held at the Fremont County Solid Waste
         Disposal District Office at 52 Beebe Road, Lander, Wyoming on January 5, 2010
         commencing at the hour of 10:00 A.M. All persons or firms interested in submitting a
         proposal must attend the meeting. The purpose of the pre-proposal meeting is for those
         interested in submitting proposals to familiarize themselves with the operations of the
         District and to ask questions pertaining to the work.


The anticipated schedule for consultant selection is as follows, subject to change by the
FCSWDD Board of Directors:
         Issuance of this RFP                          December 15, 2009
         Mandatory pre-proposal meeting                January 5, 2010
         Qualifications / Proposal Due                 January 15, 2010
         Interviews with Selected Firms                Week of January 25, 2010
         Select Consultant                             February 8, 2010
         Finalize Agreement / Contract                 March 1, 2010

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November23, 2009

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