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					Rotary Club of Indialantic

     Club Leadership Plan
       Goals 2009-2012
       Goals 2009-2010
        (Approved at Club Meeting 4/8/09)
                       Rotary Club of Indialantic

            “Whether Rotary will thrive, or whether it will falter;
      whether our service will mean much to many, or little to few;
whether Rotary is known with respect, or seen as a relic of days gone by:
    all this is up to YOU! The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands.”
                John Kenny, RI President –elect, 2009-2010
             2009 International Assembly, San Diego, California.
                      Board & Officers 2009-2010
    President           Michael Foley              626-0600

    President Elect     Sue Tyson Parker           409-1015

    Past President      Ruth Sanderson             427-1765

    Secretary           Stan Helm                  574-5459

    Treasurer           Trina Downey               773-7747

    At Large            George Becker              724-0700

                        Renie Adams                726-8135

                        Keith Gee                  890-1002

    Sgt at Arms         Steve Spragins             409-9400

Rotary Club of Indialantic
                                        (Chairs in Red)

         Foundation:         Larry Cinco, Barbara Crawford
         Service:            Pam Harrell, Keith Gee (Disaster Response),
                             Richard Green (Interact), George Becker
                             (Habitat), Paul Chell (Trees), Dwan Buie (Books),
                             Franck Kaiser (Lights Eau Gallie)
         Membership:         Keith Gee, Jim Hagerty, Keith Gee, Carol
                             McCormack, All Members are Ex Officio
         Administration: Bruce Heeb, Secretary, Treasurer
         Public Relations:Richard Green, Jim Hagarty
         Nominating:         Jay Anderson
         Scholarships:       Jay Anderson
         Charities:          George Becker
         Fun & Music:        Suzie De Busk, Ed Baranowski, Glenn Krasny
Rotary Club of Indialantic
                             Goals 2009-2010

    Membership:              90 by 2012

    Foundation:              Annual Giving $200/member
                             Major Donor/Benefactor Yearly

    Service:                 Best Use of Funds/Worthy Causes

    International:           One Humanitarian Matching Grant by 2012

    Public Relations:        Advance Awareness and Image of Rotary

    Leadership:              Develop Leaders to Serve club/beyond

Rotary Club of Indialantic
                           Membership Goals 2009-2010
                             Realize a net gain of 4 new members by June 30, 2010

    •   All Club Members to be ex officio members of Membership Committee.

    •   Develop Club Information Brochure to help recruitment.

    •   Develop Club Information Booklet for new member orientation use.

    •   Conduct Annual Classification survey to determine open categories.

    •   Encourage each member to bring at least 2 guests each year.

    •   Organize a membership program in October 2009 and a 5 minute monthly report on

    •   Advise officers on appropriate installation ceremony procedures.

    •   Monitor Attendance, establish absentee contact procedures, make up options and leave of
        absence guidelines.

    •   Pre Qualify before recommending new members to the Board.

Rotary Club of Indialantic
                         Foundation Goals 2009-10

    • Annual Program Fund Contribution         $ 10,270
      (79 x avg. $ 130)

    • Permanent Fund Contribution              One extra
                                               major Donor

    • Polio Contribution:                      $ 2,000

Rotary Club of Indialantic
                     Club Service Goals 2009-2010

    •   Review the club’s current and ongoing service projects to confirm the best use
        of our funds in meeting local needs and in being of interest to our membership.

    •   Involve all members in the club’s service projects.

    •   Recognize worthy engagement by members in service/charitable activities.

    •   Identify possible international service projects and review possibilities of
        seeking matching grants – e.g. School Books for Haiti program.

    •   Mentor local Interact Club at local High School

    •   Plan involvement possibilities in RYLA
         –   Volunteer needed to head this project.

    •   Set up International Program Committee to manage projects such as Home
        Stay, Rotary Youth Exchange etc

Rotary Club of Indialantic
               Club Public Relations Goals 2009-2010

    • Develop Initiatives to create positive awareness of
      Rotary in our community and include local and
      international initiatives by our club – service projects
      such as book program, tree program, GSE, MRMM etc.

    • Strive to get major local story in consumer press on

    • Ensure our weekly meetings pay attention to internal PR
      with our membership

    • Develop and nurture good media contacts and consider
      possibility of monthly press bulletins.

Rotary Club of Indialantic
                Club Administration Goals 2009-2010

               Committee to meet at least quarterly to:

    •       Ensure compliance of operational procedures with clubs by

    •       Formalize budgetary process & report at each club assembly.

    •       Keep all records current and report on time.

    •       Maintain website and encourage greater use by members.

    •       Continue to exercise creativity in development/content of club

Rotary Club of Indialantic
                   Leadership Goals 2009-2010

            Grow Leadership at Club Level and Beyond

    • Leadership Development Programs Attendance
    • All Chair committees attend District Assembly
    • Introduce new members onto committees
    • Stimulate member interest in service participation
      (especially new members)
    • Get input and buy in to Club Leadership Plan
    • Have members take responsibility for goal

Rotary Club of Indialantic