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 The Ubiquitous
iPod and iTunes
The iPod and iTunes
• The question is… are we dealing
  with a wonderful invention or a
  marvellous piece of marketing?
• Having got one, the answer is
  probably both.
• So what is an iPod?
The iPod
The iPod
• A tiny computer with a big hard drive.
• Unique indexing system.
• Synchronisation with iTunes to
  purchase and organise its content of
  music, photos, video and other files.
• Digital Rights Management (DRM) –
  This means downloaded files can
  only be played on authorised iPod

•Three basic
 types iPod,
 iPod Nano and
 iPod Shuffle.
       • iPod weighs up to
         5.5 ounces and has
         between 30GB and
         80GB hard drive.
       • 2.4 x 4.1 x .43
       • 2.5 inch colour
         screen (diagonal).
       • 60GB = 15000
         songs, 25000
         photos 0r 150 hours
         of video.
       • Mine is not video!
iPod Nano
            • Smaller Unit 1.6 x
              3.5 x .27 inches.
            • 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB.
            • Colour screen to
              manage music and
              photos but no
            • 4GB = 1000 songs
              or 25000 photos
iPod Shuffle
               • Smallest of the
                 iPod family.
               • 3.3 x .98 x .33
               • 512kb or 1 MB.
               • 1GB = 240 songs
      iTunes - Software
• Website and
  software to
  manage the
  content of the
  library both on the
  computer and the
  iPod device.
• Downloadable from
       iTunes Software
• Download new music purchases
  from iTunes at 79p (typically) per
  track or price per album.
• + Audiobooks, Podcasts, Videos, TV
• Synchronise computer with iPod.
• Rip CDs in your collection to add to
  library and thereby add to iPod.
      iTunes Software
• Subscribe to Podcast
• Manage the import of Photos
  (and video) to the computer and
• Music can be purchased by the
  track or by the album.
       iTunes Software
• 30 second         • Album data and
  samples of any      track names
  track available     downloaded.
  for review at     • Sleeve notes
  download            with titles can
  quality.            be printed for
                      the case with
                      artwork covers.
     iTunes Software
• When personal CDs are ‘ripped’
  to add to the library the
  software obtains titles and
  artwork as with new purchases.
• Simple way to copy your own
  CD’s. CD ‘Burn’ function
    iTunes – Authorised
• Downloaded tracks can be played on
  (up to) five authorised computers.
• All music on the main iTunes
  machine can be shared across a
• My ‘desktop’ machine holds my full
  CD collection and I can listen to any
  of them on any of my (wireless)
  laptop machines without the files
  actually being transferred.
iTunes - Main Library
iTunes – ‘Music Store’ Web Page
iTunes – Individual Album
iTunes – Podcast downloads.
     iPods and iTunes
• As we have no internet
  connection here I am going to
  show three short iPod and iTune
  video tutorials. Apologies for the
  U.S. accent.
• We can then look at the version
  of iTunes on this machine to
  complete the presentation.
       Using the iPod
• On a train with earphones, too
  loud, and annoy all! In reality I
  use mine regularly and you
  cannot hear them from outside if
  played at ‘normal’ volume.
• In a car using a direct or
  wireless link. You have your own
  CD collection available.
       Using the iPod
• A shuffle function enable you to
  be surprised when it chooses
  the next track!
• It can do this from the whole
  library or a PLAYLIST (set up on
  iTunes). For example you can
  automatically set up a PLAYLIST
  with only 60’s music.
       Using the iPod
• Connect to TV or ‘HiFi’ directly
  or using wireless technology to
  play back music, photos, video
  or recorded TV.
• I could do a talk on the
  accessories that surround the
  iPod. There are hundreds of
iPods and iTunes

   The End